Horoscope 01/2017: What Is January Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

Horoscope 01/2017: What Is January Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

This is what the month of  January is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

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ARIES: Become Sovereign.

January will be an important month because in addition to the opposition of Jupiter in Libra, there will also be the squaring of Pluto, the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. This means you have to start to take responsibility for your lives and that of others.

You cannot always be a soldier, at some point you need to become the general. The necessary prerequisite is the ability to command that, for a woman, is found in a man and, for the latter, executed responsibly. Realization.


TAURUS: Change Course.

It’s time to take a permanent turn, leaving behind all of your failures, fears and look to the future with renewed confidence and optimism. There’s plenty to embark on a new adventure, just the fear of losing what you have is holding you back into the past.

Crucial will be a new vision, and this can be achieved thanks to new studies, new knowledge that on month could come into your life. There is so much more, “beyond the garden.”


GEMINI: Live Intensely.

For all of you who put the intellect first, that rely on pure reason, this month brings emotional intensity. You are vibrating at a very high frequency, attracted by the intensity of the emotions that will awaken within you.

You will find that the emotions bring with them important messages, allowing you to find your way, the road that soon you will have to take. The reason takes to realize what the heart desires. It is time to follow its directions.


CANCER: Create a New Life.

Each of us has a divine power as co-creator of the universe. Even if you do not believe it, you cannot refuse the principle that it is you the one who attracts your life circumstances. Therefore, if you take this information as a basic principle, you become aware that you are the only one responsible for conscious or not, of what happens to you;

If so, follow your needs, your feelings, overcoming the fear of “existence”, then you have available the greatest power of all time. Create your own lives. It’s time to look away, without focusing on everyday issues. It ‘important to have a “vision” of the desired reality


LEO: Out of the Conditioning.

It’s time to come out from the conditioning that you carry within. Often these do not reveal themselves rationally, but are subtle, working in secret by passing as fair. Break down barriers, self-imposed boundaries as a result of your loyalty to the family system, religious, professional or relational.

If something is wrong, it is useless to pull even for long. Look beyond, far exceed the boundaries, demolish the walls that prevent a new view.


VIRGO: I love me.

This month will bring you a greater well-being, a sense of completeness, of units that allow you to see life with more optimism. You will begin to devote more time to finally do, the things that you have never done so much for so many reasons.

Now feel that the time has come to feel good, to take care of your inner child that wants to play, not only do your homework. Do what you really like, it will give you more enthusiasm, more joy of living, improving your whole state of mental and physical health.


LIBRA: I am Enough.

It is not a relational closure, indeed! This month puts the foundation in order to build something really nice. “The relationship is not two halves that complement, but two integers that add up.” This quote hit me so much; and it is a great truth. To run a relationship, first you have to be complete, to be self-sufficient in loving yourself.

We do not seek love outside ourselves, but find and enjoy it from inside. This is the secret of happiness. To love someone you must first be able and in complete autonomy to love yourselves, without the need that someone else does.


SCORPIO: Respect Each Other.

January is working on compliance. It demands people to have respect and, if that does not happen, you will be able to move them away. The best weapons are your words, the result of a great mental clarity, an intellectual and communicative awareness.

You will see and perceive who and what is “right” in your life. Cutting the unhealthy ties, you will find the freedom to create your way to one of your better world, where respect and sincerity are the values to which you cannot do without. Strong repulsion to the lie and slander.


SAGITTARIUS: Desire for Stability.

You are the travel sign of long commutes. If you do not travel physically, you do it with imagination. Now, however, feel a strong need to stop, to stabilize, to take a form. It’s time to apply what you have learned from books and from the experience of real life.

The desire for adventure, now turns into a desire to build something important and lasting, it has a strong foundation and can guarantee you emotional stability, but also economical. It’s time to watch your steps.


CAPRICORNO: Stop Being Serious.

You will be required to bring the attention on you and reflect on what is happening. Ask yourself these questions: am I doing well? Or is there something to change ? A healthy and constructive self-criticism will be the basis of a more joyful life, less heavy, letting go of what you hold, but that lately bothers you.

Stop wanting to control everything and everyone, this is not possible. Devote free time and eliminate all the weights you carry with you. Some have been there since time immemorial, others are recent. You know, to eliminate pain, often just share it with a friend or family member. Feel your warmth, open the door of your fortress, let love in and stop being so serious.


AQUARIUS: Live the Joy.

It is right to fight for justice, fight for the truth, sacrifice for a better world. However looking at life with a newfound joy would not hurt. Peace cannot be built using war as a means, it is a contradiction. Stop being angry and start to smile, even to your enemy.

A joyful life is also the result of a healthy craziness, a good laugh, an extra glass with old friends. Let yourself go with the flow of life, stop fighting against ghosts. “Perhaps your life will not have a happy start, but the important thing is what you choose to be now”.


PISCES: Be Wise.

The wise man is one who understands that life is not real, that everything is an immense fiction. It is you the one giving color to something, projecting onto that thing your emotions, whether out of fear or joy. When you understand that you can choose, that you are the directors and writers of your film, you will act differently and, above all, become detached from reality.

Emotions will pass through without hitting you, the emotional attachments vanish. Everything will be observed without judgment. You are building the foundations for truly important decisions.


By: Akash


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