12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies

12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & EnemiesThe important people in your life are very likely to have been people you’ve met before. How can you tell?

First, you have to stop and consider it. That’s probably the hardest step. Once you realize this truth about your interactions with others, you’ll see it everywhere: former lovers, friends, enemies, family members.

For a time, you might overdo it, imagining past-life connections that didn’t really happen. But some connections—the valid ones—ultimately prove themselves over and over again, if you pay attention.


Here are 12 ways to identify the hints of history that have drawn you back into each other’s orbits, for better or for worse.  But always, with the opportunity to improve your relationship so that the next time you meet, things will be even better (especially in the case of former enemies)!

And it’s likely you will meet again if you’ve got work left to do together. The principles of interdimensional science and your own personal design may mandate it. So it’s wise to do your best with each other now.


12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies

12 Ways to Identify Past Life Friends, Lovers, & Enemies

1. Instant rapport.

You start talking and you can’t stop, but nicest of all, the other person gets it and gets you. You fall into a conversation like you’ve picked up a back-and-forth exchange you left off, oh, maybe centuries ago! (And if it’s a balanced give-and-take, with shared goals and mutual respect, count yourselves fortunate and never let go.)


2. Instant dislike.

You’ve tried to appreciate this person for their good qualities, but something just bugs you and you can’t shake it. And you might not even be able to define why.

You may have no good, solid reason in the present life, other than a deep nagging “instinct.” (Which is another name for memory, in this case.)


3. Butterflies.

Your stomach won’t settle when you’re around this person. This might even be a love-relationship in the present, but an underlying stress won’t allow you to relax.

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You’re always on edge, maybe trying too hard to please, maybe unconsciously awaiting some bad turn of events. You might be “happy” in the externals, but those butterflies linger.


4. Longevity.

You’ve known this person (or family member) your whole life. In view of this list, take a closer look at them.


5. Shared tastes.

Where do your lines of compatibility cross? Do you share a passion for ____? Both love the same foreign language, food, or culture? Enjoy a similar sport, art, hobby, pastime? Have you done this together before?


6. Ease of partnership.

Do you work well together, like smoothly oiled gears? Finish each other’s sentences? Accomplish more together than separately? This is a very valuable “polarity,” developed over many lives of practice.

Cherish it, no matter how briefly (work partners) or long (friend or family) it may last.


7. Unquenchable anger directed toward you.

Nothing ever seems agreeable to you both; you can never make them happy; they seem to you to act as if you owe them something. You fight a lot over these things.

You sort things out—and it happens again. It might be that certain specific things act as a trigger. If you can figure out what they are, you might be able to identify the past-life situation, which will help you move on, or resolve it in the present.


8. Guilt.

You’re always tipping the balance toward giving more than you get in return. (Which is certainly a good thing now and then, but every time, with the same individual, signifies something unseen at work.) You feel you owe them, but this is probably not in your conscious awareness.

You are always looking out for them, taking the extra step, doing more, overcompensating for something invisible in your present life, but still alive deep in your history. They might be a child, friend, parent, sibling, spouse, or coworker in the present life. You’ve drawn yourselves back together to work this out.

Knowing that should help the balance slowly (or rapidly) shift. It’s entirely up to you. Only you can forgive yourself and until you do, their feelings won’t change your deep guilt.

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This, by the way, is a very common bond between people: guilt and resentment. We often say that if you’ve killed someone on a battlefield, you’ve just married them. Nothing is lost or forgotten in the Infinite scheme of energy-life. This doesn’t mean you have to come back and let them kill you!

That’s an old misconception about reincarnation which would not rectify anything, only perpetuate the seesaw. You each will find your way to resolve this problem when ready.


9. Fear.

Your memory may not be at the conscious level, but you know something. Respect it. Past-life events, if not recognized and resolved, often repeat. Circumstances may vary slightly, but results may be the same. Learn all you can. If your gut tells you to run, do it, even if your fear seems wildly unreasonable in the present lifetime.

Yes, fear can be resolved with past-life knowledge, but fear is also a safety mechanism to be deeply respected with regard to other individuals. Take it seriously. But if truly unwarranted in the present life, you’ll at least know where it came from and can take steps to rectify this situation through your studies of past-life therapy. Be cautious and trust your feelings.


10. Inappropriate sexual attraction.

We very often trade roles in subsequent lives in order to learn and grow. Someone who was once a lover might now be a family member, or married to another, or of inappropriate age. The variations are endless, the complications serious. The fact that society doesn’t recognize the influence of past lives doesn’t help matters.

Knowing the feelings come from other relationships in other lifetimes definitely helps to quell and “put out of phase” these impulses, before you put one another into a situation you’ll regret. Recognition in the conscious awareness, “I knew this person before and we were intimate,” can immediately change the energetic bias or feeling.

Even if it’s too late, this knowledge will help you sort out the damage more quickly and get back on the track you intended for your present lifetime. Self-forgiveness, self-understanding, self-awareness—these are keys you’ll want to have.


11. Gender irrelevance.

Two souls who’ve loved one another for many lives, in a variety of roles, may meet again during their alternate gender expressions. They will choose what type of expression they share in the present, whether as friends, lovers, family, partners of any kind.


12. Flashbacks.

You might suddenly remember your past lives together. Especially if you’re aware and alert to the possibility. Trust your insights.




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