It Will Be The Worst Week For These Zodiac Signs But It’s Not All Bad


There’s only one thing we can predict about the cosmos: They’re unpredictable. In fact, nothing ever stays the same for long, and sometimes, change is not for the better.

Although every journey is filled with ups and downs, sometimes the downs are really, really down. Like, “rock bottom” down.

Now, I wouldn’t say that this week is a “rock bottom” type of week, at least according to astrology, but who knows what can happen?

While a horoscope can reveal accurate possibilities for the future, there’s always something shocking about the end result. So, let me leave you on this unnerving cliffhanger when I say that as of September 3, 2018, these zodiac signs will have the worst week: Aries, Aquarius, and Pisces. If you’re rising sign is in any of these signs, you might feel even more frustrated.

Anyway, my apologies for being pessimistic (and maybe even a little bit sadistic), but here’s my excuse: Venus has officially entered Scorpio.

This mysterious water sign is known for its seduction, secrecy, and talent for manipulation. So, let’s be real here. We’re all about to become a darker, albeit sexier, version of ourselves.

And, with the week ending in a new moon in meticulous, overly-analytical, and calculating Virgo, this lunation can make you feel stressed out by minuscule details and obsessive over things that don’t even really matter.

If I’ve gotten in the Halloween spirit a bit too early and sufficiently freaked you all out, try not to worry. Seriously. There is always beauty lingering in the shadows.



With Venus entering Scorpio, your fellow Mars-ruled zodiac sign, you’re bound to become a moodier, more intense, and more ruthless version of yourself.

Especially because it stirs heat in your eighth house of sex and transformation, meaning that this will initiate a period of arousal, carnal desire, and animalistic awakening.

While this will inevitably result in feeling sexier and more in touch with your body and soul, this energy could create bumps in the road this week.

Because Venus will form a frustrating square with Mars, your ruling planet, in your 10th house of career, there’s a chance you’ll feel insecure about your status in the world, making you overcompensate by being super competitive.

While this doesn’t need to be a bad thing, make sure you don’t do anything drastic or foolish to get what you want. After all, the cosmos are not helping you see things clearly.



Being the fixed air sign that you are, it’s not easy for you to open your heart to someone. Whether its a friendship or a lover, you know that when you fall for someone, you fall so hard that you have trouble getting up.

Thus, this can give you a whole collection of intimacy issues. Because the new moon in Virgo shines a light on your eighth house of secrets, transformation, and rebirth, you’ll be forced to reckon with issues in your personal life that you might not be so keen on dealing with.

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This lunation will ask you to clear out the closet and face the shadows weighing you down. Now, the process will certainly not be easy, but by ignoring the problems in your life, you’re only prolonging the healing process. Allow this new moon to set you free, and there’s no reason to fear it.



Because the new moon in Virgo will form an opposition with Neptune, your ruling planet, it won’t necessarily be the cleansing and revitalizing experience that new moons are all cracked up to be.

In fact, it could be downright confusing, foggy, and misleading, taking you in all the wrong directions and convincing you of things that aren’t true. Since you’re a dreamy and distracted sign as it is, this bewildering energy is probably not something you’re going to enjoy.

However, if you go out of your way to find your footing, you will find it. When you’re feeling stressed out, find ways to center yourself and calm down. Breathe deep, talk to someone, write it down, go for a run, or whatever it is you do that you know will clear your head.


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