The Four Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Hidden Strengths

The Four Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Hidden Strengths

The Four Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Hidden Strengths

Astrology says that according to the zodiac sign and the natural element we belong to, there are certain common traits that define our personality, and there are many of these traits that we find in temper that have more or less intensity in some horoscopes more than in others.

If you want to discover what are the most powerful zodiac signs, keep on reading.

The truth is that each of them, separately, without taking zodiac signs into account, have a certain character. But, according to astrology, there are certain horoscopes that have a more strong and intense character and personality than others. Let’s see which they are.


The Four Most Powerful Zodiac Signs


Aries – 21st March to the 20th of April

Aries sign is one of the strongest in the zodiac. They are people full of energy and vitality, with an intense and adventurous personality. They don’t fear anything, they’re always willing to begin new challenges and have a leader attitude, which also gives them great self-security.

They’re also usually rebellious and impulsive, something that usually makes them have one or two enemies. They’re not afraid of sharing their point of view in any subject, they’re quite stubborn and hard to convince.

What makes Aries powerful is their capacity of leadership, energy and lack of fear.

Some famous people who were born under the sign of Aries are:

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Maya Angelou
  • René Descartes
  • Harry Houdini
  • Billie Holiday
  • Charles Chaplin
  • Lady Gaga


Scorpio24th of October to the 22nd of November

Scorpios have a very strong personality, but they’re also different from the rest of the zodiac signs for their intensity. This is specially visible on an emotional level, they won’t settle and their non-stopping passion makes them unstoppable until they reach their desired goals.

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People born under the Scorpio horoscope are usually very critical, slightly arrogant and can be difficult to cope with on a daily basis. In love, they have a strong character too, they’re very passional and involved with their partner.


What makes Scorpio powerful is their determination, constance and capacity to achieve their goals.

Some celebrities born under the sign of Scorpio are:

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Marie Anotinette
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Katy Perry
  • Ryan Gosling


Cancer – 22nd of June to the 23rd of July

Although they’re known for their sudden and quick changes, the people who are Cancer are also very strong and persistent people. Specifically, they’re usually very secure people who trust in their own competence, which makes them develop an ambitious personality, in their working and sentimental life.

They’re very demanding with friends and partners, and they boast about their great sincerity, even if they have to hurt someone else’s feelings.

What makes Cancer a powerful zodiac sign is their self-confidence, which helps them find everything they want and their perfectionism, that will allow them to create incredible things.

Here are the most famous Cancerians of all time:

  • Gustave Klimt
  • Julius Caesar
  • Meryl Streep
  • George W. Bush
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Prince William


Leo24th of July to the 23rd of August

We’ll finish the list with one of the strongest signs in the zodiac horoscope, which isLeo. Their most distinctive traits are their dominant character, always ready to direct, they’re born leaders.

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They’re not fearful in the face of adversity and they count with a great capacity to design plans and strategies that help them reach their goals. Strenght is what occasionally make them proud, arrogant and stubborn.

The traits that make Leos one of the strongest zodiac signs are their charisma, which makes them capable of moving big crowds and their determination to succeed.

Celebrities born under the sign of leo are:

  • Andy Warhol
  • Barack Obama
  • Madonna
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Amelia Earhart


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18 Responses

  1. You left out one … which is mine. Capricorn. I know how strong I am and equally as strong in temperament as the sign Leo. At lease this is my opinion only LOL

  2. J says:

    No air signs??? Air is just as important as the other elements. Air represents intelligent and is the element for the heart chakra, a self healing chakra that isn’t open for most humans bc they don’t understand it. All in all, it’s rather unfair to say that these four are the “most powerful” signs. Seems rather limiting and runs the risk of making others feel inadequate if they aren’t those signs and then gives an ego boost to the ones that are. Aren’t we trying to move away from ego and limiting beliefs as we learn and work toward ascending and raising our vibrations?
    In my opinion, everyone is powerful, but it is up to the individual how they will use their special gifts and talents. I don’t think we should limit a single person based on their sun sign. We should be celebrating them.

