Alchemy Has Determined The Best And Worst Matches For Each Zodiac Sign

Alchemy-Has-Determined-The-Best-And-Worst-Matches-For-Each-Zodiac-Sign.jpgWe spend a lot of time talking about romantic relationships around here, and for a really good reason: people have a lot of anxiety about romantic relationships and whether they’re going to find “the one” or not.

Unfortunately, this often leads us to forget that some of the most important relationships we ever have aren’t the romantic ones, they’re our friendships as well.

As much as we want to say that we have a good sense of people, we often don’t, and that has a way of manifesting drama later on down the road. Luckily, we can kind of figure out the people we’re going to gel with and the people we’re going to want to fight by looking at our zodiac signs.

As a disclaimer, we’re not going to sit here and say that everyone needs to be making friends along the lines of zodiac signs because life doesn’t work that way. In reality, not even astrology works that way because astrology really isn’t that simple.

You might end up counting your enemy sign as someone who’s one of your best, most loyal friends because something else in your star charts is compatible or the two of you just get along.

That being said, there’s a lot you can glean about a person from their sun and moon signs, even if you’re not getting a perfect picture of them. With your sun and moon sign, you can determine your perfect BFF and your worst enemy. Make sure you stick around to the end to find out what signs should make up your squad!


15. Watch Out For These Combos: Fire Signs With Water Signs, Earth Signs With Air Signs

While there are certainly people that we can make friends with right away, there are others that we are totally turned off by for whatever reason. However, if you work past your differences with those people, these friendships can be really rewarding.

Unfortunately, it can take a lot more work than either party feels like it’s worth. This is what it’s like when Fire and Water signs get together and when Earth and Air signs get together.

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These are all opposing elements, so there’s a lot of room for people under these signs to clash a lot because they’re so different.

These signs might even sabotage each other because they dislike each other that much. That being said, if you work at your friendships with people under your opposed element, you can create some incredible friendships. I can speak to this personally:

I’m an Air sign whose best friend is an Earth sign, and while we don’t see eye to eye on everything, we’re still best friends. You might feel the same about your best friends. While zodiac signs can help you parse out certain things, if you feel like someone can be your friend, signs shouldn’t stand in the way.


14. Aries: Enemies With Taurus, Friends With Leo

Aries people tend to get along with everyone thanks to their status as “the leader” of the zodiac, but they also tend to get along best with some sings over others. The fiery, straightforward Aries sign will get along best with the dramatic Leo because both of them will be able to tell each other about themselves in a way that the other will appreciate.

Aries loves to have people around them that won’t ever lie, and Leo certainly fits the bill. That being said, Aries wouldn’t get along very well with Taurus because there’s just a fundamental misunderstanding there.

The average Taurus would infuriate Aries with their stubborn nature, and Aries would see them as sticks in the mud. Both signs are also really competitive and they’d work hard to undermine each other.


13. Taurus: Enemies With Gemini, Friends With Virgo

Taurus doesn’t get along with everyone all that well, but the people they do get along with ending up finding a friend for life with them. Taurus tends to get along well with other Earth signs like Virgo.

Both are signs that value a good work ethic and aren’t necessarily the biggest social butterflies, so you’ll often find Taurus and Virgo hanging out behind the scenes making sure all the plates keep spinning.

Taurus would also do well with a Water sign as a best friend, like a Cancer. On the other hand, Taurus would find themselves totally overwhelmed and frustrated with a Gemini.

Geminis are some of the most social people in the zodiac and love to talk about anything and everything, which could overwhelm the morning quiet and stoic Taurus.


12. Gemini: Enemies With Capricorn, Friends With Aquarius

Geminis are extremely social, but going beyond that stereotype, Geminis are extremely intelligent people who love to talk about things that matter. They would share that trait with Aquarius and the two signs are the best of friends for it.

While the Aquarius can teach the Gemini to step back and see the big picture, the Gemini can teach the Aquarius that life isn’t all about intellectual pursuits and get them to go outside and talk to people.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m an Aquarius myself and my first friend in the world was a Gemini. As for enemies, the laid-back Gemini would feel chafed under Capricorn’s unyielding ambition, and Capricorns would find themselves underestimating Gemini’s intelligence because they’re always chattering about something.


