How The Retrograde Mars Will Affect You: June 27 – August 27 2018

How-The-Retrograde-Mars-Will-Affect-You-June-27-–-August-27-2018.jpgRetrograde Mars is one of the most challenging times of the year. Astrologers rarely talk about it and usually avoid analyzing the Zodiac Signs based on this aspect.

This happens because most of the predictions are inauspicious which make the astrologer unpopular. However, here we are going to try to decipher the messages of Retrograde Mars, as we are pretty sure that you can handle the truth!

Mars, the Heat of the Living

Mars symbolizes the heat we hide within. This is one of the most important clues one needs to learn in order to comprehend the red planet’s energy.

‘If the Sun is the Light, the Mars is it’s heat’ old astrologers used to say. Wherever Mars is, tension and energy arrive. However, this energy is most of the times so primitive and thick, that only the wise ones can handle completely.


Mars in a Natal Chart

Mars correlates with the chakra of sexuality, the heat of our existence and our most primitive instincts. Hence, everything about this planet is primitive and wild.

Mars symbolizes what motivates and drives us. In a natal chart (make here yours), Mars shows us how a person interacts with energy and what wakes us up. It hints about our competitiveness and our determination.


The energy of Retrograde Mars

When Mars is in Retrograde course, these energies are no running so smoothly. Combine this with the fact that already Mars’s energy is pretty rough, you can understand why astrologers always advice for patients around this time. We wait, we think, we filter and then we act. Otherwise, things might get tricky…

This Retrograde Mars, in particular, begins in Aquarius and end up in Capricorn (where is exalted). During this time, we will find our energy trapped or depleted.

We feel that neither we properly express ourselves nor we want to. The sexual energy (all our desires) is so intense that actually frustrates us, leading us to faulty conclusions and desperate actions.

The antidote? We should learn how to direct this intense energy creatively via sports and inspiring lovemaking.


Aries: More friends but more troubles

This retrograde Mars is pretty good with you as it motivates you to move forward and expand your social circles. Although you will have the tendency to ask more from people – which may frustrate them a lot, you should be ready to give more.

Moreover, you need to be more careful on how to address to other people as your words may hurt them. Think before you speak.


Taurus: Work needs attention… and patience

Although you did manage to get this far, this retrograde Mars is actually asking you to give more than you are able to. You see cosmic energy is focused on work and unfortunately, this drains you.

However, this is also the time you build your career with might and good luck as long as you keep patient and mind your words and actions during this couple of months.


Gemini: Evolution awaits.

This Retrograde phase is here to motivate you to wake up. You are ready to make huge steps forward although now you need to make plans for your next step. Even the longest journeys began with one simple step and this is what you need to plan right now.


Cancer: Changes are coming

Mars is symbolically in the most favorite part of the Zodiac. The part of our lives which talks about instincts and primitive energy. During the next couple of months, you are going to experience a huge burst of energy, waking up your libido, your lust for life.

Although your self-expression will be compromised, you will have the chance to make up your mind for several things. Our advice, take a step back and wait before you act.


Leo: Problems with Relationships

This retrograde Mars is actually trying to mess up with your most important relationships. Or so you think… You see, Mars will focus on how you interact with your partners but this might also be an opportunity to get things straight and get communication issues out of your system.

Use this time to make things right and explain what needs to be explained, and heal what needs to be healed. Make love, not war.


Virgo: Vitality and Self-healing

Unfortunately, Virgo is going to experience lack of energy. This means that during this time, you should be able to maintain a proper diet and routine in order to keep yourself powerful enough for all kinds of action.

You know what to do. Stay hydrated, be careful when you are driving, renew your gym membership and use the power of herbs to keep you calm and balanced.


Libra: Love and Sex

Mars is here to remind you all the lusty fantasies you secretly want to experience. During the next couple of months, you will have the time to filter your wishes in order to follow what really matters for you.

Desires may cloud your mind but you need to stay sober to avoid frustration. Love don’t cost a thing!


Scorpio: Family needs attention

The good news is that sex is going be re-invented during the next couple of months. You are going to see yourself in a different way and experience things you might never dream of.

On the other hand, this energy which is focused on your home might get explosive, driving you nuts. What you need to do is find a way to properly direct all this tension.


Sagittarius: The Ones you love the most, bother you the most

You may feel that you did the best you could but the people you love the most do not agree. They feel neglected as if you intentionally have forgotten them.

What you need to do is find a way to heal these wounds and move on. On the next couple of months, Retrograde Mars will help you unravel the secrets that were not clear for you. Knowledge is power!


Capricorn: Money makes the World go around but you should stay focused!

Although retrograde Mars is going to get back to your sign on August, most of the time is going to bother your financial status.

You see, during the next couple of months, you will be forced to invent more practical ways to rejuvenate your income and successfully manage your expenses.

So be smart and begin your plans, because this is an opportunity to heal the wounds of the past. Break free from debts!


Aquarius: Who am I? 

Lately, you feel that you don’t recognize yourself. With all this energy focused on you, you feel that you could use a break. But life rarely gives you this chance. Except now!

Retrograde Mars is here to give you 2 months break, in order to re-evaluate your life’s purpose and goals. Who do you really want to become?


Pisces: Troubled dreams, venomous traitors

You already feel it don’t you. I mean you see it in your dreams. All the stress you were trying to ground, seems to find its way back to you.

Something really bothers your soul, as if it senses something bad. Someone who is around you – playing a friend – might not be who s/he claims. Mind what information you share and try to note your dreams. Secrets may be hiding!


Source: magicalrecipesonline


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