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A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light Is Descending Upon Earth


galactic tidal wave

A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth, raising the frequency. The old reality is ending. We will experience a dynamic re-calibration of electromagnetic fields into Earth on a global scale. Which will trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

As we reach the second half of the year, we will experience more energetic shifts, frequency expansion symptoms; the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, and soul. The cosmic christ energy entering the planet now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy. And our auric field is expanding and becoming brighter. The aura is holding more of the high frequency cosmic energies it receives from the higher dimensions in space. As the aura expands, the person expands their consciousness. Our aura must go through these expansions in order to merge with new Earth. The frequency changes is filtering out any lower vibrational frequency from our body. 


As you feel these ascension symptoms; Emotional changes-feeling irritable, overwhelming mood swings. Mental changes-feeling disorientated, lack of concentration. Physical reactions-high pitch sound vibrating in the ears, intense pressure around the head, fatigue, exhaustion. This is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes, thus creating an interconnected and unified crystalline body that will carry more cosmic christ energy.


Our body is being reformed, redefined. When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process. The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the new Earth beyond the lower dimensional confines of 3D Earth. The activation of neural path ways will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses and the re-calibration of our DNA, thus activating our highest DNA potential.


astral1As the Earth spirals up through the star gate 4D portal faster and faster, we are taken into higher and higher consciousness within the new Harmonic Universe. As the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty. Multidimensional reality that interconnects all things will be as clear as sun light. The old reality will be swept away by the revelation of what we are, released, transformed into a multidimensional being, conscious, whole and free.


New Earth will emerge without fear, without war, without greed, in a safe custodianship of the awakened human species, manifesting peace with love, light and celebration.

Open yourselves to these high dimensional frequencies, open your heart, trust with love.

Now is the time of great shifting of the Ascension Cycle!

Within Love-Unit

By: Romeo Baron

Source: Angelstoyou.wordpress.com

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40 Responses

  1. uknown says:

    This is shit

  2. Cindy says:

    Just the way I have known (for the last 16 yrs) it to be. Trusting and welcoming the changes to continue.

  3. Geologic says:

    I certainly love the vibrations that your post creates, manifestation of the mind is all.

  4. Jade says:

    Great article

  5. Nadina says:

    Unfortunately I don’t see any light on earth. All the time I read about the waves of energy that are sending down to us,but humanity is not changing! The same greedy people around us,corruption everywhere,wars,indolent and uninformed brainwashed people,poverty and misery everywhere! And u guys,are bombarding us with all these messages that don’t correspond with earthly reality. I don’t say that I don’t believe,i want to believe,but is not the reality. Others like Corey Goode, Cobra,James Gilliland,Alex Collier,David Wilcock,etc,are saying that is a big war into the space between the bad forces and the good ones that are coming to help us. I am taking the time and I read all these,and my heart is filling up with hope and happiness. From before 2012 we are bombarded with the same messages,assuring us that in short time the world will be changed. It passed 4 years and we are doing worse. I don’t see the tiniest light on earth coming from above. The same children sacrifices,same pedophillia ,the homosexuality is growing and is becoming a fashion,the media is promoting pornography at any hour without shame,children are killed in Palestine and in the arabic wars,and we are played and manipulated by a small group of greedy reptiles ( or whatever they are). Where is the LIGHT !? Sometimes I believe that is better to be ignorant.

    • Casper says:

      The kundalini is an old spiritual created structure to falsely manipulate and drain humans and pretty much anything that it connects too. Which is very similar to the chackra system which so many people think we have them for our benefit, but we don’t, and the light? most new ages are using a false light which also has been created by beings who are trying their best to manipulate us and govern the world. The whole love and shight( I mean light phrase is really is pretty much what I first said. ALL A BIG DECEPTION. Is it possible we can all wake up and accept the truth of our own naive stupidity?

      • pon says:

        great and truth. this is all part of the manipulation! There is no way to “come out” from this prison without transforming mind,astral body and akasha …..Light will be “seen” then…..For our material body it is totally under “possession” from demiurg and astral beings……Light will not come from outer space “free”, energy is not something which exists unlimited and such a thing…it comes from consciousness and enlightenment ….many sects are under spell of daemons or demiurg. Esoteric stuff is dangerous. Reality is made of dreams and full lie……come out is very hard. The matrix is impenetrable…..

