3 Signs That You’ve Met Somebody From Your Past Life

3 Signs That You’ve Met Somebody From Your Past Life

3 Signs That You’ve Met Somebody From Your Past Life


1. You feel instant connection or repulsiveness.

When we think about people from our past lives, we often think of friends or relatives or even of people that we’d loved. Often, when you run into somebody that you know from your past life, you feel immediate connection.

But what about a person that you didn’t like at all? Sometimes, you might feel automatically repulsed by them. No matter what, it’s a sign that you knew them before.


2. Your connection is almost telepathic.

It doesn’t have to mean that you send each other mental messages. It’s more like their ears ‘burn’ when we talk about them. You might think of a person and just a second later receive an SMS by them, or you may feel of what next a person will say.

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It’s a connection that is hard to explain and even harder to dismiss.


3. You see it in their eyes 

Have you ever looked somebody in their eyes and been hypnotized? Have you felt like you already looked into those eyes a million times before? If those eyes look familiar to you, then it may be because you have seen them, but in your past life.

If it ever happens to you, pay attention. Some people believe that eyes don’t change when you pass from one life into another, allowing us to recognize our spiritual companions through time.

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21 Responses

  1. kerry says:

    i connected with a psychic years ago..and after a few talks..she toldme she and i have been in a past life together..and later on..i realized she is right..

  2. Tammy Shore says:

    i believe i have met people that i have had a past life with …

  3. phyllis brothers says:


  4. Tammy Shore says:

    does any one here know any thing about portals? do they have any thing to do with a past life??

  5. jaisrinivas says:


  6. chelsea says:

    Yes I do believe this to b true.. Had the expereinrce n it was unrealistic n fantastic at the time .. I didn’t stop staring in to there’s eyes..to my amazement I was looking back at myself to.. It was magical..the connection will always n has always been there .. Thank u universe for our meeting g . x

  7. Kathleen says:

    Yes I believe this to be true. I myself found an instant connection with a handsome young man, he had the most amazing eyes. I couldn’t stop feeling I met him before. I felt this instantaneous comfortable feeling. Like I already knew him and we were just picking up where we left off. I had these flashes of him, like i knew him from somewhere but no. We have been married now for 21 years! <3

  8. Danielle says:

    I’ve been told by a psychic that me and my husband were married in a past life. I believe it

  9. Judith Strickland says:

    I’m now 73 years old. At age 26 I met a group of people who were instantly recognized as closer connected to me than my birth family. This is a group of spiritual seekers. We met a teacher whom I felt an instant connection to. We had a weekend group meeting at a house, and the back door which was designated for entry would not open, so I had to go around to the front door. The teacher opened the front door and directed me to go back to the back door. I feel that was significant, and that I needed to connect with him before the group meeting began. When the meeting was ending after 3 days, and we were all leaving, I had such a strong and heart-felt urge to say a final personal farewell to this teacher that I went back to his family’s sleeping quarters to say goodbye. Ordinarily I’m very shy and would never do this. He was very gracious and escorted me out to my car, touching my cheek in a fatherly gesture and telling me I could write to him. My tears flowed.
    This group of seekers has studied with him many years, and I’m very certain he has been my teacher for many lifetimes.

  10. Guy Lavoie says:

    Yes I did and I feel reunited with a family member of a past life : different color , he’s Black. He immigrated to my country, Canada. And I became godfather of his son when he was born two years ago . And we go along perfectly , exactly like two loving brothers.

  11. Deb Mitvhell says:

    I experience this the connection is very strong. He is experiencing a very emotional pain in his life and he lives 500 miles away but I can feel his pain. We meet 12 years ago I am 15 years older but there was a connection the first time we meet he feels this also. He was actually my therapist but we have become very close friends. I know our paths have meet for many lives before. It is an awesome experience.

  12. Nancy S. says:

    I absolutely believe this to be true. Many years ago, I met a man who I am sure I knew before. He started working with me and his first day, I could not stop looking at him. It was the same with him. Everytime I looked in his direction he was looking at me. Shortly after we worked on a project side by side. I felt the oddest sense as if I could “see” what he was thinking. It freaked me out but it was like a movie in my head. I kept seeing him grab me and kiss me. Later that day he confessed that he had been thinking about kissing me all day long. Whenever we would talk it seemed as if we were the only two people in the room. It felt like we’d known each other forever. A good friend who happens to be psychic told me that not only had we known each other in many past lives, but that he was also my twin flame. We haven’t seen each other in years, and our contact has been minimal since, but our connection is still strong. I always know when he’s thinking about me, and I always know when he’s going to text me or call me.

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