July 2018 New Moon Astrology Predictions That Will Help All Zodiac Signs Make The Most Of This Lunar Event

July-2018-New-Moon-Astrology-Predictions-That-Will-Help-All-Zodiac-Signs-Make-The-Most-Of-This-Lunar-Event.jpgJuly’s astrological line up is more packed than Coachella’s main stage. First of all, it’s eclipse season.

Then, six planets are scheduled to be retrograde over the course of the summer, five of which will happen concurrently in July.

Now, it seems we can also count on the moon to add its lunar layer to July’s astrological ~vibe~. July new moon astrology predictions get swept up in the planetary motions.

But don’t worry, this dizzying month won’t leave you feeling like you just stepped off an intense roller coaster. There’s a lot of reflection to look forward to.

Expect to feel the impact of the new moon beginning on Jul. 12 at 10:47 p.m. ET, according to Time and Date. As always, the sky won’t look aglow since this phase of the moon produces approximately zero moonbeams.

But things will be illuminated on a more spiritual level. The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is regarded as a favorable time for a new beginning. Since, you know, the new moon is the start of a ~new~ cycle.

HOWEVER because of Mars, the planet of action, being retrograde and a partial solar eclipse occurring on the same day, July’s new moon is so much more than a plain old’ new beginning. It’s more about a refresher. Which sounds completely appropriate for a midsummer moon.


Go With The Flow

Astrologically pros are advising all Earthlings to tune into the Universe’s navigation system on July 12 for the first eclipse of July and the new moon.

Even if you’re confused by the route it’s taking you, it’s important to stay on course. Eclipses are noted to be significant times of change and transformations.

Even if the route seems a little sketchy or downright out of the way, the destination that’s plugged in is still your greatest, a higher purpose. The thing that’s meant to be.

Forever Conscious assures, “If things fall away or break off during Eclipse season, it is usually a good idea to pay attention and go with the flow.”

Stuff From The Past Will Come Up

We haven’t had a partial solar eclipse in Cancer since 2011.

According to Allure, “For the first time since 2011, the lunar nodes (which reveal the upper and lower boundaries of the moon’s orbit) will begin oscillating across the Cancer and Capricorn axis for the next two years.”

If things from way back when begin to resurface, recognize them. And if 2011 was totally un-#tbt-able, the energy of this new moon could begin to propel you onto a totally new path.


But There Will Be New Beginnings

Even if the past decides to check in to see how you’ve been since it became history, that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck there. It’s 2018 and 2011 is still so 2011.

Things have changed, including you! And guess what? You’ll continue to change — or better yet, transform. July’s new moon will still represent the start of something new.

Forever Conscious says, “Think of them as super-charged New Moons that help to light our way forward and get us thinking about the new.”

Take note of who appears and what events occur during this ~phase~. This all has the potential to be what to expect further down along the path the Universe is guiding you down. Remember, we’re going with the flow?


You Should Expect Things To Slow Down

A lot is happening, but because Mars is currently retrograde, all of these new vibes being presented might not take immediate effect.

Mars, the planet of action, is changing the pace of things and offering a time of reflection. Now is the time to be patient. It’s a suitable time to observe instead of furiously checking off the to-do list.

Even if you find this to be more frustrating than reinvigorating, just know that you will move ahead.

If you’ve gone with the flow and really meditated on the moral of The Tortoise and The Hare (spoiler alert: slow and steady wins the race), you can expect satisfying results down the road.


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