    • I witnessed an ascension with my brother.We were shown just how fast it can happen..meaning in an instant, and anywhere. We were at the DMV in Vegas.My brother, Jerry is a Bible Historian.
      I saw a purple beam of light come out of the middle star of Orion’s Belt and land in between my feet. My dog, Bambi, was with me.
      My entire being was ripped to shreds. My mind was decimated. Bombs exploded in my head. My thoughts were at super sonic speed. I thought I either was going to kill myself, or I needed a shrink.
      I went to my Mother’s house. I slept in my old bed. The next morning was like, I awakened to my new Self. I know things automatically. I see things in Children’s eyes. I have a lot of cool gifts now.
      I know this..Change is radical, extreme, gut wrenching, beyond overwhelming.
      It does not walk in gently. It is the biggest monster you will ever fight.
      Trust in the children’s eyes.
      But, when it does happen, The Big Event.. It’s going to be like wheee…what a ride!
      Thank you!!! You are already there!!
      Universal Lightworker,

      • Marianne Velvart says:

        Enjoyed this very much. May I add that it is rare and ascension usually happens by increments. I am presently experiencing a great surge of hightened consciousness but can see the thread that led here and the one that reaches into my and the global future to the ultimate ascention of all humanity. Anyone reading this, take heart, ultimately it’s all good, very good

    • The killings in Palestine are not being addressed to anything except evil.. The treatment of women is intolerable.. Too many r worried about homosexuality discrimination what about Arabic discrimination? Where is the love and light everyone is waiting for? All I am noticing is more manifestation of pure hared.

      • LightBringer says:

        I’m bringing the light… chambered in a 7.62. Anyone molesting children or hurting minorities, or any other good families in my neighborhood will be seeing the light.
        …You can call me “lightbringer”…. we just need a few more lightbringers, about 3 in every neighborhood to protect the children, – for every neighborhood in the world, and we’ll be “enlightened”.

    • Sylvia says:

      Nadina, I understand how you feel I have felt that way, too. But you’re not seeing ALL OF IT. You are focusing on the negativity. There most definitely is a very real spiritual war that has descended upon us. I have felt the dark energy knows that their time is coming to an end and they are using all of their resources to flip us. I personally have sensed an increase in dark energy this year alone. They feed off of our depression, our anger, our fear. I refuse to feed them and make them more powerful. Fuck that. Lets take our Earth back. We must detach from these negative feelings and transcend them. We must continue to hold the light for humanity. Yes there will be times we will falter, we are human. But the more light you have the more darkness will try to take it from you and try to eclipse your light. Do not allow that to happen. Each of us makes a difference. Each of us has the power and choice to refuse to wallow in fear, anger, depression. Please help me and the rest of us to raise the vibration of this planet. Each of us makes a difference. We each came here to do this. To help wake ourselves and each other up. Get back up when you feel down and remember youre not alone. I refuse to give up. We are do close. Also the year is wrong. The government decided there was 365 days in a year. There is not. Then they created leap years. Daylights savings time. The Mayans knew the correct way to measure time. According to the correct time we are in 2012. This Dec 2016 at the Winter Solstice. Have blind faith. What you give your focus to will grow in energy. Choose carefully what you allow to grow. We are in powerful manifesting times.

    • Melina says:

      It is us who have to create the change by giving. Give love hope time etc. Each one of us is responsible for creating happiness and peace. By living love and giving hope to those who lost it and helping those in need starts a trend. If we all do this alas there is a changed world. Stand up and be the change. Thats what I do. In fact have someone living with me currently that otherwise would have no where to go. This is how to start giving back hope. Be positive and share positivity. Be complementing and kind and others reciprocate. Karma! Pray, visualize to manifest. Think only positive thoughts approach everything and everyone with love. But start with graditude. Be thankful for your blessings and pray for others to be blessed. Do you see beauty now? The answer will be yes!namaste

    • Dianne Fincham says:

      Unfortunately Nadina, to see all these changes happen, you would first need to believe, and see the light and love in all people. To believe in the free will of all, is not to judge anyone. How people live their lives is up to them, their free will, and not for any of us to judge. For anyone to make this shift happen for them, they need to be able to see the light and love in all. Recognise that we are all one, and accept and love unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are many people, like yourself, who may not make this shift, and will just continue along this path, and not see any of the changes, unless they can change their thought process. On a personal note, we haven’t had a television for 10 years, and we don’t read news papers. Media is often propaganda to keep us all down. It’s never the whole truth, and often complete lies. This is a great article, full of love. I wish you well.

