Signing the Manifesto Of The Awakened: We Are Aware!

Signing the Manifesto Of The Awakened: We Are Aware!

Signing the Manifesto Of The Awakened: We Are Aware!

To the Few Whom This Concerns:

Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet

While you continue to hypocritically blame humanity for the dire plight of our world, we hereby put you on notice that we are well aware that it is you, the financial, corporate, military, scientific and governmental agents and, most of all, the dark shadow forces behind you, that we know full well comprise and empower the destructive global power grid, that are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition.

You’ve brought us and our planet to the precipice. If you do not cease and desist, what is soon to come will be blood on your hands, cause untold suffering, and all for naught as far as your designs are concerned. You too will shrivel up in the dustbin of history as just another invasive parasite that couldn’t succeed in its self-serving designs for all its efforts.


Know that.
We hereby officially notify all those complicit in this massive control program that:
  • We are aware of your efforts to dumb down, anesthetize and control the world’s populations.
  • We are aware of your destructive programs to sicken and alter humanity through the chemical, electromagnetic and genetic modification of our food, plants, animals and ourselves.
  • We are aware of your wanton destruction of our earth, skies and oceans through resource exploitation, geoengineering and weather modification.
  • We are aware of your many false flag events and surreptitious “strategy of tension” schemes purposely designed to keep the world in perpetual fear and continual wars against fabricated outside enemies for control and profit.
  • We are aware of your fascist medical designs to drain and destroy humanity via the decrepit allopathic medical system based on profit and ill health at every level, including the proliferation of pharmaceuticals, invasive and debilitating treatments and deliberately damaging vaccines.
  • We are aware of your moves toward a worldwide police state based on hyperbolized fear and disinformation to manipulate humanity in order to get an unspoken imprimatur to execute your program of control and subjugation.
  • We are aware that your political crony establishment is all staged and designed to distract from the real issues and keep the populace occupied and feeling like participants while you work your nefarious program.
  • We are aware of your falsely imposed vampiristic taxation system to fund further bureaucratic bloat, controls and an overarching agenda of genocidal wars on innocent peoples, and that it is arbitrary and our sovereign choice to simply not participate in any longer.
  • We are aware that a select few major corporations with vested interests in this global agenda now control almost all media and that mass media is nothing more than a mouthpiece of propaganda to these ends.
  • We are aware that your “entertainment” industry is simply socially-engineered entrainment towards personal and social distraction, chaos and degradation.
  • We are aware of your AI, electromagnetic grid and mind manipulating designs and technologies that are being imposed to further expand your psychopathic control program.
  • We are aware that you repress emerging technologies that threaten existing parasitic profitable ones, such as the hazardous petroleum and nuclear industries, when alternative energy sources and other such solutions have arisen for many decades which you have suppressed.
  • We are aware that you sequester knowledge and information in a vast array of fields to keep the general populace in the dark and thereby disempowered as to our true historical context, while you are coveting secret information and carrying out advanced covert research for your own ends.
  • We are aware that you have stigmatized, marginalized and seek to outlaw any form of criticism, questioning or dissent using whatever excuse you can manufacture.
  • We are aware of your oppressive, enslaving monetary and legal control scams, private fractionalized banking pillaging, and twisted cravings for money and power in an imposed control system that never needed to exist in the first place.
  • We are aware of your falsely postured institutions, foundations, institutes, charitable organizations and international bodies such as the so-called United Nations and its many agencies and agendas being used to further develop your global control plans and programs.
  • We are aware of your secret societies, blood line allegiances and luciferian, freemasonic, Babylonian and otherworldy roots that propel the wickedness of your self appointed leaders. We are aware of your ritual sacrifices, paedophelia and bestiality inclinations and other sordid practices, all of which are anathema to our conscious race.
  • Ad nauseum…

This will be tolerated no longer.


  • We are aware that you know we are on to you. We stand fearless, fully committed to humanity’s well being. You are shallow, self-serving and seriously misled guns for hire working for a control system being engineered by powers beyond your knowledge that will devour you, just as you seek to devour us.
  • We are aware of who you are. Your days are numbered. Your designs will soon be visited upon your heads if you do not drastically change your ways. Universal law dictates it. You know it, and we know it. Hence your sloppy, miscreant behavior being so thoroughly exposed which you so furiously attempt to deny and suppress. This futile lashing out only works toward the exposure of open truth and the awakening’s favor.

If there is an ounce of humanity left in any of you, defect and help us expose and bring down these life ending forces. You, your children, your grandchildren and anything you may still hold dear are already suffering and will also perish in the catastrophe that we are soon destined for if you do not respond.


A last warning.

We are aware. We are awake and activated. We will do everything within and without our personal power to see our race and planet survive and shake this parasitic invasion. Our planet itself will not take this attempted overthrow. Know that, and expect repercussions from Her, as well as us, a gathering storm of sacred truth you cannot possibly fathom.

Your opposition, resistance and puny, short-sighted efforts are dwarfed by what awaits you.

Will you find your humanity in time? We think many of you could, and those of you who do will be welcomed amongst the awakened. However, we realize many are beyond redemption.

But don’t try to fool us. We’re more on to you than you could ever imagine.

Just watch and see. We will surprise you, just as you fear.

We’re here. We live. We cannot be stopped nor thwarted by any means despite your flimsy efforts.

The truth and love we bear are coming for you. Truth and cosmic resonance cannot be denied and any aberration from it will be mitigated.

That’s just the way it is.

Think about it. If you dare.


