How The Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Will Affect Your Sign The Following Weeks

July 25th

Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, both at 2°

Over the next couple of weeks Uranus once again brings us significant changes, upheavals, breaking points and breakthroughs. Today, the sun’s square to it puts the unpredictable energy of this trickster on overdrive. Last minute disruptions and overall chaos mark not only this day, but also the days following it.

With a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius that is square Uranus on July 27th, Mars’s square to Uranus on August 1st, and Uranus’s upcoming station retrograde on August 7th, this planet’s impact is pulling focus. That is, if you can focus on what moves at lightning speed.

The next few weeks are potent for folks with major astrological placements (sun, moon, ascendant, and ruler of the ascendant, especially) in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, and Scorpio).

Fixed signs aren’t here to change. They are here to solidify, stabilize, and draw towards themselves with the power of their purpose, poise, and confidence. Having Uranus, Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and eclipses all in fixed signs will be asking all of you to stretch yourselves in ways you usually don’t have to.

However, it’s important to remember that each one of our astrological charts contains each and every sign, regardless of whether or not we have a planet in that sign.

The signs all fall in a certain house (realm of life) within our chart and as the planets transit through the signs/houses in our chart, they bring with them opportunities and demands for us to integrate.

Uranus demands change. Mars retrograde demands a review of our actions. Mercury retrograde demands that we be more thorough with our communications. Eclipses demand that we address the shadow side of our life.

The houses of our chart that contain the first couple of degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are hotspots for our growth and places where important life events occur.

Focusing on the meanings of the houses where the astrology of the moment is occurring is one of the most practical uses of this craft. We are obsessed with signs and their personality traits, but unless we understand where those signs fall in our chart, we only have a fragment of the picture.

Reading your rising sign horoscope as a primary source of information can help you to better understand the areas of life that are impacted for you as the astrology unfolds.


Mercury stations retrograde at 23° of Leo

Miscommunications run amok when the lights are out. As Mercury stations retrograde in Leo we know that the cosmic mischief-makers are in full force. Today these communication blips are antagonized by the more radical leanings of the surrounding astrology.

Practice harm-reduction by being radically honest about your messiness. The less defensive we are about our business, the more clearly we can work through confrontations.


July 27th

Total Lunar Eclipse at 4° of Aquarius at 1:20 PM PT

Conjunct Mars, the eclipse’s red hue is exaggerated by its close proximity to the planet of the same palette.

Astrology is a system of observing the movements of the sky and the correlations that occur here on earth. Our lives exist in relationship to everything surrounding it. When there are spectacular astronomical events, we look to see how those significations land in our lives.

Eclipses signal times when our shadow or unconscious habits and patterns are exposed. These are times when we are well served to make our burdens, self-doubts, and self-sabotage conscious so that we can be more fully integrated as humans.

Eclipses also signal times of important shifts, changes, and movements in our lives. What happens during eclipse season sets the tone for a long time to come.

This is more than just a total lunar eclipse. During this eclipse, the sun is in an exact opposition to Mars and therefore Mars is conjunct the full moon, all three of which square Uranus while Mercury has just stationed retrograde

The set up is contentious. Intriguing. Far from complacent, this eclipse is abundant in its ability to rip through the predictability of life and produce a completely new paradigm.

This eclipse calls on our ability to witness the difficulties that we come up against. It calls out the aggressive, disruptive, and derailing aspects of life. It is a passionate plea to work through the conflicts of our human experience.

It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to consciously hold the pain and fear that our anger is usually trying to mask, but this moment asks us to do just that.

There may not be much that stays consistent right now, but we can work with this eclipse to become more conscious of the changes we need to make and the fear that comes up for us when we attempt to do so.


Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

A sturdy accompaniment to the unpredictable nature of the day. Not strong enough to overpower the eclipse, Venus and Pluto are nevertheless here to help us build the bridges that give us access to influence. This transit is about attracting what is powerful, transformational, and fiercely feminine into our lives.


August 1st

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, both at 2°

Carrying through sentiments from the eclipse, Mars completes its square with the most explosive energy that it could come into contact with. These two bring fireworks, upheavals, and abrasive experiences. This cosmic exfoliation leaves no debris behind, but can scratch the surfaces that we’d rather have buffed and polished.

