Christmas Week Horoscope! Zodiak Sign’s Mood Rating

Christmas Week Horoscope! Zodiak Sign's Mood RatingThe sky of this week: the holidays are approaching and with them also the end of 2016. It’s been a tough year for many, between our planet’s frequency change and the various vibrational upheavals. Those who arrived spiritually unscathed at the end of this adventurous year, now should seriously carry out an act of genuine gratitude towards themselves and the whole universe.

From the astrological point of view, for week the main key innovation is the entry of Mars in the sign of Pisces to dust off “just in time” for the holidays the deepest feelings that we all conceal in our hearts.

On second thought, after all, Christmas is not a date on the calendar, but a state of mind that every year unfortunately always seem to perceive less: if you cannot find Christmas in the heart, you won’t be able to find it under a tree.

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At this point, before greeting definitely 2016, it is important to operate the year-end cleaning, put order in relationships and let go of what no longer serves.

The transit of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn these days, although it may seem cold and severe, will be providential in this operation of order and cleanliness, and will also help us review some of our patterns that must be overcome without fear.

The Moon will move from the sign of Virgo to that of Scorpio and promises everyone a greater Christmas introspection and regeneration.


Christmas Week For The Zodiac Signs

1.) CAPRICORN incredibly UP

Strange but true, this week you slip in first place, thanks to the Sun in the sign and a perfect transit of Mercury retrograde in your solar space that allows you, in these days, to recover concentration, as well as clarity in your judgments, and in the expression with those in front of you, with who you often encountered difficulties.

This year you will commit seriously to prove that you too (at least at Christmas) are able to become good or at least a little less harsh than usual and you will be even proficient in demonstrating greater openness compared to your usual.

For this, you will also feel the mood to spend shameless and reckless figures for gifts to your loved ones and they will profit to make a list of good intentions for the New Year.

The Mars entered the sign of Pisces and this will help to sweeten more your gestures and words and live particularly in harmony this Christmas with your partner. If you are single, however, you might be tempted to live a fleeting passion, which could prove useful for enlightenment on what you really want from a relationship now.

At work, you are in the mood for budgets and to take a look at the near future if it is the case, do not be afraid to welcome the new challenges, leaving the old road for the new in your case will prove the right choice and  be profitable.

These days you will also be in the mood to be nice with your colleagues and will act much more sociable than usual, taking part in pre-Christmas parties and joyful gatherings. Once in a while letting go even at moments of lightness and lightheartedness can be good and the right thing to do.

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2.) PISCES insanely UP

Very good week: after a period a little tarnished, these days you will regain grit and determination and will knock down all listlessness and apathy.

The entry of Mars in your sign from the beginning of the week will give you back a greater inner clarity, essential to find the right trick to solve an economic or bureaucratic issue that has been dragging for quite some time.

For this, you will face the Christmas preparations with great joy that you will want to share with friends and family.

The quadrature of Saturn is always present – it is true – and even if you cannot spend a fortune on gifts and decorations, will still feel within you the spirit of the holidays, looking forward to the New Year with an unexpected optimism.

The love is there and it is tangible: despite a thousand doubts and second thoughts, if you have just started a new relationship, right on Christmas day you will realize that an important feeling is taking life inside of you and you want to live it and grow it to 360 °.

If you are in couple from a long time perhaps you will want to spend the holidays away from noisy dinners, preferring the intimacy of a romantic one with your partner. Under the tree this year, you will find so much confidence in your abilities as well as the desire to restart and build a new life after the tiring 2016.

 Keyword: joy


3.) SCORPIO  strongly UP

This week your sky will be clear and slowly you’ll feel the tensions of recent weeks fading away. Thank God. In fact, as early as Monday 19 Mars starts a very positive and both useful transit, recovering energy after the fatigue in recent weeks.

Letting go of some discontent that has bothered you over the weekend. Of course, most likely a partner is still far or temporarily unreachable, so your minds these days will be quieted only half, leaving you with a state of serene mood yes, but not completely. Some doubt remains.

However, it is a temporary situation that within a few weeks might find an adequate solution. It will be especially the parties to bring the good mood in the family and with your partner, thanks to the Moon in your sign on the eve and also the day of Christmas.

You will find great gifts under the tree and a very relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones. At work, the Mercury sextile as retrograde guarantee you great success in all the initiatives that you bring forward.

For many there may be some surprises or may see a resolve of pending situations. The trine Mars assures you the strength and determination to hit your objectives and to take the right initiative at the right time. But postpone final decisions, take your time to think over.