  6. Sweet! Let’s get this party started.. I’m ready for peace!

  7. Ppl if you keep feeding into the negative b.s. then of course that’s all your going to get back! Cut it out of your life. I know it’s every where all the time. But this doesn’t mean you need to get involved. I have not watched the news, read the news paper, or e news, got rid off all negative toxic ppl in my life, only focus on myself. I don’t get involved in others drama. Including political debates. I don’t care.

  8. Charlie says:

    Actually Nadina, I think you ARE ignorant. You sound like a joyless bundle of hatred. I love how you say “the homosexuality is growing and is becoming a fashion” is your ticket on the ignoramus express, dear. Guess what? You need to be full of love to see any light because without it you are not going anywhere. 🙂

  9. Sarah whiting says:

    What a load of utter shit. Someone called Theresa from Kent brainwashed me and then uI realised she was a fruad and it’s all rubbish.

  10. Son of man says:

    The First Seal of Buddha & Christ is a great part of realizing this New earth :


  11. Aleya says:

    The “world” has been looking different to me since experiencing a powerful meditation initiation in 1976. Since then, the following years have brought progressive cyclical growth with turmoil, doubts and cleansing – with questions disappearing and being replaced with knowing, understanding, and awe. Each year has been peppered with both uplifting experiences and heaviness. I feel so differently now and seem to attract others who have also realized that we are the change we’ve been waiting to see in the world. No one ever said it would be easy and we, having this experience can attest to this fact. Whenever I don’t see light around me I’ve found that this very darkness had been pushing me look deeper inside and find the Light there. This is indeed a time of extremes and the polarity pull can be painful and sometimes almost unbearable. Each moment presents us with challenges and opportunity. The veil is being lifted!

    • Marianne Velvart says:

      Aleya. I absolutely endorse your post. Me too, I say to all of the above. I’ve evolved from the seedbed of the christian church to be a more globally conscious entity who now feels the cosmic kinetic dynamics and hears the music of the spheres. My personal expansion reflects the expansion of humanity as we shift with the cyclical momentum closer to the heart of divine truth. My universal light work has led me from singer songwriting in younger years to the writing of a book at the present time that builds a bridge between the cognative rational and the soulish intuative. There are people who need a rational basis for understanding and I think there’s a place for the intellect in transcendental forums. My work along these lines has thus far been monastic. I’ve garnered my ideas intuatively and am finding to my pleasure that they align with the greater consciousness of waking, rising people. Bless you, Namaste

      • Margaret says:

        I so much agree with your well-written post, Marianne ~ and as a singer-songwriter whose ‘medium’ expresses my spiritual path publicly, I much admire your endeavors in writing a book to bridge the rational and the intuitive. I like your balance in acknowledging the place for the intellect in transcendental forums, and I hereby wave gratefully to you as a fellow traveler in this amazing journey of awakening! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart, and Namaste to you ~

        • Marianne Velvart says:

          Hi Margaret. Thank you for your open and brilliant smile. If the word ‘vibration’ is over used and thus loses its meaning to cliche, I can re-characterise a meeting of minds with ‘smiling at eachother’ a special, heartfelt, knowing smile! I hereby return yours like an old soul stumbling across a confederate. Be blessed Margaret, be loved and be love!

  12. I am personally ready for a change in world consciousness. Since I’ve began on my spiritual journey, my mind has been in a state of turmoil. Some days I wish I hadn’t questioned the way things are and stayed blissfully ignorant. Other days I feel that my spirit will rip my reality apart and leave me a shell of a being.

  13. Reghu Ganesh says:

    I think it’s high time that the admin and all the members of this group should have their heads examined and take your psychiatric treatment regularly. You should be serious in taking psychiatric medicines. If you take medicines properly there is still hope that you can become normal again.

    • Marianne Velvart says:

      Reghu. This is not a forum for playground bullies. I won’t defend our position. You clearly wouldn’t understand.You’re the reason why the internet like democracy is both bad and good. Bullies are constantly as good as posting unflattering photos of themselves for all to see. Why would you? Wanting a reaction? Venting unresolved anger issues? Trumpeting ignorance to fill the clear lack of a solid itentity? I wish you good speed to overcome the aforementioned causes for the symptom of trolling posts. Best regards

    • Sylvia says:

      Psychiatric medicines and most other medicines are doping us up to continue to be programmed and blinded by the huge deceptions being force fed to us. I no longer vote, I no longer watch news, read newspaper. The media is fiction they want to feed you. They want us in fear and drugged up so that we believe all the crap they tell us. So that we do not question anything.

