Intense New Moon In Scorpio: Powerful Shift Connects Us To Our Darker Side

Intense-New-Moon-In-Scorpio-Powerful-Shift-Connects-Us-To-Our-Darker-Side.jpgThere is a very intense New Moon in Scorpio heading our way. This major shift will help you make positive changes in your life by examining the darkness within.

After an intense month, this Moon offers some gentle repose and quiet reflection, inviting us to open ourselves to insights previously resisted.

Wherever we find ourselves at this New Moon we are reminded that self-acceptance is foundational to peace of mind.

If we listen to our self-talk and it’s harsh and bullying, critical or dismissive, this Moon insists that first, we care for ourselves as we would a treasured friend.

When we release our secrets, burdens, and grudges, our spirits can soar and our hearts open, and it gives Spirit more room to work through our lives.

This New Moon in Scorpio helps us align with the Dark, to commune with the hidden mysteries within us – the unformed, the unspoken. Scorpio, the fixed, power sign for water, plunges us into the cycle of death, regeneration, and rebirth.

This is a time when you find yourself looking within, seeking to understand yourself more truly. Look at the areas in your life that need healing. Some of it may be physical, but much of it is probably emotional.

Contemplate the way you respond to any situation or crisis. Do you overreact? Do you panic? Do you make the Wicked Witch of the West look like Mother Teresa?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to take a look at your personal triggers.

Generally speaking, where your reaction is the strongest is where your greatest pain resides. See if there’s a link with a childhood trauma that keeps you behaving in ways that can be embarrassing for you.

Don’t expect to change overnight, but at least try to recognize patterns that keep reemerging.

Be honest with yourself. Play detective with your life by charting some of the best and worst moments you can remember. Try to sit still long enough and insights will come. Make a commitment to tackle a few of these demons.

Throw everything into the fire that no longer serves you. Honor your ancestors and their dreams.

Use your power for healing work, and begin to visualize what you want to grow when the light begins to increase again.

BONUS: To see what your zodiac sign should focus on during this New Moon, read below-

Aries –  money

Taurus – your love life

Gemini – your daily life

Cancer –  romance, kids, and creativity

Leo – at home and with family

Virgo – the way you express yourself

Libra – your finances and self-worth

Scorpio – your whole life

Sagittarius – your fears and spirituality

Capricorn – your social life

Aquarius – your career

Pisces – to do with travel, study and the Great Cosmic Quest




Source:  mysticalraven


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