This is all part of the purification process that we are going through. We have to understand the power of the tools we have in order to use them skillfully.

For some of us, this might mean that we blow a fuse before we can appreciate the voltage running through us. For others, it will be a deeper appreciation of what we are working with. For all of us, this is a time to apply our power with incredible consideration of its impact.


August 6th

Venus enters Libra, there until September 9th

In Libra, Venus embodies the power and strength of feminine energy, aesthetics, and the political potency of our individual style. The ways in which we want to beautify our body should be our choice and our choice alone, free from public scrutiny, but for so many of us it is incredibly dangerous to do so.

Venus in Libra reminds us of the impact that beauty has on our surroundings, but it also opens up the conversation about who gets awarded that label, and who has to claim it for themselves.

Filled to the brim with charm, the area of our chart that contains Libra gets a dose of delight.

Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, both at 14°

Sun and Jupiter together encourage us to go overboard. This transit makes self-care an extreme sport. Venus in Libra is here for it. This is the perfect day to play, but possibly an impossible day to get much detailed work done.


August 7th

Uranus stations retrograde at 2° of Taurus

Uranus has only made it to 2° of Taurus but already we have been impacted by its brief stint in the most fixed of earth signs. For a little refresher on what Uranus in Taurus means for you, take a look back at your horoscope from May when Uranus first entered Taurus.

Uranus will be retrograde from now until early January, moving from 2° of Taurus back to 28° of Aries. Any planets or points in-between the two get the second installment of a Uranus transit between now and then.


Venus in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, both at 1°

Here the cosmic lovers get to freely flirt with one another. Flowing energy between Mars and Venus helps us attract all that we desire, smoothing out some of the more rocky astrology of the day.


August 8th

Mercury makes its inferior conjunction to the sun at 16° of Leo

This is the heart of Mercury’s retrograde. With this transit we are given powerful insights and messages into the nature of our personalities, talents, and need to self-express. It can also be a day that brings us closer to the answers we seek for any problem that we are facing.


August 9th

Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, both at 3°

The cooling agent that is Saturn comes into an austere angle with pleasure and beauty-seeking Venus.

Make no mistake about it, Venus has the upper hand here and gets to go about her business, but not without being thoroughly inspected by Saturn.

Whatever relationship issue we are confronting now should be done with discipline and dedication. Being honest about the balance of our collaborations helps us to create fairer and more fruitful unions long term.



August 10th

Mercury Rx in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, both at 14°

Not an entirely reliable source of information, Mercury, still retrograde, comes into an exaggerative square to Jupiter.

This might blow communication difficulties up to the point of resolution, however. What gets magnified is what was previously overlooked. Stop and take in all the information you have about the situation.



Aries & Aries Rising

Pulling focus on your social roles, your social sphere, and the ways in which you connect with others, the blood moon reminds you of the importance of shedding certain aspects of your life every once in a while.

Notice the roles that you cling to for validation. Notice the ones that you stay in out of obligation. Notice the ones that you now have to contort yourself to fit into that you didn’t used to.

What felt good once won’t always. How you align with others is changing. How you work within your communities is changing. How you work towards your dream, vision and hope for the future is changing.

Change is constant; your resistant to it is optional.

Get friendly with the discomfort that might accompany these shifts. They impact how you make money, who you partner with professionally, and how you work with your creative energy in general.

Mercury’s current retrograde is asking you to review the ways in which you channel your talents. It’s asking you to review the ways in which you communicate your desires.

It’s asking you to rethink what you are spending your energy creating. If it doesn’t in turn create a quality of life for you to enjoy, this astrology will amplify the agitation created by such an inequity.

Allow these shifts to move your focus from working with others in ways that aren’t that generative, to working with others in ways that are more attuned to your sensibilities, needs, and talents at this moment.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Mercury’s retrograde gets you to review your roles within your family dynamic, the total lunar eclipse exposes the importance of the work that you are doing out in the world. Both sides of this equation are imperative to your growth right now, reminding you of just how tied one is to the other.

How you work with the outside world calls into question how you are able to cherish, comfort, and hold yourself accountable in your inner one.

