How People Manipulate You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How-People-Manipulate-You-Based-On-Your-Zodiac-Sign.jpgEvery one of us has a little chink in our armor that is considered somewhat of a weakness. This is something that makes us tick and makes us vulnerable to other’s hidden agendas.

Most people really don’t want to admit that they are prone to manipulation, but the fact of the matter is that everyone is prone to manipulation.

This is because manipulation can take on many different forms and people will use different tactics. Their choice of words and pushing certain buttons can play out in more than one way. You usually never notice someone is manipulating you until after they have gotten their way.

Each astrological sign has different types of weaknesses that make them succumb to another’s will. If you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), some people will become more lively around you and show you that high energy that you tend to exude.

If you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you might notice that those who all of the sudden seem more attentive and want more alone time with you might be working an angle.

For air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) certain folk will try to engage in as much conversation with you as possible in order to extract information. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) will find others teasing around with their sensual side because that is what you are known for.

Here are the different ways people will manipulate you based on your zodiac sign:


12. Aries: It was your idea, but really it wasn’t.

As an Aries, you tend to have a tenacity and a “me-first” attitude and belief that your ideas are simply the best. You tend to be a bit reckless with your actions, but you think very fast, almost too fast at times.

When other people are chiming in, someone sneaky might plant a seed in your head without explicitly stating their opinion. Suddenly, their opinion becomes your idea and you are the one to verbalize it, not them.

Though it wasn’t really your idea in the first place, you will be led to believe that it was.

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Be careful with passive aggressive people or those that are conniving because they are able to maneuver around your straightforward approach. Aries like to have all their cards on the table so you might be victim to any underhanded moves.

11. Taurus: Your love will be your weakness.

Taurus is by far nearly the most impossible sign to manipulate out of all the signs. They are stubborn and bull-headed (no pun intended).

When you have a fixated decision on something, there is absolutely no talking you out of it. As an earth element, you are a solid substance, and as a fixed sign, you are unmovable.

People are simply wasting their time trying to manipulate you or change your mind for the most part. The one and only exception to this is if you are head over heels in love with the person who wants you to change your mind.

Even then, it takes a lot of work. They will have to come up with an ultimatum telling you something along the lines of “well, if you really loved me, then you would (or wouldn’t) do this for me.”


10. Gemini: You had so many options, but couldn’t decide.

As a Gemini, your mind is always all over the place and you can be a bit scatter-brained at times. You find it difficult to make decisions, so if someone has something in mind, they can just jump in and make the decision for you.

Geminis have a tendency to flip-flop on their opinions and sometimes need a push in a certain direction. As a logical sign, you need those options presented in front of you and thought out.

If someone is going to manipulate you, they will lay out all the different options and outcomes on the table and try to pinpoint the best one according to what will serve them best. Before you know it, you are bending to their will because you just couldn’t decide.


9. Cancer: Crying. Period.


Cancers are the most sympathetic and nurturing signs in the entire zodiac. You are in tune with your emotions and the emotions of everyone around you. The receptive nature of a Cancer is easily swayed when they can see that someone else is upset.

That is when their nurturing instinct kicks into full gear and they just want to heal the pain. When others cry, you almost want to cry with them, even if it for a stupid reason.

Cancers with their big hearts can’t help but feel sorry for whoever is distraught and feel worse if they don’t have the ability to do anything about it.

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Be aware that people might take advantage of your nurturing side and shed some fake crocodile tears to get their way with you.


8. Leo: Someone told you how it would benefit you.

Leos have big egos and just need some encouragement of how great of a person they are in order for someone to manipulate them.

If someone can convince a Leo that whatever it is they are trying to make them do will benefit them, then they will jump at the opportunity.

You have to be a salesperson with a Leo because they need to hear the features and benefits and how it will serve them. If people can catch on to what makes you tick, you are possibly one of the easiest signs of the zodiac to manipulate.

Leos just want a life of sunshine and happiness and anyone who can convince them that they can provide that will have you eating out of their hand.


