Are You Feeling It? We Have Now Entered the Lion’s Gate Portal, And 8 Celestial Bodies Are in Retrograde

Are You Feeling It? We Have Now Entered the Lion’s Gate Portal, And 8 Celestial Bodies Are in Retrograde

As you know the Lion’s Gate Portal is now open and there is a lot going on in the world of celestial bodies. Between retrograding planets and the partial solar eclipse to come, we are all feeling quite out of whack at the moment and with good reason.

There are currently six planets in retrograde. Regardless of your sign or your level of being, these energies will affect you. Mercury is going to have us quite tongue-tied and Mars is going to be continuing to frustrate us more and more.

Energies don’t stop there though, Uranus is going to be affecting our love lives until the first week of January and we really need to be paying close attention to the problems we are facing.

While Uranus will be testing our patience we need to remain as open-minded and grounded as possible. Saturn is also still in retrograde and will be until September 6th. The retrograde season really is well underway.

Saturn, as you may know, rules over karma and is easily at the forefront of all of what is before you. Saturn is pushing and pulling, shoving you in all directions.

Saturn wants you to work hard to overcome your karmic debts and really make something of yourself while these energies are present. Working hard and getting things done will allow you to reap many rewards.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, you need to be on your toes but not overly nervous. The fire signs will be facing a lot of questioning and they need to be open and honest with their answers. While not everything they have to say will be what the other person wants to hear, it is something that needs to be said.

Air signs will really need to take the time to think things through during the next few weeks. Figure out what is best for your heart and where you need to end up. The more you dive into your heart the better, so get to know yourself. Air signs all too often become closed off and refuse to allow their energies to flow. This needs to change.

Now, as for Earth and Water signs, their experiences will be similar but not the same. Water signs might need to stand their ground and really work towards self-expression as best they can.

Earth signs, however, will be feeling out of place but unaware of the influences before them. They will be looking at things from a different perspective for once and they might not like it.

Just be mindful of the things you say and do. The more aware you are of the energies before you, the more you can do with them. Work with these energies, not against them. There are great things to come.




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