How The 4 Powerful Mercury Transits Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Throughout May 2019

mercury transits

What you speak creates your reality.

During the first few days of May, we will experience four different Mercury transits: Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury square Pluto, and Mercury trine Jupiter. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, these transits in astrology will not only challenge us but will help us create more of what we want for our lives.

We can’t get to the sweetness without first experiencing the sour, and while these transits may set a more difficult tone for some, it’s important to deal with what we need to before moving onto something or someone else. These are all one-day quick-moving transits, but they will set the tone for the next month, especially once Mercury moves into Taurus days later.

We all need a final hurrah before moving into a new chapter, and these Mercury transits are just that. His one final push is in Aries before moving into more grounded and stable Taurus.

Mercury is the planet that governs our communication and thought processes, but also encourages us to plan. We recently saw this planet finally exit the shadow zone of its first retrograde of the year back on April 16th, and since then it’s been a few weeks of hot and heavy thoughts, communication, and lots of possible ideas shooting off like fireworks. But it’s too much thinking, too many ideas or even possibilities, and we become overwhelmed or so focused that we can’t act on any one idea.

The first of the transits is Mercury in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini. This is a positive aspect that has us feeling good, wanting to reach out and make the most of existing relationships, and to take a risk and seek out our crush. It’s one that makes us feel braver. We focus on what we want and don’t really worry about the rest, and Mars, the planet of action and ambition, makes sure we move ahead with accuracy.

But the next few transits are where it gets tricky. We see Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn, and Mercury square Pluto in Capricorn. A square is a challenging difficult aspect, and signifies a point of tension. Something is going down.

While we have that quick glimpse of what we want and feel excited about it, the next few transits are going to bring up a lot of shadow work. When we speak about shadow work, it means we are going to be asked to deal with those parts of ourselves that we sometimes try to ignore; those aspects in which we’re wounded, hurt, and feel scared in moving forward in life. Or, maybe it’s our insecurities or those fears that hold us back from living our life.

There is no doubt that these two transits are going to challenge us and our relationships. There are many aspects of our love lives that are up on the table for consideration during the month of May. This is the time when we are going to look at things clearly and decide if the partnership we’re in is the one that feels like it aligns with who we are.

It’s not always easy to see the truth, and even if we do it’s usually even harder to do something about it. We feel so stuck once we wake up to what we feel or want, that we don’t know what to do.

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While challenging, these Mercury aspects will help us move from point A to point B. Saturn is concerned about our personal boundaries, what we allow from others, what we expect from others, and what standards we even hold ourselves to. In Capricorn, though, it’s not just about what we’re doing now but what we did in the past. Considering that Saturn is currently retrograde, it means that during this next month, we have to take care of existing situations so we can move forward in the direction of what makes us happy.

Adding to this energy of working through and dealing with our pasts, Pluto, which is also retrograde, is all about secrets and what is normally hidden from view. In Capricorn, it has to deal with foundations, with something we thought we were building upon yet seems to be crumbling beneath our fingertips.

It will be challenging, there will be darkness that we need to deal with, and there may be moments that we’re wondering why we’re even bothering at all. It seems that first Mercury aspect feels so far away, but the point is to keep moving.

The final aspect is Mercury in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, and this aspect couldn’t get any sweeter. Mercury may be feisty and active in the final degrees of Aries before moving into Taurus, but Jupiter is on top of it.

Jupiter is the planet that deals with our good luck, our fortune, expansion and plans for the future. He’s at home in Sagittarius, a forward-thinking sign. He loves the adventure that is promised here and there is a sense of hope within this sign.

Yes, this planet may be retrograde too, but with the larger planets, retrograde periods tend to feel more beneficial and can create more moments of change.

The most important thing to remember during this time is that we must move through it in order to get to that other side. We have to breathe. We have to do the work and face the issues in our lives, specifically relationships. We have to be brave enough to admit what makes us happy and courageous enough to speak the truth about who we love.

The power and potential success of this transit solely lays within us, and while it may be challenging and sour, we just have to remember that it’s these moments that will make the sweetness so worthwhile.

This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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