7. Virgo: You felt superior in intellect.

Virgos are know-it-alls and just like to be right all the time. When people contradict you, you have a way of shutting them down. However, you are self-sacrificial and willing to drop what you are doing to help someone else out.

However, you still want to maintain a sense of intellectual superiority in the process. The way people manipulate you is to tell you to imply that they are so dumb and you are so much smarter than they are.

They just can’t get by without you helping them with something because they can’t figure it out themselves. Your reaction is simply, “Yes, I know. It’s not your fault you aren’t as sharp as me.”


6. Libra: Someone stroked your vanity.

Ah, Libras. This one is easy. Libras are narcissistic and love being told how beautiful and attractive they are. Though they are good at hiding this trait about themselves, they are a sucker for those who stroke their vanity.

If someone wants you to rob a bank with them, all they have to do is remind you that you are the hottest girl in the room.

The compliments that Libras like to receive are rooted in superficiality, so anything pertaining to the outfit you are wearing, your new hairstyle, or new lipstick will be in like Flynn with you.

Before you know it, you will look back and think “that sneaky bast***, no wonder they were sucking up to me.” Because Libras love beauty and harmony, anyone who helps to maintain or restore that will be able to manipulate them.


5. Scorpio: You got blackmailed.

Scorpios, just like their opposite Taurus, is stubborn and a very difficult sign to manipulate. To manipulate a Scorpio is really like asking for a one-way ticket into hell because you will regret it later. Why?

Because Scorpios are vengeful. The only way someone can get you to follow along with them is if they have some information on you that you do not want to be leaked.

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It will be some vile tactics from them because they will have to really probe you find some personal dirt that you want to be hidden from everyone.

When someone threatens to reveal that secret, it is game over and you have no choice but to finally cave in. No worries, though. You will find a way to get back at them and they will be sorry they ever manipulated you in the first place.


4. Sagittarius: You didn’t get invited.

Awww, Sagittarius. You are the life of the party and just want to have a good time. You are a jovial sign and just want to laugh and spread laughter to those around you.

When you are dating someone, for example, you have a tendency to not give them one on one attention that they feel they deserve. This is because you like to roam and mix it up with different types of people.

When someone wants to manipulate you, they will beat you at your own game and just go on and do something fun without you. Nothing hurts a Sagittarian more than a friend or lover who throws a big party and doesn’t invite them along. Now, that is just cold.


3. Capricorn: Someone begged you desperately.

Whether they want to admit this or not, Capricorns thrive on power and love the feeling of being superior. Though introverted, you guys are known to be the closeted freaks in the sheets.

As a Cappy, you like to know that you have your sh** together even if other people around you seem to be falling apart. Again, you won’t ever admit this but begging for mercy is sure to push your buttons and you might just give them what they want (for now at least).

Even though they get what they want, you are still in the position of power. If someone wants to have their way with you, then they have to get on their knees, look up at you and beg. Actually, that is kind of kinky.


2. Aquarius: You were told not to do it.

Aquarians are the biggest rebels of the entire zodiac. The way to manipulate them is to do the exact opposite of how you would handle a Leo (which is their opposite sign).

As an Aquarian, even if someone convinces you that you could be a billionaire if they would just follow your advice, you just won’t do it. Why? No reason. You just don’t tolerate being told what to do.

This is when people will figure out to trick you with reverse psychology. If there is something they want you to do, they can just tell you not to do it and you will.

Conversely, if there is something that they really don’t want you to do, they will try to convince you to do it. Watch out for this, otherwise, you will lose your rebel status, and you don’t want that.


1. Pisces: All of mankind would have been hurt otherwise.

Poor Pisces. You are so kind and caring to all of humanity and your feelings are spread throughout the world. All you want is people to like you and to get along with you.

You are charitable even to strangers. Guilt trips are the ultimate low blow that people will pull with you when they are trying to manipulate you.

Pisces tend to put a lot of weight on what other people think of them and cannot stand confrontation. Anything that might potentially make you look like the bad person is something that you want to avoid like the plague.

When someone wants to steer you in their direction, they will tell you that everyone will think less of you or be hurt by your actions if you don’t do what they say.


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