11. Cancer: Enemies With Sagittarius, Friends With Taurus

Cancers are incredibly family oriented and some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, but they’ll often set themselves on fire to keep their loved ones warm. This is why Cancer’s best friend tends to be a Taurus.

Taurus’ stubbornness and appreciation for self-care will rub off on the Cancer and teach them how to assert themselves and that they’re worth standing up for. On the other hand, Cancer’s big heart will teach Taurus to be less afraid of showing their emotions.

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As for enemies, Cancer’s deep-seated loyalty will clash with the Sagittarius’s Free-spirited, almost flaky nature. Cancers will see Sagittarius as unreliable, while Sagittarius will see Cancer as clingy.


10. Fair Weather Friends: Fire Signs With Earth Signs, Air Signs With Water Signs

While most people have best friends, not everyone is their best friend. That would just be a bit too overwhelming. Rather, we tend to have best friends, and then we have other friends who we might not be as close to but that we like as people and want to hang out with.

This is how Fire signs feel about Earth signs and how Air signs feel about Water signs, and vice versa. Fire signs will appreciate the Earth sign’s pragmatism and down-to-earth nature, and their ability to plan ahead can actually inform the Fire sign’s ability to go out on adventures since they’ll be a lot more prepared than if they were going it alone.

As for Air and Water signs, the Water sign will bring out the Air sign’s more empathetic side, and the Air sign will open up the Water sign’s world a lot more.

While they’re not generally best friends all the time (and that’s honestly quite subjective because many people can count people under these signs as best friends), they understand each other and bring out the best in each other.


9. Leo: Enemies With Aquarius, Friends With Libra

Leos tend to be admired both from near and far, and Leo loves that. However, Leos also tend to be very dramatic and impulsive, which is why they need a bestie that’s going to remind them to stop and think.

Enter the Libra, one of the most cool-headed people in the zodiac. Libra will show Leo that sometimes it’s good to take a moment to digest what’s going on before charging into a situation.

On the flip side, Leo can show Libra how empowering it can be to make a decision based on gut feelings. When the Libra/Leo duo puts their mind to something, not much can stop them.

As for enemies, the hot-blooded Leo will hate the fact that Aquarius can be so coldly logical, while Aquarius can actually see the charismatic Leo as manipulative or even conniving. This can make the two signs bitter enemies.


8. Virgo: Enemies With Libra, Friends With Cancer

Virgos are the people you call when you need someone to bring something together without much fuss or drama. They’re loyal people who are pretty task-oriented, which jives with Cancer’s worldview pretty well.

Cancer can actually get Virgo to get out of their own heads mentally, while Virgo’s practicality can get Cancer to get out of their own heads emotionally.

This can make this friendship duo one of the most effective when things are going right, but there is a chance things can blow up if things go wrong. As for enemies, Virgos can’t stand Libras because of their indecisiveness, while Libras can’t stand Virgos because of their sometimes judgey nature.


7. Libra: Enemies With Aries, Friends With Sagittarius

Libra is probably one of the most laidback signs in the zodiac because of their belief that the universe will handle things. Sure, this can make the Libra look indecisive (and they certainly can be from time to time), but more than not the Libra is just weighing their options.

This is why Libra tends to get along so well with Sagittarius, which is an equally laid-back sign, but in a different way. Sagittarius’s adventurous spirit will rub off on Libra in a good way, and Libra’s sense of fair play and loyalty will also rub off positively on Sagittarius.

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As for enemies, Libras can’t stand Aries because of Aries’s need to be the boss of things and charge into stuff. Libra’s just not like that and would rather let fate handle things, which just isn’t Aries’s way.


6. Scorpio: Enemies With Pisces, Friends With Capricorn

Scorpio is by far the most intense sign in the zodiac, so they tend to surround themselves with equally intense people. This is why Scorpios tend to find such good friends as Capricorn’s.

