How Scorpio Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign’s Love Life, Starting October 23rd

If we’re not willing to face the truth, we’re not ready to grow.

On October 23rd, we will see our magnificent Sun transit into the deep and intense sign of Scorpio, kicking off Scorpio season! At this point of our astrological year, many of us are feeling a bit of Scorpio overdose due to the Venus retrograde that is dominating October’s energy.

But just because what we’re going through isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary for our zodiac signs. In fact, your Scorpio love horoscope is going to prove otherwise.

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year and though we’re in the last few months of the year, the truth is there are plenty of surprises still in store for many of us. The thing with this sign is that it doesn’t play fair. It doesn’t care what we’ve had planned or what we’d prefer to happen; instead, it’s about the truth.



Scorpio likes to dig deep to expose secrets to make us show our full hand and to ultimately start living a life that is more aligned to our own personal truth.

Scorpio season will last from October 23rd until November 22nd. During this time a lot is happening, so we are going to be challenged to not run away in an attempt to escape reality. This is especially true for water signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, who may find this time somewhat dark for their sensitive natures.

The first major event is the full moon in Taurus on the 24th which will affect our personal romantic relationships and set the tone for this entire Scorpio season.

The full moon at the beginning of this season will be bringing the energies of change and even uncertainty. While it will feel challenging knowing how to navigate these energies, they also are arising so we can let go of what no longer serves its purpose and deepen what is meant to stay.

While in our Venus retrograde, we have the chance of a love at first sight moment in which we could get swept up into a whirlwind romance only to realize a few weeks later it wasn’t what we originally thought it would be. We have to exercise caution during this time because while we will be feeling the need for change, we can run the risk of being overly impetuous and making irrational decisions.



Ultimately, while the full moon will be the instigator of change, we need to just let ourselves and feelings be in order to make the most of the energy that will abound during this time.

The next significant moments will occur during the beginning of November, when Venus, still in retrograde, moves into Libra on November 1st. This should be the start of feeling like we can breathe again.

Relationships issues won’t suddenly disappear when this occurs but the beginning of figuring things out will be starting. The fog will clear, we won’t feel so angry and confrontational, and we will be gravitating more towards how to make partnership work.

A few days later we will see Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, move into the free spirit sign of Sagittarius. This will change the energy immensely because it will free us up a bit out from the darkness of Scorpio and we will start to see some of the light of possibility begin to filter into our lives.


Jupiter in Sagittarius will increase our possibilities and many of us will feel like taking chances and opportunities that we have never experienced.

With the focus on romantic relationships, this entire season we can expect that any relationships that advance or deepen during this time will have a spirit of freedom entwined within them. If Jupiter in Scorpio was about digging up the truth, then Jupiter in Sagittarius is about setting us free.

Further into the month, on the 16th we will see Venus turn direct, but Mercury will go retrograde the same day, meaning that we won’t quite be out of the tunnel yet.

Many stories are currently in transition as we begin Scorpio season, and while we had hoped that Venus retrograde would bring clarity and answers, for some it won’t… until December when we begin to truly see the point to everything we have been traveling through.


This doesn’t mean that we’re going to feel stuck in this energy that we’re currently experiencing; rather, some of us need more time to truly make our way out of the hole we currently find ourselves in.

To say that Scorpio season is intense this year is a huge understatement. we will be having our Sun, Jupiter and Venus all in this intense, deep and passionate water sign.

This means that the truth will be unavoidable, and as this sign is that of the alchemist, that means transformation will also be coming our way whether we feel ready or not.

Our relationships will be going through a somewhat difficult phase over the course of the next few weeks. We will be asked to face our uncertainties, to communicate our needs and desires, but also to work together instead of alienating the ones that we love.

The reality is that this season will help us get back on track, except it may be in an entirely new direction.

It’s a time for waking up to the truth, to having those hard conversations, and making the choice to not run away and try to escape what is right in front of you needing to be dealt with.

We can put off anything — making choices, being honest, living even — but only for so long. And it seems Scorpio season is here to help us finish up a lot of our business before we move into a new year. It’s not about being perfect, or even being ready for anything, but just facing reality and accepting all that it brings. 



Source : yourtango


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