Chinese Horoscope 2018 – The Year of the Dog



The Goat natives have the tendency of neglecting their own health, while taking care of the wellbeing of others. They must stay alert and quit their unhealthy habits.

They need to take care of themselves and focus of their emotional, physical and psychological needs.



The natives under the Monkey sign are usually healthy people, ready to conquer the world. The Monkey feels the need to find inner peace in 2018. Activities like meditation, tai chi or yoga will help them relax and achieve physical strength.



Stress can damage the physical and mental health of Rooster natives, if they don’t pay enough attention to it. Anxiety is also a risk for their health and the difficulties they encounter might manifest as exhaustion.



During the new year, the Dog natives will enjoy an iron health, as long as they watch their eating habits and they do not indulge in excess.



In order to avoid any health issues, the Pig needs to show caution. The Pig needs to focus on the positive aspects of life and forget any negative thoughts.



During the new coming year, the Rat will have trouble feeling good in his own skin and his stress endurance will be put to the test in the first two months of the new year.



The Ox natives will have an excellent health during the new year, thanks to their efforts from the previous years for establishing a healthy lifestyle.



During this troubled period of time, the Tigers must adopt a healthy lifestyle and radically change their eating habits.



During the new year, stress is a real hassle for the Rabbit natives and they should spend more time taking care of themselves and change their attitude.


How are the children born in the Dog Year

The year of 2018 is under the Dog sign. If you are planning of having a baby or if you have a baby that was born in 2006, here are the characteristics of the children born in the Dog Year.

The child born in the year of the Dog is cheerful, balanced, sportive and pleasant. This is a loyal, honest and intelligent child, who loves justice.

The child born in the Dog’s year is quite a serious fellow and has the tendency to worry unnecessarily. These children love to please their parents and they will be obedient.

The children born in the Dog year will develop their personality quite fast and they love fair-play. They will support their beliefs with diplomacy, they will treat everyone equally and they love peace and quiet.

The child born in the Dog year acts like a miniature adult. They are friendly, warm and with a great sense of humor.


Personal characteristics

The children born in the year of the Dog are honest, loyal, with a strong sense of justice, easy-going, open minded, idealistic, tolerant, courageous, they always say what they have to say, introverted, cooperative, with a sharp tongue and a strong sense of duty.


Natural talents 

The child born in the year of the Dog has a native nobility, slightly introverted, but will never make compromises. The Dog child has a stable mind, with an emotional intelligence that makes him the leader of his group.



The Dog child will make great friends with the Horse, Tiger or Rabbit natives. The interaction with the arrogant Dragon or the ill-disposed Goat will always end with a headache.



The children born under the Dog sign are sensitive, competent, they like to discover and put in practice their intellectual and social skills. They do their work in time and in a correct manner.


How is it to be the parent of a child born under the Dog sign 

The children born under the Dog sign need encouragements. If they don’t receive the rewards they want, they become insensitive or indifferent to the request of their parents. They might become stubborn if they are provoked, but never impertinent.
The children born in the Dog sign are excellent leaders. They show integrity, understanding and warmth.








Source: thechinesezodiac