  3. Tammie says:

    Whoo hoo i’m Aries

  4. Akbar Hollingsworth says:

    Off the loveingness truth teaching cancer is my loveing mon and son my is the demanding one showed or son we you are the same exact oneness families of light workers or son is to 23 and so loveing like big mama and us all always wow this is really happing but people dont believe so loveing greatful and loveing thankful for all you loveing helping you are doing for other people my name is Akbar wail from birth email is and you will always be one of or superheros have a good and fun healing day big mamas loveing andpeacefulness to you always big mamas truth talking oneness about fixing the loveing problems

  5. Akbar Hollingsworth says:

    Off the real truth wow to the awesomeness

  6. Akbar Hollingsworth says:

    Teach on teach on awesomeness don’t ever.stop

  7. Angeline says:

    Glad I am not in the list xD Taurus isn’t a overpowerful sign :3 stubborn or not we care for people and we never rant or act like the toughest 🙂 because HUMANS that’s what we are ^^ and we can help eachother .

    • Mystic says:

      Taurus is a spiritual sign it’s strength doesn’t depend on outward aggression. It’s devotion is to inward qualities, which is why it’s ruled by Venus. Sure power is there because the life is well lived. Will Taurus be forever named the stubborn one or come be to be know as the consecrated one. It’s only opposers that see him as stubborn.

  8. alan mwene says:

    Are these signs really the most powerful signs?

    Powerful virgos:

    Genghis khan:The greates military conqueror of all time and the founder of the largest land empire ever

    Caesar augueste:The founder of the roman empire and the greatest roman emperor ever

    Trajan:General and roman emperor who conquered more land than any other roman general/emperor

    Ivan the terrible:First Russian tsar and founder of the Russian empire

    Louis XIV the sun king:The greatest European monarch ever

    Richard the lion heart

    Field marshall Kutuzov:The first European general to stop napoleon in his track at the battle borodiinine and kicked him out of russia


    There is no other sign in the zodiac that has produced these types of men……

  9. Ayesha says:

    I am a cancer.I don’t know how to define power but I am very tolerant and stable.I can be emotional but I am not demanding of my friends.I can be coward ‘coz sometimes the other person is being completely rude and I listen ….reluctant to hurt but when I am not in the mood and somebody is trying to disturb…….I completely loose it .Then I get so angry that even I don’t the end I feel bad.I forgive but I never forget.I m kinda weird though

  10. Uranian Mane says:

    Aquarius and Scorpio are the only two signs with literal Power associations. Scorpio Power of the occult, and Aquarius Power of light. Aquarius ruler exalts in the most obvious Power sign, because both are the most Powerful. Aquarius rules extremely powerful earthquakes and storms. And Scorpio, sexuality transformation and depth.

  11. Andrew Nezar says:

    So no Libras like Mahatma Ghandi, Desmond Tutu, Dwight Eisenhower, Vladimir Putin, Pierre Tredau, Jimmy Carter, David Cameron, Benjamin Netenyahu, Simon Cowel or Alfred Noble then? Are Leo, Cancer, Scorpio and Aries your final answer?

  12. Sage McVahle says:

    Sorry, but each and every sign is, in some way, both stronger and weaker than each and and every other sign. Each has it’s own unique strengths, where they are more powerful than any other sign, and likewise their own unique weaknesses.
    These four are simply the most direct, aggressive, and have larger egos in general. That is far different than stronger, and those traits that this article list as strengths can also be weaknesses when applied incorrectly or to the wrong situation.
    I am not sure what the intent of this article was.

  13. mandy Barry says:

    MEOW! Leo rules. LOL! Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

  14. Nothing about Virgo?

  15. karanvir singh says:

    I was expecting CAPRICORNS on top or at second..from where does aries and cancer came in this list..the four zodiacs talked in this article must belong to the authors own family members..BET ME..

  16. karanvir singh says:

    and i will not write lol and kidding..because m just not..

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