6 Zodiac Signs The September New Moon Will Affect The Most

6-Zodiac-Signs-The-September-New-Moon-Will-Affect-The-Most.jpgSeptember is going to be a month of new beginnings and is going to bring many experiences for us all. It will be pushing us towards success and really moving us in ways you would have probably never imagined.

There is going to be a new moon on the 9th that will really be setting things into motion. This new moon is going to be bringing forth an energy that will be prominent in the lives of us all.
With that being said, it will affect several signs more-so than the rest. Below, I am going to go over those signs. If your sign didn’t make the list, don’t worry you will still be benefiting from this new moon.


You are going to be feeling a bit confused but also ready to get things done during this time. The new moon is going to have you on edge with your guard up but it will also have you working hard.

This will be one of those things that you have to wait and see where things end up. Don’t be too hard on others, just because you’re feeling rough doesn’t mean the rest of the world is out to get you.



You are going to be taking several steps back when this new moon arrives. That being said, these things are going to be happening for a reason.

If you look at the bigger picture it will all make sense. Don’t get too worked up! Everything will work out for the best in the end.



This new moon is going to really bring out the passionate side in you. You are going to be helping the people you care for most in a big way. Perhaps this new moon is going to open some huge doors for you in your life.



During this new moon, you are going to be ready to move on from something you have outgrown.

The new moon is going to really go to push you out of your shell and will teach you to be bolder. You are most likely not ready for the confidence boost that is headed your way.



You are going to be breaking free from something that has been holding you back. This new moon is going to have you feeling like a completely different person.

The more you allow negativity to live within your mind, the worse things will become for you. Moving on from the things you have been clinging to is the best thing you could ever possibly do. Don’t mess this up, allow these energies to work for you.



This new moon is going to have you feeling all kinds of out of whack. You are going to be learning how to be more careful and growing to really be more closed off but not in a bad way.

Because in the past you have been far too trusting, the universe wants to teach you that keeping a small circle isn’t the end of the world. Don’t be afraid to call people out during this time.


Source: awarenessact


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