How you work with what shows up in your inner world impacts what you are able to challenge, show compassion for, and act with integrity towards in your outer world. As these dynamics are brought into conscious awareness over eclipse season, you are given the opportunity to find new ways to work.

Since the events that occur in your career over the course of July and August have a more fated quality to them, it’s important that you pay attention to what feels right, what feels off, and what feels like it needs more of your attention.

Any adjustments that you make now have a major impact on the trajectory of things. The more honest you can be about what is and isn’t working, the more you can situate yourself to be in line with your dreams, destiny, and impactful uses of your energy.

As Uranus stations retrograde in your sign the first week of August, what aggravates you, destabilizes you, or shakes you up might feel more exaggerated. It may leave you a little restless, disheveled, or at a loss for what is reliable and consistent. The nature of the moment is that not much is.

The important thing is to find and develop a consistent relationship with yourself, giving yourself what you need from moment to moment and making sure that you aren’t rearranging things in your life to avoid the deeper work that is calling on you.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

The lunar eclipse highlights your longterm goals. Shedding its red light over the maps that you are using to navigate life, the eclipse comes bearing a warning.

Giving you a heads up about what you won’t be able to carry forward with you, you are asked to reassess your baggage and its purpose.

Put down the resentments from your past that you don’t want to carry forward into your future. Put your losing battles in perspective and ask yourself if you really want to give them any more of your energy. Put an end to the wars that you don’t need to fight.

There is a much more interesting adventure up ahead.

The lunar eclipse asks you to be brutally honest with yourself about the direction that your life most wants to take. It asks you how willing you are to be a champion of this process. It encourages you to claim your destination as your north star and make every effort to get there.

As Mercury retrograde gets underway, it asks you to review your short term plans, cutting out the excessive movements that don’t stir your senses, inspire your best efforts, or help you stay clear of unnecessary situations.

Whatever clutter you can clear here is going to benefit you long-term. Don’t be afraid to let your schedule get a little sparse so that it can eventually be filled with your heart’s content.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Change comes through those that you risk reaching out to. Not much can shift if you stay in your shell, but so much can flow when you take a chance to be a part of something larger than yourself.

Be clear, consistent, and courageous about declaring your desires to those that you most wish to collaborate with. Be willing to feel your fear, your doubts, and your desires to do something that you, or others, have told yourself you cannot do.

You aren’t stuck in small streams. You belong in the wide open oceans that beckon you. You can float in your corner of them, but its important to be reminded of the vastness of your reach.

The lunar eclipse signals a time to make peace with past failures. A time to cleanse the pockets of grief that weigh you down, making it impossible to ride the waves of this moment. A time to understand what you need and to ask for it.

As Mercury stations retrograde you are asked to review how you are working with your assets. So much of your success at the moment depends on your ability to invest in the right relationships, including the one with yourself. Spend some of your resources on what can support your future growth.

If you were to expand in the ways you dream of, what, or whom would you need to partner with in order to do so? If you are in the process of dreaming big, be open to the work required to manifest such visions, part of the which is to know what to invest in now in order to be set up for what you are working towards.


Leo & Leo Rising

With a total lunar eclipse occurring in your 7th house of committed partnerships, it’s safe to safe to say that what you are working on with others is and will have an incredible impact on your life.

What we commit to during eclipse season, what develops, and what is revealed tends to turn the tides of our lives in one direction or another.

The lunar eclipse occurring in this part of your chart also speaks to the kinds of relationships dynamics that you are outgrowing, healing from, and learning about.

The issues that you are too old, wise, or worldly to continue giving time or space to will become increasingly uninteresting. Any energy draining dynamics will need to be parsed out.

You don’t want to carry resentments forward.

Cleanse your system of any lingering energy from past relationships. Cleanse your heart of the hopes that you can change, heal, or fix anyone. Cleanse your home of anything of theirs that you have kept past its expiration date.

Reclaim your space on every level.

With Mercury retrograding through your sign, you are reviewing how you communicate, when to communicate, and who to communicate with.

