Very Interesting Visual Test - See What Your Eyes will Tell You

Very Interesting Visual Test – See What Your Eyes will Tell You

With this visual test we understand what is dominant in your thinking – left or right hemisphere of the brain!
The woman is spinning, but for everyone she is spinning in a different direction.

Look at the woman who is spinning and concentrate for about 30 seconds…



Ready? See what’s happened:

People with more advanced thinking by the left hemisphere of the brain, are people of logic, details, rules, words, knowledge, practicality and realism. These people see the woman goes left to right – anti clockwise.

People with more advanced thinking by the right hemisphere of the brain, are people of feelings, oriented towards the “big picture”, imagination, symbolism, philosophy and risk-taking.

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Those of you, who see the women is spinning to the right, are with dominant right hemisphere. They are with more highly creative thinking. Whoever of you sees the woman is spinning clockwise, is a person with a strong use of the right hemisphere of the brain.

And vice versa – those of you who see the woman is spinning anticlockwise, are people with dominant left hemisphere of their brain.

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11 Responses

  1. Carol says:

    And if mid-way she changes direction? She started clockwise for a while, then changed to counter-clockwise.

  2. Aaron Twiss says:

    I can change the direction at will. This one spins faster than others so it took a minute for the changes to happen

  3. Elaine says:

    Left to Right Then Right To left

  4. Tammie says:

    I seen her spin both ways. The longer I stared she kept changing which way she would spin. Is this a trick?

  5. No dummy says:

    If you hold your phone upright it’s to the right when you put your phone on its side it turns to the left- stupid

  6. jeo says:

    nice try… the image spin 30 seconds for each side.

  7. santiba says:

    Clockwise only for me…but then, I’m a natural-born visual artist via both grandmothers

  8. eltaher . says:

    both ways left and right >

  9. Initially I thought it was a fake, but then I started covering my eyes one at a time and watching how it changed direction every time in a matter of seconds. We literally can make her dance! lol

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