June’s Emotionally Intense New Supermoon Causing Major Shifts & Changes

June’s-Emotionally-Intense-New-Supermoon-Causing-Major-Shifts-Changes.jpgThe June Super New Moon falls on the 13th in the sign of  Gemini.

This Super New Moon a calming, restorative and peaceful effect, however, there are other energies playing beneath the surface as well.

It is likely between May and June that your life may have taken on a different feel or tone energetically. Perhaps you are even feeling inspired to start something new or begin a new chapter of your life.

This Gemini Super New Moon will also be stirring emotions that occurred back in May and may even bring more clarity. Any unfinished business may also be resolved, or you may just be feeling a lot clearer on your path ahead.

June’s Super New Moon will feel a lot softer than May’s and will have a calming and nourishing effect. In fact, spending time with family, relaxing and taking things slow is definitely going to feel easy under this lunar influence.

The one thing to be mindful of under June’s New Moon is getting too caught up in overthinking or over analyzing things. When we get caught up in the thoughts of our mind it can easily lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you find this happening, try to quiet your mind and focus on following your heart instead. This will not only help to reduce any feelings of anxiousness but it will also align you with your highest self.

June’s Super New Moon is also going to be encouraging you to express any deeper, hidden emotions and to speak up if you have something to share.

In fact, if you have been suppressing thoughts and feelings about someone or something, this New Moon may just give you the courage to finally take action.

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Emotions may also run high around the time of the Super New Moon and your energy levels may feel all over the place. If this occurs, try to focus on finding your stillness and being gentle with yourself.

Kindness is always a good remedy too, so practice being kind to others and kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to take some time out and to recharge your batteries if you need to.

Listen and trust in the wisdom of your heart on this Super New Moon, as it will surely be guiding you in the right direction.

The June Solstice also falls just days before the Super New Moon. This combination of Solar and Lunar energy is going to amplify the feeling of new beginnings and will be encouraging us to tackle life a little differently.

It is time to make some changes and it is time to go after your highest dreams and wishes. It is time to take a leap of faith and trust in the calling of your heart.

The potent combination of the Solstice and the Super New Moon will be guiding us all too much higher places and also prepare us for the final eclipse cycle of 2018.

The year is halfway done so if you are not where you want to be, now is the time to move gently, swiftly and with courage. Keep following your heart and you will always be moving in the right direction.


Source: foreverconscious


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