How Mercury Moving Into Sagittarius On December 12th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next Month


Magic is when a dream meets action.

On December 12th, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. And when the planet of communication enters this ambitious and far-seeing zodiac sign, we will be inspire to start creating the life we have always dreamed of.

Just a week after our trickster planet turned direct, we’re going to be feeling the energies change from cleaning up the past to setting up the future. Mercury will hang out in the sign of the archer until January 5th when he moves into Capricorn, so we have from now until then to embrace this special transit in astrology and take that leap of faith.

Mercury has had an active fall turning retrograde the same day as Venus turned direct, and then throwing us into the fire and making us deal with whatever it was we most wanted to run from. We were asked to spend time reviewing the past few months and our love lives.


What brought us to where we are? What do we want? Have we acted as our highest selves? These are all questions that initiated bigger conversations during the end of November.

As we headed into the last week of this planet’s retrograde phase, we saw an increase in technology issues from texting the wrong person to missing important highlights from emails and making assumptions. But during this time, Mercury was in Scorpio who really wanted us to dig deep, to find out secrets, and to bring everything to the light.

He wasn’t a fan of pulling the wool over our eyes, which meant that many of us saw continued stress in our relationships through the first week of December. In many cases, we’re not going to really know where things stand in our relationships until after the New Year because Mercury might need the entirety of his time in Sagittarius to make a plan that will work.

Sagittarius is an expansive sign, and one that prefers to focus on the future rather than sit and cry about the past. It’s a sign that values freedom and the unconventional aspects of life. He looks for the inspiring, the deep, the creative, and anything that seems like it is unique. However, Sags are also famous for changing their minds or being led astray by something that seemed somehow newer or shiner.

This may prove to give us a few difficulties during the first part of the month as we try to figure out where we want to go from here. Mercury in Sagittarius will have so many ideas and options going through his head that it will be difficult to discern between what reality is and what is only a far-fetched idea. There may be an issue of not necessarily knowing which thought to act on, especially because Sag likes to try it all before picking just one.

Yet in terms of what’s been happening in our relationships lately, this undecided energy could actually serve to benefit us because we won’t be just choosing something and sticking with it just because; rather, we’re really taking the time to think things over. It’s not going to be about what happened in the past but what we want our future to look like. It’s not about mistakes or problems, even challenges.

Instead, Mercury in Sagittarius is about drawing a line in the sand and moving forward from a certain point, knowing that life and love will never be perfect. But it’s all about finding that one reason to try, even if everything else seems impossible.




Sagittarius wants to experiment and Mercury wants us to really think things over. This is like the cosmic meet-up of the thinker and the doer. In many ways, a perfect combination as long as Sag thinks before he acts and as long as Mercury doesn’t get too caught up in the details. While we may find ourselves having to try out and test a few solutions to get to the right one, once we do it’s going to be full steam ahead thanks to this fire sign.

This means we are going to be asked to think about what it is we want from our relationships and for ourselves during the first week or so when Mercury moves into Sagittarius. We may be getting some different nontraditional ideas about what life could look like for us or how we might marry our dreams with our vision, and even if we are overwhelmed with the number of options, gradually during the latter half of December we will begin to get some clarity on what feels like it’s working for us and what was never meant to be.

Right now as we begin this new cycle, we have to remember that not only do we not want to go backwards but that it’s actually impossible. Things will never be the same as they have been. We have processed and finally let go of situations and people that are no longer vibrating at the same frequency that we are.

We are moving out and beyond the walls that we previously knew, and while there are those people who are meant to stay with us as we grow, there are others we have to let go of when the time comes. For these connections, it’s usually not because the love is gone but because the connection served its purpose.


Mercury in Sagittarius is truly about looking forward, envisioning our lives how we’ve always dreamed they would be, and looking towards the spectacular and amazing, all while not talking ourselves out of our dreams.

Magic is real, and it is possible even after the most difficult times, the most trying of phases in relationships, to recapture those feelings that made us feel like we had something the rest of the world could never even imagine. But the reality comes in once we realize that it takes decisive action of our dreams in order to ignite the flames of magic within our lives. 



Source : yourtango


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