FULL MOON And Lunar Eclipse In Leo: This is How it Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


General Predictions:

On January 31, at 13:28UT the Moon from Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is not only a Blue Moon, but it is also a Lunar Eclipse.

The Eclipse itself will start at 10:51 and will last until at 16:08 UT. Of course, the peak of the Eclipse will happen at the moment of the Full Moon. This is a Total Eclipse, so the whole Moon will be shadowed.

As Venus is also affected by the Lunar Eclipse, not too strongly but not too weakly either, love, health, beauty and the arts will be affected by the Eclipse.

Unless it is stated otherwise in your zodiac, this influence will be calm. It will mostly motivate you and help you initiate a beneficial change in these areas of your life.

Even more, this beneficial influence will be active until the next Lunar Eclipse on the 27th of July 2018. Even if this influence comes in an unbalanced and unpleasant way right now, after the New Moon, or after the end of the Ecliptic period on the next Full Moon, the beneficial results will start being visible to you.

Virgo and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the Eclipse, as they won’t receive as much stress as the others. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Cancer will probably be the ones facing the most stress.


Predictions for Aries:

Financials will be affected by this Lunar Eclipse, one way or another. Corrections in your financial management may become important. In some cases, the fear of a “coming” financial disaster can stress you, but the disaster itself may never actually take place.

Try to stay calm and do not act hastily. In fact, no matter the stress and how realistic the danger seems, this Eclipse won’t cause you serious problems in your financials. On the contrary, if you remain calm your decisions will be right, and will eventually help your financial growth.

Love life is also affected by the Eclipse. Problematic relationships can come near their ending. Depending on your individual situation, they can actually end.

If the relationship is not that problematic, then the revelation of the problems can help you realize them and then face and heal them. This, too, needs a calm and clear mind, and this can become a challenge on its own. Significant changes can happen in your love life, but they will be for the better.

Family can be affected by the Lunar Eclipse as well. Especially kids or other younger members of it. Situations in their lives can be a little to a lot of challenges, and this will affect you, too.

Once again, it will probably be their love life – or lack of it – that generates the unpleasant situations. If they are not old enough to have a love life, then their emotional life will be affected in some other way. Whatever the case, support them if you can, but do not interfere too much. Similarly to you, the problems they face can be a thing they need to heal and correct.


Predictions for Taurus:

As we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article, as the month proceeds there is more focus on your career. It’s only natural, then, that this Lunar Eclipse will challenge this aspect of your life. You may have too many things to do and not enough time to properly take care of them.

You may also need to take important decisions, and in most cases, readily act upon them. Correcting problems, issues and policies in your job can become a daily occurrence. If you own a business with personnel, you may see the need to make some changes there, or these changes can force their way into your life.

But the biggest problem this Eclipse will cause in your career is that it will try to take your focus away from it. You are focused on your career and this is what you want to do.

But family, home, the neighborhood, and whatever you consider as “home” and whomever you consider as “family” will demand your attention. Problems, issues and significant events and situations may happen in these areas, and you will need to pay more attention there.

These happenings can be negative, or they can simply happen at the wrong time for you. Whatever the case, they seem to unsettle you. Also, cars, phones, computers and the likes of those are amongst the most probable things that will need your care during the period of the Eclipse.

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Love life doesn’t seem to be affected much by this Eclipse. If anything, the eclipse fuels the love life. As long as this doesn’t unbalance you, there will be no problem. On the other hand, health is affected enough. You may have already started taking better care of your health, and this is exactly what you should be doing.

Changes in your diet, daily routine, work out routine, and things like those will be made. Although many such changes will happen right away, this influence will follow you until July’s Lunar Eclipse. Beauty receives similar and long-lasting influences.


Predictions for Gemini:

Gemini students will be affected quite strongly by the Lunar Eclipse. Changes of teachers, schools, or courses can happen. Exams, tests and the like of the period will also be affected by the Eclipse. Try to discipline yourself while preparing, and stay calm while going through these tests, exams, or whatever it is. There will be difficulties, but this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

Means of transportation and communication, as well as jobs that make use of those, or sell those, will face some problems. Back up your important files on your computers and phones, and take good care of your cars, or other vehicles.

Siblings, close friends, and, in some cases, neighbors can face some problematic or challenging situations. This may unsettle you, or stress you somewhat, but do not let it become overwhelming. In some cases, just being there for them and listening to what they need to say, can be the best help you can provide to them, and the best course of action you can take without further stressing your own life.

Finally, your financials receive most of the – not so pleasant – influences of the Lunar Eclipse. Existing problems there can become bigger, or more visible to you. New issues may also appear. Avoid overspending on whatever it’s not necessary right now.

Otherwise, you may find yourself in the need of the money you spent unnecessary things. Correcting your financials and financial strategies can become necessary, too. Start doing that before it even becomes a need, and the results will be even better, for now, and for the future.


Predictions for Cancer:

This is a time to try to relax as much as possible. The Lunar Eclipse will stress and challenge you in many ways. This is only natural since the Moon is your ruler.

So, yes, finding time to rest and relax can be less than easy, but this only makes it even more important. Meditation can, and should, become your best friend during this period, and this is not only because of the relaxation it can provide to you.

Under the power of this Lunar Eclipse, you redefine yourself. Even if you try to avoid this procedure it will happen to a degree. It will only become more stressful and less effective.

So, embrace this procedure and initiate it. Heal yourself and detach yourself from your past. Then decide how you want to be and support yourself in becoming like this. Searching inside you for what holds you back and what motivates and express you is very promising now. Do that.

The more you work on yourself, the less stressful the influences of this, and probably of every next, Lunar Eclipse will be. Don’t be too impatient to see results in this self-discovery, self-bettering. These things need their time. Even more, this influence will support you until July’s Lunar Eclipse.

Financials also are affected by the Lunar Eclipse. Every mistake in this field will become more than obvious. Correct them to the best of your ability. If there are many things to correct you may feel like the situation is hopples, but it isn’t. Start by correcting what you can correct and the situations will start getting better and better.


Predictions for Leo:

Health needs your attention during the period of this Lunar Eclipse. Make sure you rest well, sleep well, and in every possible way you take good care of your health. Most probably, there is no reason to panic.

But do pay attention to your body’s messages and needs. Your lover, partner, or spouse may also have to deal with some health issues. Keep in mind that most of the times things seem worse than they are. Nevertheless, take proper care of these issues.

Redefining yourself and your public image is a trend this Lunar Eclipse forces in your life. This trend will continue being active until July’s Lunar Eclipse, but now it may start in an unbalanced, unsettling and forceful way.

Nonetheless, this is a good thing to happen. You have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and abandon the self-imposed restrictions and images that don’t serve you and your happiness anymore. Do proceed courageously in this. Not hastily, but with determination.

Spirituality and spiritual paths can also change during this Eclipse. Or start changing. Schools, groups, and teachers of inner teachings can change too. In some cases, you realize that those individuals or schools are not what you want to follow. In some cases, the change can come from their part.

Whatever the case, it will be a good change in the long run. Even if you follow a solitary path, your own beliefs can change. Once again, don’t be afraid of this change. Your beliefs become more correct and real for you.

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Although your own financials don’t seem to receive any inauspicious influences, friends, lovers, partners, and spouses can face some financial difficulties or challenges. Changes in their jobs can also happen. All these may stress you a little, or disturb somewhat the balance in your lives and your relationship with them.

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