December 2017-Saturn Aligned To The Galactic Center – Conclude Your War And Find Your Life Mission

December-2017-Saturn-Aligned-To-The-Galactic-Center-Conclude-.jpgBetween November and December 2017 Saturn is passing through the last degrees of Sagittarius, Sign of Fire in which it has been established from September 2015.

Soon, on December 20th, the Master enters Capricorn, where he will stay until 2020, taking us by the hand inside a path of growth and maturity.

Before starting this further phase of alignment with the Self, Saturn brings us within an extremely interesting inner movement, its transit inside the Galactic Center, located between the 25th and 27th of Sagittarius.

The Galactic Center is the focal point of a galaxy, from which the spiral is generated. It is the Source, the Human Ku, the black hole, the origin of the Primordial Sound, whose harmony holds together the whole Force that generates the balance between the solar systems and between the planets and their reference star.

The Galactic Center is identified as the 25th and 27th degree of Sagittarius. Wherever it falls, there is an important turning point for us.

Saturn has played a very important role in Cosmic History, as told to us by Valum Votan / José Arguelles. Together with Jupiter, he gave life to the Wars of Time, stealing the Thirteenth Moon, the Cult of the Goddess, to replace it with the Age of Artificial

Time linked to the control of the masses, to slavery towards money, to the idea of work as activities to survive and not as a mode of self-expression.

Going back to that point, connecting with the Source, in alignment with it, Saturn awakens the memory of the Travelers of Time who are finding the Way Home. What role did you come to play here, in the wholeness of it? The Master asks you, looking you in the eye.

Are you aligned with it, do you feel happy to be here, as in you would not see yourself anywhere else but here?

Are you taking responsibility for your task? Are you respecting the steps chosen by the Self? Are the ears of the personality feeling the signals of the Inner Voice and the deep eyes see the synchronicity?

Aligning with Hunab Ku, Saturn closes a cycle that opened in January 1988, whatever happened at that time. Even then, the

Master was about to transform our life into a teaching journey, during the years of his transit through Capricorn at that time, until February 1991. What war began then that now it is necessary to conclude?

Remember yourself! This is always the message.
In lakes! (I Am Another You)




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