How Each Zodiac Sign Unknowingly Sabotages Their Relationship

How do the star signs ruin their relationships? What personality traits can make an otherwise perfectly healthy and happy relationship fall apart? Here’s what astrology has to say on how each zodiac sign tends to mess up when it comes to their relationship.

Struggling to form a healthy, long-lasting bond? Where are you going wrong? Astrology is here to shed some light on how each zodiac sign sabotages their chances for happiness in love. Read on for the star signs and how they mess up, relationship-wise.



How Each Zodiac Sign Unknowingly Sabotages Their Relationship


Aries – “It’s my way or the highway!”

Aries never fails to find a way to disrupt the harmony of their relationship. If, by some miracle, everything’s going well, they are sure to create a problem out of thin air by starting an unwarranted argument about that time their partner didn’t do them a favour they asked.

And, of course, compromises are out of the question. Don’t try to change them – you’ll be wasting your time. Their ego is legendary.




Taurus – “I love you so much, where are you?”

Taurus has the bad habit of constantly interrogating their significant other about their whereabouts. There’s no denying everyone likes it when their other half expresses their love and affection in an intense manner, but Taurus overdoes it – like, really overdoes it.

They are capable of interrupting an important work meeting to call their partner to ask them where they are! (“No, you don’t get to break up with me without having told me where you’ve been!”)




Gemini – “How many times do I need to say, ‘I promise’?”

It’s never Gemini’s fault when their relationships go awry; they will swear by the old gods and the new that they did everything in their power to make things work.

They may have stood you up more times than you could count or never have gotten around to paying the electricity bill despite having promised you time and again that they would, but what did you expect? Can you really blame them, considering how busy they are and how many things they have on their mind? (Yes, you can.)




Cancer – “Have I… have I done something wrong?”

You’d better make sure you have access to infinite amounts of Prozac before getting into a relationship with a Cancer. You won’t be allowed to ever get the blues, have a bad day or be in a bad mood – not because they’ll get mad at you or anything, but because they’ll think it’s their fault.

And when their insecurities get the better of them (which happens as often as 16 times a day), they are, simply put, insufferable. Which is why you will also have to constantly reassure them that you love them – unless you like falling asleep to the sound of whining.




Leo – “Wait till you hear what happened to ME!”

Are you involved with a Leo? If yes, could you please count the number of times you’ve been allowed to express how you feel? It should be easy; chances are it’s been no more than a couple.

Every time you so much as attempt to talk to them about a problem you have, they interrupt you before you’ve even finished your first sentence to talk about how they’ve been through something similar, and before you know it, you find yourself sitting there listening to their story. It’s always about them, them, them, THEM!




Virgo – “Would you rather I lie to you?”

Virgo tells it like it is, and to hell with the consequences or how that makes you feel! It doesn’t cross their mind that maybe they should try keeping their mouth sh… their thoughts to themselves every once in a while!

Their penchant for criticism borders on the obsessive compulsive – just like the rest of their personality traits, if we are to be, well… honest. And when they hurt their partner’s feelings, they invariably fall back on the excuse that they’re being honest “for your own good”. (“No, I’d rather you not speak, like, at all.”)


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