It’s a good time to be examining how you put your message out and to spend some time in the editing room. With major changes still unfolding in your professional life, it is incredibly important to be taking the time to review, reassess, and rework how you articulate the messages you most want to put out into the world.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

There are times when a review of how you got to where you are is necessary. Times when it is more important to parse out what goes on behind the scenes of our lives than it is to be pursuing something externally. Times when it behooves you greatly to understand the emotional complexities that get in the way of personal progress.

That time is now.

As Mercury stations retrograde, it pulls your focus back into the places where some part of your energy got stuck. Stolen. Hidden from your awareness. As these old paradigms come to consciousness, your body remembers some aspect of the events that took place.

The self-care situations that demand your attention should not be made to wait. Take good care of your vessel. Let it tell you tales in layers. Let its aches inform you. Let its yearnings awaken in you what needs some attention, tenderness, and healing.

As the total lunar eclipse lights up these issues and the ones surrounding your hopes and dreams for wonderful work-life situations, it brings with it important realizations. As something that you have been working on comes to completion you are given a different perspective to play with.

What new ideas, needs, and ways of working are you being encouraged to take on? What do you feel you need to be free of in order to tap into a different aspect of your creative energy? What burden might you (temporarily) lay down as an experiment in working with less fear, anxiety, or self-criticism?



Libra & Libra Rising

With the total lunar eclipse lighting up your creative projects, ambitions, and pursuits, you are being asked to work through some incredibly important challenges in that arena.

How you create what you create, as well as the communities you create with and for, all come up for review. The complexities that you unpack here are worth focusing on. Easy answers aren’t available.

They also aren’t the point. Reveling in the complexity of the issues at hand is how you’ll channel the ingenious solutions needed now.

As Mercury retrogrades through your 11th house of friends, groups, and supporters, you’ll have some communication issues to unpack with those that you are working, hanging, and building with.

These little gems are not to be underestimated as they most likely will lead to much-needed breakthroughs. Be mindful of those that get in their feelings though. Egos might be a little more amped up than usual, making it the perfect time to put your peace-keeping skills to work.

If the days leading up to and through the eclipse are a little more intense than you’d like, know that Venus is entering Libra on August 6th.

It isn’t a cure-all, but its pretty cute and incredibly helpful for smoothing over the mess that eclipse season makes. It’s also going to give you that extra je ne sais quoi that everyone is gonna want some of. Spend the Goddess’s good graces wisely and she will bless you endlessly.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Making ourselves a home in a world so hostile to our humanity is no small achievement. Helping ourselves feel at home in our bodies, hearts, and minds, no matter where we are is a daily practice of radical self-acceptance.

Being aware of our needs, no matter how skilled we are at serving them, is the foundation of a loving relationship with ourselves and our lives.

Just being aware of what we are feeling is enough to shift our entire experience. The line between thinking something is wrong with us and understanding how and when we are set up to fail is paper thin in many areas of life, but thick with importance in all regards.

The line between feeling like it’s up to us to figure out an impossible problem and finding ways to build and thrive with others that are experiencing the same thing is an incredibly empowering one to locate and make use of.

Succumbing to despair is understandable at times but refusing to be tricked into believing the poisonous norms that we are fed is the revolutionary tightrope that we must tread.

What comes to you through the total lunar eclipse is the undiluted truth about the foundations that you have built your life upon. Your past. Your internal setup. The ways in which you are wired and built to respond to certain familial, personal, and societal cues.

Understanding how you work and how the world does is the key to letting your brilliance find a place to shine. We may have to rearrange certain parts of the world in order to let more of us into it, but we should never think that it is us that needs the rearranging.

As Mercury retrogrades through your 10th house of career and public life, you get a chance to interrogate your professional surroundings. As you do, check for cracks, flaws, and openings that you can sneak more of yourself through.

Remember that we, your audience, your patrons, your fans, are seeking your unique flavor, take, and approach to how you work. Any rejection you face right now isn’t a reflection of your skill.

With a passion for the craft itself and unwavering discipline in developing it, you can and will succeed in making your mark on the world.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The total lunar eclipse sheds light on your daily schedule, routines, and communications. Mercury’s retrograde asks you to edit and reconsider your long-term plans and strategies for your journey ahead.

Both transits are presenting you with the opportunity to edit, clarify, and reconsider how you are getting from point A to B.