Keyword: understanding the intuition



This week too, you will be very bright and you will be able to transmit your serenity to the others. Because of this, you will be highly sought after, and will be strong within you the feeling of being loved and surrounded by so much love, especially in the days before Christmas.

Venus continues a wonderful passage in your solar space. Those in a relationship will pick up the ball to move a little, to find complicity and transfer a bit of levity to the partner.

If instead you are single, you really want to fall in love and get involved again so we will throw into the fray, in search of a desirable prey, just to spend a few carefree hours or healthy sex that will warm up your body and spirit.It’s what you need.

At work, the results will be there as well as the enthusiasm, even though you will not be at full lucidity. Actually, you could fall victim to some distraction that could affect your outcome of the month, especially if you work for goals.

Attention, especially on Friday 23, do not be hasty and also avoid getting involved in unnecessary arguments among colleagues. Stay true to yourself, it’s the only way to achieve your goals.

Only on Christmas Day you may be perhaps a little melancholic because of a Moon a little bit hostile. Let yourself be pampered by your partner and the discontent will pass in a blink of an eye.

Keyword: diplomacy



A very positive week especially for those carrying out economical negotiations and solving quirky old paperwork. Mercury trine increases your concentration and your practical sense so that you’ll resolve many unresolved matters excellently.

And while the business and material issues are booming, on the contrary we can see through some cracks from the emotional point of view. Unfortunately, it’s pretty high the risk of Christmas bringing some little arguments.

The reality is that you are really tired of coming to terms with your partner, do not you feel loved and appreciated, and at the same time you have several qualms about completely blowing it.

In fact, if only you had a little more courage and if only you put commitment to blast your mental patterns that now will not lead anywhere except to the total abnegation of yourself, the healing of your heart would be at the gates.

It ‘important, however, that you become aware and you abandon your need for certainty, in the first place. Try to shed some light on your hand-shadow and better focus on your emotions.

At Christmas do not be pushy with friends and family and don’t invite yourself to lunches and dinners: wait until you get the invitation.

Keyword: Courage


6.) LEO slightly DOWN

The good news this week is that you get rid of Mars opposition, and you will put a stop to nervousness and irritability in recent weeks. You can get to Christmas with a more serene state of mind.

On your work you will not have time to get bored, your days will be pangs of appointments and deadlines, but the amount of duties will not scare you; on the contrary, it will truly be “on track” and bring forward your commitments with great efficiency and precision.

The only drawback these days is represented by love life: Venus travels in opposition and probably with the partners the creaks report, you may have a tendency to argue about everything and you will show a tad impatient.

If a relationship has run its course, these days may finally decide to close it without second thoughts: on the other hand, with the new year will open a range of new opportunities and chances to meet someone really akin be high. Wait confident; meanwhile, devote yourself to the social life and close friends.

The the days before Christmas will be filled with affection and gifts from friends and relatives. Probably the Christmas day will be characterized by some passing cloud: try to keep away from unnecessary controversies and disagreements and focus instead on what’s good around you. Let decant the discontent and send positive thoughts to your 2017.

Keyword: tolerance



This year the atmosphere of Christmas cannot catch you more than this, perhaps because you have the mind too busy making plans and thinking of more practical and concrete matters that you have not resolved yet.

It has been a tiring year and now that it is going to end, the best thing to do is to look ahead with optimism and with the knowledge that now you are so certain that no one can be in your way both at work and in your private life.

By the way, in these days you will receive an indecent work proposal, an excellent opportunity for you to be noticed, so you will arrive to Christmas with a light heart and satisfied.

Even in love, if you are still waiting to clarify with someone with whom you are still, maybe for Christmas you will be satisfied and you will have the opportunity at least to have a confrontation with your him / her, a first step toward a 2017 that will serve a lot of satisfaction.

Unfortunately you will still have some prospects in the affective life, that are there but still a bit blocked and sometimes this will depress you since now you’re ready for love with a capital. Give it time: at the latest in the spring you will be amazed with special effects.

After much hard work and commitment, you want to give yourself a shot of life and will unleash between one event and another in the company of those dear and trusted friends who nonetheless have remained at your side even when you were in a bad mood.

And who knows that doing so does not even succeed in giving free rein to all the emotions that you have taken tablets for many months within you.

 Keyword: release your emotions



This period is full of new and important consolidations, however, only for this week you will have a slight drop in mood, perhaps the bustle of Christmas exhausting preparations will force you to work on a much more accelerated pace than usual, or you’ll fall victim to some quarrel with your family or partner. All trivial things that you’ll forget in a moment.

