What Spiritual Tattoo Should You Get - TEST

What Spiritual Tattoo Should You Get – TEST

Which is Your Spiritual TattooTattooing has long been a way of ceremonial rites and passages in most cultures throughout the world.

From Africa’s scarification process to the Celt’s inking griffins and monsters that were later found on their corpses, tattoos are worn to mark special events, to pay honor or respect, and even to unite body to body with ash remains that are later inked under the skin. 

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Tattoos tell a story and can be written in any language. From symbols depicting cultural images to words and font designs, if you dare to dream it, a tattooist can likely create it and tell your tale on a living canvas.

Find out which is your spiritual tattoo with this simple fun test:


Which is Your Spiritual Tattoo

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  1. E. Sea Okum says:

    I have been acquiring tattoos since the early 1970’s. They are all of my favorite flora and fauna, and some symbols . I was married for four years. No children, thank the Creator. A few years
    later I had done a Mayan fertility symbol. Within three months, my daughter was conceived. She
    is now 32 years old. Six years later, I met my soon to be husband (now dead). He was somewhat conservative and had never known a tattooed woman before me. Both of us soon had
    the most gorgeous custom designed tattoos. I am trying to find someone to photograph mine. I
    have between 150 and 200. One rainy day when we both had nothing to do, we were going to
    count them, but evidently that was not meant to be. My body is a book.

  2. “Women should adorn themselves with . . . modesty.” (1 Timothy 2:9, New American Bible) That principle applies to both women and men. We should respect the feelings of others and not draw undue attention to ourselves.

    Some want to establish their identity or independence, while others get a tattoo in order to assert ownership of their body. However, the Bible encourages Christians: “Present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason.” (Romans 12:1) Use your “power of reason” to analyze why you want a tattoo. If it is because you want to follow a fad or to show membership in a certain group, remember that your feelings may prove to be less permanent than the tattoo. Examining your motives can help you to make a wise decision.—Proverbs 4:7.

    “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.” (Proverbs 21:5) The decision to get a tattoo is often made in haste, yet it can have a long-term impact on relationships and employment. And tattoos can be costly and painful to remove. Research—as well as the booming business of tattoo removal—shows that a large number of those who get tattoos eventually wish that they hadn’t.

  3. Leviticus 19:28, which says: “You must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves.” God gave this command to the nation of Israel, thus setting them apart from the neighboring peoples who marked their skin with the names or symbols of their gods.

  4. J A Mathers says:

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