Don’t Despair, Love Is Around The Corner For These 3 Zodiac Signs This Fall

Don’t-Despair-Love-Is-Around-The-Corner-For-These-3-Zodiac-Signs-This-Fall.jpgIf you’re a hopeless romantic and you only check your horoscope to find out when you’re gonna meet your soul mate, then you’ve come to the right place.

With the hot and heavy summer season fading into the distance, I’m sure all you jilted lovers are wondering if autumn will be any luckier for your love life.

Although astrology can’t perfectly predict when you’re going to end up with the person of your dreams, I can say that these zodiac signs will find love in the fall: Aries, Scorpio, and Libra. If your rising or Venus sign falls under any of the following, you can expect your heart to be just as full when autumn descends on our universe.

However, I don’t want to fool you into thinking that fall will lay out the red carpet for your ideal lover. After all, Venus — planet of romance, sexiness, prosperity, love, and affection — will be in retrograde from Oct. 5, 2018, to Nov. 16, 2018. That’s a huge section of autumn lost to the mischievous whims of Venus.

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While there’s no doubt that many of us will be experiencing trouble in our love lives, there is a silver lining to the worst retrograde that could possibly happen for romance. During Venus retrograde, you’ll be forced to sort through the issues that have been plaguing your ability to find true love.

Something beautiful could be waiting for you once it’s all over and done with, so stay tuned.



When Venus retrograde ends on Nov. 16, it will be burning heat in your seventh house of partnerships.

Because Venus will also be in Libra — a sign that’s known for forging romantic commitments (and also happens to be your opposite sign) — the cosmos are coming together to help you find someone who totally gets you.

However, remember that if you change yourself to impress the wrong person, you might just miss them. Don’t forget that the right partner will notice your compatibility if you’re completely embracing your truest self.

As Venus shifts into smoldering and Mars-ruled Scorpio on Dec. 2, she will be turning you on in your eighth house of sex and mystery.

Regardless of what’s going on in your love life at that time, you’ll be fully in touch with your sexuality and fiercely attractive to everyone you meet.



Because Venus will be spending the first half of its retrograde in your zodiac sign, fall will be as much of a doozy for your love life as it will be an incredibly fortunate time.

After this confusing and conflicting retrograde ends on Nov. 16 in Libra, it will eventually slip sexily back into Scorpio on Dec. 2.

This means that you’ll get to experience a banging end to autumn, especially when it comes to desiring someone and being desired in return.

When Venus is in Scorpio, she’s endowing you with dangerously thrilling powers of seduction. You’ll be radiating attractive energy and there’s no way no one will notice it.

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Don’t be surprised if cuties are begging you for a date or going out of their way to gain your approval. During this time, you’ll be crowned romantic royalty.



Hold your horses, Libra. Although Venus retrograde begins in the sign of Scorpio, it will dip back into Libra on Oct. 31, turning its stressful focus squarely on you.

The fact that Venus just so happens to be your ruling planet is definitely no help.

This retrograde could turn your love life upside-down. However, you’ll see so much truth in the midst of it.

There is so much brightness on the other side though. Venus retrograde ends on Nov. 16, just in time for you to spend autumn with the most romantic planet of all in your first house of the self. This will renew you with confidence, charisma, flirtatiousness, and downright sexiness.

Not only will you be the hottest person on the block, but you’ll also have so much wisdom about love to guide you through this romantic period.

If you allow Venus retrograde to sort through the skeletons in your closet, the rest of fall can be an ideal time to enter a new relationship (or at least muster up the courage to ask your crush out).


Source: Elite Daily


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