To put a spoke in the wheels is that spiteful and bungler of retrograde Mercury, who will play some pranks: the car that will not start, a lost meeting, the nonfunctional ATM, will be all simple challenges to measure and test your patience and your flexibility which you will surely pass without difficulty.

For the rest, there are major life changes ahead: job successful interviews that require you to get involved in an ambitious project, or is the private life which requires you a qualitative leap. In either case, you will be the true magician in transforming any obstacles in splendid opportunities..

The trine of Venus will help increase your self-esteem even in love: in particular, if you are single do not lock yourself in the house. Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 will be the most propitious days to meet new people and to the lucky first sight: convict will be perhaps a Christmas toast in joy.

 Keyword: flexibility



This week takes a bit of patience, dear Cancers. Undoubtedly comparing to a few weeks ago, your sky has calmed down but the opposition of Mercury remains (moreover retrograde) bothering your soul and creating some delay or hitch in your Christmas plans.

At work there is a lot of tension and whether you are in an unclear situation or wait for an answer for a possible acquisition or a change of contract, you should speak out immediately to avoid dragging.

You might be called upon to make an important decision: take time, at least until after the holidays, and weigh up the pros and cons, without haste. In return, you will find an intriguing and sexy Christmas: a new very attractive flirt and libertine could give you that spark that until a few days ago was missing.

Dust off that spirit in these days and it will make you feel at peace with yourself and with the world. You will spend Christmas quietly at home, looked after and heated by the warmth of that nest that if it were up to you, you would have never abandoned. Beware of seasonal colds.

Keyword: Twinkle



Despite that the period as a whole is very good, in this pre-Christmas week there is the possibility that you encounter some false note.

Of course maybe it will be because you do not like the frantic pace of preparations, will be that your perfectionism will be sorely tested by countless setbacks that will incur, it will be that Mars begins these days transit in opposition to your sign that will make nerves several times, the fact is that you risk arriving at Christmas breathlessly overwhelmed with chores.

However, you can leverage a wonderful transit of Mercury that promises sparks from the material and economical point of view. What a rich Christmas will yours be!

Generous Christmas bonuses, payouts to company lotteries and gifts from everywhere will cheer your soul. And not only. This will be a great Christmas for family reconciles after a long period of misunderstandings and conflicts; under the tree serves a great serenity.

Love is in a phase of stagnation, interrupted at times by  your unusual desire for freedom, to take your space, not accountable to anyone. Few couples are seriously in crisis, for others it is just a fleeting moment that can very well solve communicating in the right way with your partner.

Maybe try to play down with some joke: humor should not be lacking and even the ability to react to difficulties.

Keyword: Sympathy


11.) ARIES constantly DOWN

You are a bit stressed. As you approach the end of the year, deadlines are looming and anxiety as a result jumps up. Even your nerves system will be put to the test these days, you will get angry, you will quarrel.

Mercury these days is placed in quadrature, and has made an effort in order to create a lot of tension so that even in the family, some discontent could disturb the days just before Christmas: fly over and go beyond.

On the other hand, the feelings are experiencing a phase of recovery after a late November not really exciting: in the holidays you will have the opportunity to get close to your partners after a slack period or to revise a person of the past, if you are single.

You’ll also have the opportunity to clarify some misunderstandings or suspensions and resume the relationship with better prospects. A friendship could turn unexpectedly in love: in short, there will be surprises and opportunities to excite you like it hasn’t happened for a while.

Consider not to work during the holidays! Also leave out of economic worries and enjoy the Christmas, unplug it and dedicate time to yourself and friends. Do things that make you feel good.

Keyword: unplug


12.) GEMINI heavily DOWN (but only for this week)

You have slipped to the last place but only because you approach the holidays and it’s time to take stock: maybe this year they do best to avoid to stop to reflect and take stock of the year now ending.

Indeed, it has been a long year of hard work and bundled challenges to overcome but still you are too emotionally involved to be able to see the miracle that happened within you.

It’s better if you limit yourself to live the ephemeral side of Christmas and unleash as your usual into the Christmas shopping. It can arrange at least a momentary relief as your mood looks very fluctuating these days and also the physical and mental energies oscillate.

In love, if you are single, try to put a lid on the past and look over: do not be afraid to fall in love no more. Now you can also enjoy a spectacular transit of Venus that drives you to change, to dare and to be open to new and especially to everything that takes you away from your usual horizons.

To pull up the moral, I do not exclude that in these days you’ll have fun planning  a nice little trip for New Year. At work, these days are very busy and you might need to revise some clauses of your contract: gamble your cards right.

In case you need to attend an interview for a new hire, postpone the signing of the hypothetical contract in January. Good luck!

 Keyword: looking forward

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