5 Reasons You Might Not Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

5 Reasons You Might Not Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

We’re constantly talking about astrology and asking random people what their signs are (we can’t help ourselves!), and one thing we hear all the time is “I don’t feel like a typical [insert sign here].”

Obviously astrology is just one part of the personality puzzle, and tons of factors–upbringing, birth order, culture, life experiences, etc.–affect us.

It’s pretty rare to identify 100% with every description of your zodiac sign, but we thought it might be helpful to break down some of the most common reasons people don’t feel like they match up with their sign. Read on to get the scoop!


1. You are an introvert/extrovert and your sign is typically the opposite.

Certain signs have traits that are very outgoing or socially oriented. For example, Leos tend to be quite gregarious, and Geminis are known for being super chatty, but if you are an introverted person born under one of these signs, you may feel like these descriptions don’t apply to you.

Alternately, as an extrovert, you might not fit the bill of “secretive Scorpio” or “quiet Cancer.” Take a second, third, or hundredth look at the traits associated with your sign, and try to disregard some of the social descriptors–you might find that the rest of the deeper qualities do resonate with you, even if you don’t show them to the world.


2. You have another powerful influence in your chart, likely your moon or rising sign.

Astrology is more complex than just what your sun sign is. You have an entire birth chart that shows the location of all the planets at the exact time of your birth; looking at this chart can give a more complete, in-depth understanding of your astrological profile.

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Two things that tend to have a huge effect on your personality are your moon sign and rising sign. In astrology, our rising sign signifies how we present ourselves to the world, and to a certain extent, the lens through which we view the world.

Where the moon is in your chart (AKA your moon sign) is extremely important as well. In fact, some astrologers believe its influence on personality is as strong as the sun’s.

We believe it’s up to you to decide what combination you are. Really though, get the info on your rising and moon sign, and once you blend those with your sun sign, you might find that your unique combination of signs makes perfect sense.

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3. You were born close to the end or start of another sign.

If you were born within a few days–even up to a week–of the shift of signs, you are what we affectionately call a “cusper,” meaning you were born on the cusp of your sign. It is really important for cuspers to read about the other sign you were born close to.

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Sometimes you will find that you are a perfect blend of the traits of each, or way more one or the other. Check it out and see what you find.


4. You are oversimplifying your sign.

Most people we talk to that know a little bit about astrology tend to have a very simple view of each sign. And let’s get real, we tend to typecast signs in our Astrology 101 columns too. It’s fun to boil down each sign into a list of adjectives, but the reality is astrology is complex, and your sun sign is complex.

Astrology provides us with a general idea of personality traits; how those traits manifest themselves can be hugely different in different people.

As a Scorpio, Katelyn has met many “typical” Scorpios who are intensely angry and manipulative. She is not an angry person, but she is super intense, and that level of intensity is what she has in common with other Scorpios–what each person chooses to do with that intensity depends on a million different factors.

If you want to really grasp the complexities and depth of your sun sign, you’ve got read about your sign in a variety of different sources, be open to new interpretations, and talk to other people who are interested in astrology. You’ll get a more comprehensive view of your sign in no time!


5. You are at a different point in your self-growth journey.

When you read about your sun sign, you’ll often find lists of positive and negative traits that are typically associated with it. This makes sense because all of us have our amazing characteristics, and our not-so-amazing ones.

As we go through life, we try to grow and emphasize our positive traits, and we (hopefully) work on letting go of those negative patterns. You may not relate to a list of traits associated with your zodiac sign because the negative (or positive) traits don’t match up with where you are in your path of self-growth.

For example, perhaps you’re an Aries who has worked hard to curb your impulsiveness, or a Taurus who’s learned to let go of resentment.

Remember that astrology does not dictate your world view, political leanings, or how pessimistic or optimistic you are. What it can do is act as a tool for self-growth: look at your sign’s positive traits as something to aspire to, and work on letting go of the negative ones.


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