Here’s Your Likelihood Of Being A “Type A” Or “Type B” Personality, Based On Astrology

Here’s-Your-Likelihood-Of-Being-A-“Type-A”-Or-“Type-B”-Personality-Based-On-Astrology.jpgIf you think it’s insane to classify 7.5 billion people into two neat categories – Type A and Type B – based on some overly-simplified facets of their behavior, you would not be wrong.

But then again, this classification was coined by cardiologists way back in the 1950s to help them determine how much risk you have of developing fatal heart disorders.

Yes, cardiologists! Not psychiatrists.

Nevertheless, this simple A/B classification is not as boxy as it once was and is now considered more of a spectrum with some people exhibiting more of the Type A behavior with some Type B traits, and vice versa.

So, what exactly is Type A and Type B behavior?

Well, you are a Type A if you are always in a hurry, usually stressed-out, and are an ambitious over-achiever. In short, traits we worship for their ability to rake in success and fame!

But don’t be disappointed if you are more of a Type B. Type B’s may be more laidback, peaceful, and easygoing, but they are more likely to cross the finish line without blowing an artery in their brain or needing therapy, which Type A’s are more susceptible to!

So, where does astrology come into all this? Well, since your zodiac sign determines a large chunk of your personality, you can easily predict your likelihood of being Type A or Type B based on astrology.

Want to know more? Read on to find out!


Aries Man: Type A – Aggressive, Competitive, And Impatient

The Leo might think he is the king of the jungle and the Scorpio might think he secretly holds all the power in the Universe, but if you lined up all the men of the zodiac and threw them into a pit to fight for the alpha’s throne, it’s you, Aries man, who will actually win in the end!

After all, you are blessed by Mars, the planet of drive, ambition, and war. And if there’s one thing a martian man hates more than anything else in the world, it’s losing!

The only problem is, your impatient Type A nature can often make you abandon projects if you can’t ram your way through obstacles.

When that happens, call up that even-headed friend of yours who is good at talking you down from making impulsive mistakes. After all, giving up is as good as losing in your dictionary!


Aries Woman: Type A – Impulsive, Domineering, And A Go-Getter

No one tells the Aries woman what to do. No one.

Is that a grin we see on your face, Aries? Of course, we do! You are a Type A through-and-through, after all, and love it when the world worships your go-getter attitude and your take-no-prisoners drive.

And woe to those who dare question your moves just because you are a woman. You are a strong martian just like the Aries man, and so, perfectly capable of ramming out anyone who tries to put obstacles in your path!

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Just watch out for those fiery tempers and that impatient streak you are famous for. A team of Type B friends can be a blessing during such times.


Taurus Man: Type B – Lazy, Seeks Comfort, And Easygoing

You might be a stubborn bull, Taurus, but you would rather sniff flowers and relax in your easy chair with a mug of your favorite hot chocolate than knock heads with people. Not that you wouldn’t do the latter if push came to shove. But it’s not your general disposition.

After all, you don’t see the point in conflicts and wars when it’s infinitely more comfortable to just laze around and mind your own business. It’s a Type B thing!

And the best part is, no one can give you grief over being so easygoing. It’s because once you get back to work, you don’t budge from your project until you have crossed the finish line. It all boils down to your incredibly hardworking spirit and your infinite patience.


Taurus Woman: Type B – Relaxed, Nurturing, And Peaceful

Did you know that the Taurus woman is often called an Earth mother? It’s because you are the perfect epitome of what a mother should be like – nurturing and kind, yet firm when it comes to disciplining your kids (and the people close to you).

And though your relaxed and peace-loving nature is more evident most of the time (after all, you are just as Type B as your male counterpart), once angered, you can really make people run for the hills.

Maybe that’s why even though you are a Type B, your Type A friends still respect your tenacity and personal space. Just try telling them a little sooner next time. It might save you from a fight if you just speak up right when you start getting uncomfortable with something.


Gemini Man: Type A – Hyperactive, Talkative, And Quick-Witted

You, Gemini man, are an odd kind of Type A. On one hand, you are really chirpy, hyperactive, and always on, but on the other hand, you don’t really have the competitive streak that most Type A’s have.

It’s really a bother, don’t you think, when you are trying to convince someone but then you end up getting convinced by their argument instead? But then again, what else can we expect from a mercurial man like you?

You can’t help being this bright box of colorful one-liners and quick-wit, always ready to see all sides of the story without an ounce of judgment!

Just mind the negative side of this mercurial gift, which is your ability to overthink yourself into a quagmire. A friendly Type B can really help during such times, especially if they are a hyper-realistic earth sign, like Taurus or Capricorn.


Gemini Woman: Type A – Hyper-Social, Intelligent, And Expressive

You know what would be a nightmare scenario for you, Gemini woman? Waking up one day and realizing that the world has abolished gossip overnight!

Can you imagine living like that? We can see you shaking your head vigorously. After all, you are a Type A and cannot survive without something to stimulate your mind. You just love learning new things, even if they aren’t all that important, and then sharing the story with other people!

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Just don’t let anyone call you a double-faced gossip-monger! Most people don’t realize that gossip is the reason why society functions so well.

After all, would you trust a stranger to fight your custody case in court if your friend did not tell you they helped another mutual friend win a legal battle with her ex-husband? We don’t think so.


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