The Eternally Awakened



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4 Responses

  1. Patricia Chapman says:


  2. awakening536 says:

    Namaste. Eye Am to be of service.

  3. Vanessa Vargas says:

    Yess Here We All Stand Together Awake As 1…U Can Definately Count On Me..Namaste Fam..

  4. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    Cloned 1 ovum & 1 Spermatozoa countless generations unity is shared in the dimensions by divine woman and divine man. (unfortunately there is darkness lurking throws you off trying to block your original recipient in Psi/chakra mode) Numerous other individuals who were viable for intimate relations arrived off other planets which were than destroyed via atomic bomb. Forced to stay on this planet & forced to exist in exile. (Slaveholding) Human torturous trafficking (Knights Templer) for every single volatile reason imaginable all the way to children and induction of early purity/puberty cycle (hormones). sacred cow /India/Chakras/China-Buddhist-Ohms/ in fear there will be death due to disease, a woman with compromised DNA (animal violation) unable to produce ovum Cross DNA begins morphing (intellectual impaired) relative/related breeding =majority of intellectually impaired individuals. ancestors generations of religious war imposed on firstly Egyptian ISIS & Pharaoh (melted gold off pyramids, took the crystalline, then it was produced off the ISIS ovum, gave free energy to all then tesla introduced and erased reality, (racism & prejudices.) Lastly revolution of 1980’s comes full circle Iran (Persia) was the Zoroastrian, Mashuq Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds-golden age 9 that is dead wrong DAEVA!!! It’s called the golden progressive section beautiful rainbow pyathagoris capable mathematically able to manipulate the crystalline in the pyramid covered in gold with reflective beams controlled atmosphere sun, moon, rainbow, hurricane, thunderstorms, synchronizing between divine dimensions (underground/knights templer/alpha/bata/gamma/delta-fraternity-fertility-united states of America university violation/the golden progressive section of indigo female/FEMA)
    indigo child-women rituals/sacrificed
    (Phi 0.618) which then becomes a full circle (Pi 3.14) with two halfs like an alien ovum split into 2 repetitively for all generations to violate. They implemented ISIS married her own brother and procreated offspring absolutely not sure he was murdered but not ISIS you need the ovum and still continue it will not be an infinite universe with intentions to exploit the female body violated for her birth rights. As are and we’re men violated for their contributions which is of equal partnership with consent. Which raises questions how is it only male gentlemen sell spermatozoa yet fertility in women is not an option. I will never sell my ovum but has it ever been sold which fertilitle women can tell me. None because the ovum is attained illegally without consent & possibilities cloning equal states of matter in comparison to any other exclusion animal compromised DNA. These Christians with there Adam and Muslims prostrate to Adam asking for virgins in heaven us divine Gods & divine Goddesses do not condone, our children will not be in the hell your headed to. There are no in heaven as there is the sky of stars(satellite) the sun (Rah) the moon (Allah) I have no Jesus in my heart I have not met this man you speak of who violated Eve for she would rather have the apple of knowledge and know full well wisdom and say no to her brother. Joining Lucifer outside the garden for he envied the bond she had with Adam. Bonding no more!!

    We now conclude with mutual kindness and generosity giving to our indigo children our Blu Ray, Rainbow, Crystal children in a compassionate manner, There is a relation listen to your gut this is your intuition telling you bad or related perhaps a cousin, if you feel fear panic, racing heart, knots in stomach, eyes darting all over rooms making scenario decisions by objects involved, fight or flight. This is a bad ending that never happened it’s time to leave and move on deciding should I, yes absolutely that’s 100% a get out moment, stay calm. There are many divine men & women intertwined in this dimension equation equally with persistent efforts walking with you now. Who do you know in reality? Space for enlightenment? Find your self? Has your soul ascended yet, Certainly. Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds, good desire. Would I like to see you in my afterlife if you were my child, absolutely and the most precious merciful gift of all would be to know you will have a grand magnificent place which you deem fit, past will be forgotten and every single passing moment will increasingly grow in emotional fulfillment you’ll have only but the splendour enjoying each and every divine moment in your existence because you are a gemstone & peace is deserved!

    Think of the dimensions if you can enter these dimensions and you do, that would conclude your of an elite section your position in this universe is of Royal status. You need to distance yourself from the individuals who have a purpose for you for selfish property. You are not properties, or character to be studied and sought out by hybrid humans. Have a great time indulging in the potions. Your empath quality will carry you and at some point on your journey you will sit at the right hand of your own kingdom with King and Queen with possibilities of prince and princesses and it will be revealed.

    Your contracts do not exist in the New World Pharmaceutical giant has been sleeping intentionally slipping in the arsenic and now who gets it, the hemorrhage/stroke (snake venom similarity) the hemophiliac? (Dog related disease/hemophiliac)

    The soul I feel so much stronger with my heart off it is the desire to feed clothe and adorn the children with splendour and glory. As they proceed into the future wide knowledge with the freedom to measure & control their choice in suitor as a human with such pure DNA a divine purpose a gift in purity passed down by a God & Goddess
    Many light walkers many divine
    Such difficulties with joy for the indigo children in peace as how could it be good not understanding why you’re mother and father bought you from a laboratory and than lied and said your there mother there father. Despicable and this is how having such gifts and abilities isn’t a simple task, it’s worth fighting for what’s right and I love and appreciate that this sight with all these grand articles has allowed me to become one with muse and self awareness allowing me to travel into these dimensions of illusion & reality. Realizing I’d let my heart and soul ascend was incredibly meaningful & magnificent moment. Thank goodness

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