How The August Full Moon Will Affect Your Love Life

How-The-August-Full-Moon-Will-Affect-Your-Love-Life.jpgRemember that episode of Dawson’s Creek where the full moon turns everything weird and wavy?

Wires cross on a wonky first date; dinner parties run off the rails once crashed by unwelcome guests; co-workers find their faces thrust together in the convenient darkness of a power outage; a teen and a 20-something narrowly avoid an illegal sexual encounter; in short, the melodramatic little world of Capeside finds itself at the mercy of a cosmic event that, to quote Joey, “turns everything off-kilter … upside down.”

Remember? No? Me neither, but the larger point here is that the moon — widely viewed as “the state flower for romance,” to once again quote a very precocious Joey — plunges all of us into chaos when it waxes to completion. At least according to astrology.

And if you happen to subscribe to that kind of thing, buckle up, because there’s a full moon rising. On August 26, in fact, we will be blessed with our ninth full moon of 2018 (the Sturgeon Moon, as it happens) and all the chaos it purportedly brings.

And because you obviously did get that extended Dawson’s Creek reference, I am confident that the single most distracting question you’d like answered will be: How will August’s full moon affect my love life?

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So glad you asked! The full moon lands in a different sign every month, when the moon and sun oppose one another, astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle. “In astrology, the full moon represents a time of relating to another,” she says.

“The moon is fully illuminated by the sun, offering us insight into self through our relationships. This is the perfect time to go within.”

“Basically, the Sun and the Moon are having a conversation about you, but it’s up to you to listen.”

As Jess Domain from tells Bustle, “Every Full Moon carries specific energies. When a Full Moon is in your sign it can be a little more intense, because the moon is holding the energies of the sun sign that you were born under. Basically, the Sun and the Moon are having a conversation about you, but it’s up to you to listen.”

The Full Moon On August 26, 2018 Lands In Pisces

Whom among us is our star and satellite gossiping about this month? Pisces (the Sturgeon Moon after all), “the sign of increased awareness, balance, feelings, spirituality, creativity and following your heart,” as Domain puts it. What does it mean to have a full moon waltz into this dreamy, self-reflective house?

“Romantically, this Pisces Full Moon will shine more light and show us where we have a conflict going on in ourselves and gently prod us to resolve it internally and find the courage to finally take action in love,” says Domain. “What’s going on behind the scenes in your heart that you haven’t shared with anyone yet?

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“If anyone out there is looking for love or wants to deepen the bond they already have, this full moon will really be helpful in making those dreams come true.”

According to Domain, the August 2018 full moon may inspire some of us to take more responsibility in relationships or to finally broach the subject that’s been gnawing at our insides.

“Ultimately, it will clear a path towards deeper commitments, to the Self and others,” she says. Which may mean, for those of you who’ve balked at settling in with just one partner, that your various sex friends take a moment to consider what they want and decide they need a different arrangement.

According to Furiate, “Less grounded or uncertain romantic connections may find that they are confused about the direction of a relationship.” Don’t overthink things, she emphasizes.


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