Neither sign is especially social, preferring instead to see people as assets rather than as conversation partners. The two signs have a lot to offer each other and Scorpio would end up appreciating Capricorn for looking out for them and do the same in return.

It would be a weird, even impersonal friendship for other signs, but for these two it works perfectly. As for enemies, Scorpio would find the overt emotionality and dreamy nature of Pisces infuriating and they just wouldn’t have time for it.


5. Sagittarius: Enemies With Cancer, Friends With Aries

Sagittarius is a wanderer, an adventurer, and they never stay still for long. This is why Sagittarians tend to surround themselves with people that are just as willing to go all in on an adventure as they are.

Sagittarians tend to gel really well with Aries because both signs are adventurers at heart. That being said, both signs have a lot to learn from each other.

Aries can teach Sagittarius that it can be good to charge into something and indulge in their competitive nature a bit, while Sagittarius can teach

Aries to take a step back and appreciate the journey for the process, not the destination. As for enemies, Sagittarius would positively hate the Cancer’s emotionality, seeing them as too emotional and clingy.


4. Capricorn: Enemies With Taurus, Friends With Scorpio

Capricorn is by far the most ambitious sign in the zodiac: in their ideal world, everything that they do would be in service of their goals. This is why Capricorn tends to make friends with people who share that worldview, and they’ll find that in Scorpio.

The Scorpio’s intensity and more emotional nature will rub off on Capricorn and show them that it’s okay to get a little passionate, while the pragmatic Capricorn can pull the Scorpio back when they’re getting a little too passionate. As for enemies,

Capricorns can’t stand Taurus because they don’t see the need to indulge themselves like Taurus tends to do. That being said, Capricorn and Taurus aren’t bitter enemies, they just don’t see eye to eye.


3. Aquarius: Enemies With Leo, Friends With Gemini

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, so they will befriend people not just because they like the person, but because they are a person and worth befriending for that reason alone.

While Aquarius can be a little socially awkward and they definitely value their alone time, they also love talking to people even if they don’t have the temperament to do it all the time. This is why Aquarians tend to fall in with Geminis, who can teach the Aquarius how to be a little more at ease by example.

Geminis can also learn from the Aquarian’s ability to think about things on a global scale, making this friendship one of the most imaginative of the zodiac.

As for enemies, Aquarius can’t stand Leos. Aquarians are charismatic in their own way, but not in the same way as Leos, so the two tend to see themselves as competitors sometimes. In reality, the two signs are two sides of the same coin and could learn a lot from each other.


2. Pisces: Enemies With Scorpio, Friends With Cancer

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. Kind and empathetic, Pisces will tend to gravitate toward people who have similar traits: people who don’t tend to exasperate or even confuse Pisceans.

That’s why Pisces will make best friends with Cancer. Cancer cares just as deeply as Pisces does, and if the Cancer gets a bit too affectionate, the Pisces will actually love that. On the flip side, the Cancer will know how to bring the idealistic Pisces to a more realistic point of view and will teach Pisces to not be so secretive about themselves.

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As for enemies, Pisces will get along awfully with Scorpio. Scorpios are as emotional as Pisceans can be, but in a totally different way, and they’ll get totally annoyed with each other because of their totally different ways of dealing with people and with life.

That being said, there is a mutual understanding between Scorpio and Pisces and a friendship can be formed there, it would just be a bit harder.


1. Squad Goals: Fire Signs With Air Signs, Earth Signs With Water Signs

When it comes to a group of friends, people tend to gravitate to people who have a similar outlook on life or people whose spirits speak to each other.

That sounds kind of hippy-dippy for no reason, but it’s true: many best friends can’t tell you why they found each other, but they can tell you how much the other person means to them.

That’s how Fire signs will feel about Air signs and how Water signs will feel about Earth signs. Fire signs, with their passionate natures and tendency to charge into things, will make the best friends with Air signs, who have their heads in the clouds a bit more and tend to be the brains to the Fire sign’s brawn.

As for Earth and Water signs, they both bring out qualities that the other keeps well hidden: the Water sign will bring out the Earth’s sign’s emotionality and the Earth sign will bring out the Water sign’s more practical side.


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