The plans that get hatched now have reverberations for many moons to come. What is clear is the need to articulate the kinds of innovative ideas that are flowing through you.

To stay the same now would be a stagnation of some of your most important contributions to your professional life. What you are proposing isn’t always easy for others to accept – you are asking them to change the ways in which they work – but don’t be dissuaded by anyone’s lack of insight.

Bringing to the surface the more complicated conversations, thoughts, and ideas of the moment, this eclipse and Mercury retrograde leave little to the imagination.

Sometimes certain sentiments need to be expressed in order for you to be able to move on. This eclipse makes sure that you are given an opportunity to do so. Just remember that everyone might be a little raw right now so the less gas you throw on the fire the better.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The total lunar eclipse casts its reddish glow over your financial life. It asks you to consider how you are investing your time and energy. It signifies a time when you are learning incredibly important lessons regarding your assets, how to work with them, and when and where to share them.

This eclipse might correlate with a shift in your work life. If there are changes to it that feel like a loss, just know that the point of the eclipse is to cleanse your life of what isn’t a win for you in the long-run.

This eclipse brings with it major changes, releases, and seeks to reset your system so that you are better aligned with your over-arching goals.

As Mercury has its retrograde way with you, you are asked to review your collaborations, commitments to others, and debts that you can settle. Don’t delay. Whatever you can clear up with others at this point will create much-needed space in your life.

Use this time to withdraw your energy from ill-fitting investments.

Seek out creative solutions to situations that aren’t quite stable. This part of the season shakes up the ways in which you have been going about your business. It leaves room to do things differently or to do different things. Take it up on the offer.

The clearer you are on what you want to ultimately do with the talents, time, and resources that you have been gifted and have worked hard to develop, the better you’ll be able to ride with the unpredictable, but incredibly creative, the energy of the moment.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

With a total lunar eclipse in your sign, it is fair to say that this moment marks an important one for you. What you divest from at this point in your life is just as important as what you invest in.

You are not here to apologize for the way you were made. You are not here to withhold any part of your talent. You are not here to deny yourself any expression of love that moves through you.

You are here to move closer to the core of your own humanity and to share the gift of such work with the rest of us. You are here to tell stories of truth and the beauty of being honest. Love and the horror of living without it. Growth and the pains and joys that it produces.

The blood-red light of the lunar eclipse articulates what you need to release yourself from. What you have struggled with has taught you much, but at a certain point, it becomes unnecessary to keep wrestling the same beasts, at least in the same way.

In fact, to hold onto the old struggles inhibits you from being able to step into the ring with more appropriate opponents at this stage in your evolution. Any confidence acquired needs to be cultivated so that you can move in the direction of more compelling problems.

Mine your life for the most interesting predicaments to ponder.

As Mercury stations retrograde, it asks you to review the relationship dynamics that get your wires tangled. This is no time to pretend that things are working between you and another if they aren’t.

When you invest in unpacking the problems you face in partnerships, you’ll get to discover the deeper meanings of your unions.

We are attracted to others by means of hormones and the healing we know we need deep in our bones. To get the benefit of one and not the other is an opportunity missed that is a betrayal of the body and soul.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

The total lunar eclipse is signaling a release of epic proportions for you. A laying down of your will. An acceptance of all things that are out of your control. A clearing out of the psychic closets.

This eclipse is delivering you conducive conditions for a spiritual experience. If you hold on too tightly to what you think should happen at this moment in your life, you are likely to miss out on the benefits that are befalling you.

With an incredibly unpredictable tone, the astrology of this moment is asking you to work differently. It’s asking you to use the construct of your days in innovative ways.

It may ask you to bend timelines, warping the hours you have to work within, reconfiguring the structures that you’ve comfortably existed in thus far.


Let it.

As Mercury retrogrades through your 6th house of work projects, situations, and circumstances, you are being asked to edit the things that you are working on, but also the ways in which you work on them.

These cuts should be made carefully and as part of a larger curation of the body of your work. Since this is where the third and final eclipse will take place on August 11th, we know that the efforts you make from now until then to streamline your schedule are key.

Clear time, space, and creative energy for the things that you know have both the magic and the momentum needed to propel them to greatness.


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