Conjunction Of Venus And Jupiter November 13/14, 2017 – A Spectacular Cosmic Encounter

A-Spectacular-Cosmic-Encounter.jpgOn November 13-14th, Venus and Jupiter are going to cross paths in the sign of Scorpio, sending waves of abundant and loving energy to all of us.

Venus is the planet of love, profits, and beauty, and when she meets Jupiter in the sky, we all receive waves of her energy.

Jupiter has the power to amplify whatever it touches, allowing all of us to receive the cosmic blessings that Venus has in store for us.

Venus is known as the goddess of love and beauty. She symbolizes the Divine Feminine and is highly creative, compassionate and generous. Venus also rules over the heart chakra.

When working with Venus and Jupiter energy, we are reminded to expand our hearts and to open our hearts up to the world. We are reminded to give and receive love, and we are also reminded to nurture and care for ourselves.

So many of us dedicate our time to the wellbeing of others, but when it comes to ourselves we can be harsh and forget that we also need time to rest, relax and recharge.

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter comes as a reminder that we all need to focus on filling up our own cup and doing things that promote self-love and self-care.

To best tap into this energy, close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center. Breathe deeply here for a moment and then ask yourself- “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself?”

Trust the first thing that comes to your mind; trust the whisper of your heart and then make it a point to put your heart’s desire into action.

While it is always a good time to tune into the wellbeing of your heart, any efforts made over the 13th to the 14th of November will be amplified and the benefits will be felt 10 times over.

In fact, Jupiter will help this beautiful self-love energy to really be carried to the depths of your soul. All you need to do is put this energy into action.

Other ways you can use this energy is to do things to beautify your life and appearance. Buying new clothes, getting a new haircut, starting a new beauty routine, redecorating your home- all of these are great ways to tap into this energy.

Seeing as Venus is the planet of love, under this cosmic energy it would also be the perfect time to start a new relationship, plan a date night or even get engaged!

Seeing as both Venus and Jupiter are in transformative Scorpio, there will also be opportunities to really deepen your connection with a loved one. Perhaps you will both open up to a new level of understanding with each other.

Scorpio also rules over sex, lust, and passion, and all of these feelings may be amplified under this cosmic transit.

Because Jupiter is an expander of energy, if there are blockages in your love life or if you have not had much luck on the dating scene, you may find that these blocks are amplified. This, however, is only so they can be cleared and removed once and for all.

If this resonates, perhaps do an energy cleanse, recharge your heart chakra, or update your online dating profile and see if that helps to attract new energy into your life.

If there are issues with a loved one or even a friend or family member, you may also find that this energy helps you to iron things out and bring a harmonious resolution.

Finally, Venus is also the ruler of profits which means that this is also the perfect time to look over your finances and see if everything is in order. This is especially true if you run your own business.

Under this energy, you may receive new inspirations on how to bring in more profits, or you may even score yourself a new client or contract.

Creative energy is also high under this meeting of Venus and Jupiter, so if you work in a creative industry or you just have creative inspiration bubbling inside of you, give it an outlet and see where it leads you!

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter is really a rare cosmic blessing that we can all take advantage of in whatever way calls to us. Just remember to focus on self-love first, and everything else will become clear.

Venus and Jupiter will not meet again until January 22, 2019.



Source: foreverconscious


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