    • LightBringer says:

      You know Reghu, if you just took a hit of LSD once in a blue moon, you might find yourself “enlightened” as well! – ok, all fun aside, the Gov knows, and has tested LSD’s ability to open ones conscious mind and even accomplished answers to 70% of the problems that people couldn’t previously solve.

      Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it Reg! Why do you think it’s outlawed? It’s not addictive, people don’t steal for more or sell their children. It’s a gateway drug alright, but a gate somewhere else. These people may not have even tried it, or want to admit to trying it because of the social stigmata, but they sound pretty damn enlightened to me. Better or worse, they’re loving and peaceful people here! (sigh) I just wish Jesus could protect the peaceful people and children so they don’t get mowed down by the evil b@stards of this world.

      • Reghu Ganesh says:

        @Allene Avey: My dear child please consult me when you come to India. I will teach you.Then you will get all the answers to your questions

      • Reghu Ganesh says:

        You too light bringer and everyone ..who wishes to know God and your real self..It is beyond these illusions. I can show you if you want to learn. Please come to me.

  14. With this new galactic wave I wish everyone happy ascension 🙂

  15. Reghu Ganesh says:

    It’s my advice that you should fart more often. If you don’t fart such shitty ideas get into your brain.I pray to God so that one day you realise that this whole concept is nothing but an illusion of your brain and mind. Please Get Well Soon. If you need any help please let me know. I am happy to help

    • Marianne Velvart says:

      Dear serious readers of this site. I urge you to studiously ignore the trolls who have such lack of a life and perspective range as to soil this sacred e-soil where kindred minds and spirits make positive connections. The poor in manners and narrow in mind will always be with us at this echelon. Learn to send loving thoughts then cut them from your consciousness. They’re naughty children with issues, whatever their age. In being seriously bothered by us and what and whom we represent, they expose their lower vibrations that jarr with the higher frequencies. Like barking dogs, they attack the unfamiliar. With knowledge comes great responsibility and great flack. These trolllets actually represent the lower world we must constantly come up against as we evolve. When you read a text like this, do not read on. Bless the sender and move away. This is my last post in relation to negative and ignorant jokers. Namaste

  16. Reghu Ganesh says:

    I really sympathise with people like this. You are all after an illusion concept (one which does not exist). Please do not waste your talents and intelligence which God has given you on petty illusions of brain and mind. Do something for this society. Love Nature…Love people…Love God..Don’t complicate things. Life is simple. God has made it so. Why complicate? because you find joy in illusions. Come out! face the truth named God and your mortality. These truths you will realise –maybe not now–but during your last breath. At that time you will repent to God for wasting such a beautiful life on silly stuff.

    • Marianne Velvart says:

      Reghu. I used to be a christian like you. Narrow. With respect to your conception of God (great start by the way) may I hereby bless you and ask you to broaden your mind. From the ‘simple’ perspective, you said it, I don’t think you’re qualified to comment. Love to you anyway. ps judgement comes in many forms. Perhaps you ought to start with you. More love

  17. Allene Avey says:

    Reghu, you are disturbed greatly, obviously, or you would not be posting to a site that you have nothing in common with. Your personal position is that shared by 90% of the people here on this planet. So it’s easy for you to find collegues that agree with you. However, there are those of us who have had the privilege to go just a few short steps up the ladder from where you are and we can know and see that there is so much more that we were never told about in the beginnings of our “spiritual” life, for a lot of us that was about “being” a Christian. I still am, but at an entirely different understanding of the word. I am now a follower of Christ Conciousness with our first teacher being Jesus. We are not that far apart. For me the enlightenment came when I read the New Testament…..REALLY read it. I invite you to REALLY READ it also. When you read passages about what Jesus was saying about Creator, study that line. Read more of what Jesus said…..not what a church is telling you He said. He said to “go within” and know God. This is exactly what we are doing now. We are all going within our souls, our minds, our bodies. We are spiritual beings inside a human body. The world is awful right now, it is working out it’s own Karma….not something it can brag about. But when this is all over there will be a time of truth….and just as you…..WE feel/know our truth. I’m happy for both of us. But don’t be preaching to us that we are wrong for we might feel equally assured about your position. The truth will be revealed………we are are preparing for it as we all see personally fit . Please understand that the disturbances in this world are not reason for me to change my person to align with what I DON”T WANT. I am the maker of my own reality, as you are. We can ONLY be right for ourselves, no one else. Thank you for this website and the privilege to share.

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