In the Night of 12 January, The Moon Will Become a “FULL WOLF MOON” – Powerful Change Is on the Horizon

In the Night of 12 January, The Moon Will Become a “FULL WOLF MOON” -  Powerful Change Is on the HorizonThe first full moon of 2017 (falling in the sign of Cancer) takes place on January 12th, 2017 and packs a powerful punch. A ton of driving energy will be present–but yielding it to our advantage will take some key insight.

Important situations will likely come to a peak point and decisions will need to be made. Some clarity should also come to the table and a light bulb of awareness turns on.

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Being the first Full Moon for the year, this Cancer Moon is going to be highlighting part of the journey that we are destined to take in the next 12 months. It is also going to be calling on us to step into our truth and embrace that inner power that we all have inside.

The Wolf Moon Of  12 January 2017

The Wolf Moon Of  12 January 2017The wolf is a powerful animal and spiritual symbol that represents intuition and awareness of our inner self. Similar to the wolf, this full moon has power associated with it. If at any point we begin to feel off kilter, remember that it’s just a matter of time before we can come back to lead the pack.

The wolf is perhaps scary for someone, but in spiritualism, it is symbol of strong intuition and ability of self-knowledge. In the next period you will experience “self-discovery”. You will go deep in your mind and soul and will try to connect them both to work as a team and you will succeed.

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Intensity will begin to stir a few days prior to this full moon. You should lay low even though it may be difficult to do so. A strong push is going to be coming over people to act. Decisions may need to be made quickly and we may feel forced into doing something. The problem with this is that the pressure could be so intense that we may not have the proper mindset to make the best choice.


The Grand Cross Formation on January 12 Full Moon

Energy is also amplified due to a Grand Cross formation that is preparing to take shape in the sky on the same night as the Full Moon. 

The Grand Cross Formation on January 12 Full MoonThis Grand Cross formation indicates high energy and tension, but it is not to be feared. When something is placed under high energy and tension its strength is tested and we are able to see what needs to be fixed, changed or updated.

This Grand Cross energy has been building for sometime and is part of a much bigger cycle that is playing out over the course of the next few years.

In fact, watching the planets closely it is almost like they are planning something, it is almost like they are whispering secrets to each other in order to create a revolution. 

Revolutionary energy has been in the works for some time, and this January Full Moon is almost going to be planting the seed for this energy to flourish over the coming years. This is not just revolution in our own lives, but also in the world at large. 


What to Expect More From The January Full Moon

What to Expect More From The January Full MoonThis is definitely an emotional Full Moon and you may be feeling or processing a lot of emotions around this time. If you feel emotions bubbling up, allow yourself to release them and understand that they may not all belong to you.

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If you are sensitive to the world around you, your emotions may feel like they are for the world and may feel bigger than just you. If this occurs, be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to process, rest and restore. 

For those who are sensitive to energy, it may help to go out in the world around the time of the Full Moon with your favourite crystal as this will help to protect your energy and keep your spirit lifted.

full moon January While pressure and tension may be amplified at this time, it is only so we can grow and it is only so we can see what needs to crumble and what needs to stay. 

We are all powerful beings of love and light and inside of us we all have an innate wisdom that is there to guide us through whatever issues may arise.

In any case, this particular night is the best for entertainment this month, and some of you might want to investigate their wild side.



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