How To Actually Find True Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How To Actually Find True Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You are an emotional mess and it shows big time in regards to how you handle things. You don’t know how to face love when it comes your way and so you close yourself off. The more you do this the less comfortable you will find yourself.

You need someone to make you feel like you matter and true love will offer you exactly that. You need to look for the kind of person that has a lot in common with you. The more you have in common the easier it will be for you to open up.






You are always looking for love but you don’t ever really find it. You tend to let lust trick you into thinking it is something more and this is a problem you’ve had all your life. While you care about the people, you find yourself involved with you also know exactly how to cut ties to prevent things from moving forward.

You need someone that can make you swoon in the ways you make them swoon. As a Scorpio, you are not easily matched with it comes to romance but there are some very close signs out there. You have to be able to trust your partner and always need the kind of person that can take care of you emotionally.






You want someone that can travel and be free with you but in reality, true love is still going to involve some kind of settling down. While you might not see it just yet, true love is going to be a lot different from what you might think.

You need someone that can keep you guessing and keep your mind busy. You need someone that you don’t want to run from and those kinds of people are far and few. While love is not going to be easy for you, it will be worth it.






You tend to fall for the wrong people because you confuse crushes for the real thing. You get too involved before even speaking to the person and that sets you up for failure. While you might think you know this person, until you actually get to know them there is no sense in putting false ideas into your own head.

You need someone that matches your passion but also reminds you to think things through. Life is not as simple as you think it is and this person will keep you grounded through all it has to toss your way. You are the kind of person that lacks balance, true love will bring exactly that.






You are not the cookie cutter person most people are. You march to the beat of your own drum and are not afraid to be yourself. You come across as a bit of a jerk sometimes without realizing it and that might hold you back.

You need someone in your life that can make you rethink things. You won’t find love at work or out and about, it will have to come in and make you question yourself. You are very unconventional and your true love will be as well.





You are always at home and closing yourself off. This is why true love has not yet found you, because you do not give it the chance to do so.

You need someone in your life that shares the creative drive you have. You are a lot lonelier than you let on and it is an issue. You need to get yourself out there in some way if you want someone to come into your life and show you what it means to be truly loved.




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