Jupiter Is In Scorpio- Here’s How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Intensity heats up as expansive Jupiter plunges into passionate, power-hungry Scorpio, the star sign of passion, emotional bonds, shared finances and wealth, from now until November 8, 2018.

Want to know what Jupiter in Scorpio will bring to your zodiac sign? Read on.

As hedonistic Jupiter descends into the swirling, secretive and sensual waters of shamanic Scorpio, a revolution will ignite—and it might indeed be a passionate one.  Jupiter steps into Wardrobe for his annual costume change, doffing Libra’s polished pantsuit and tailored blazer for sultry Scorpio’s fine French lace, fishnets and sheers (all in noir).

The last time the red-spotted planet visited this seductive station was from October 2005 to November 2006. Page back in your memoirs because similar themes may now arise. Whatever the case, this upcoming Jupiter in Scorpio cycle—which lasts until November 8, 2018—is going to crank up the intensity for us all.


Here’s how this powerful planetary transit could affect your star sign over the next thirteen months:



Light and breezy living? Nah, you’d rather be rolling in the deep.  Jupiter plunges into Scorpio and your eighth house of deep bonding, sizzling seduction and financial power plays. You can stake your claim to toe-curling (and soul-satisfying) sex, taking more control of your life, and accumulating piles of money as the expansive planet simmers in this spot until November 8, 2018.

During this electrifying transit, you can master the fine art of drawing exactly the right people into your life—accomplished and emotionally mature types who are on your wavelength and even further along in their career paths than you. Single Rams need to keep the bar high and not let anyone but serious contenders through the gate.

Jupiter rules growth, expansion, and exploration, and the eighth house is the domain of intimacy, eroticism and metaphysics. You could weave these together into the most inspirational AND aspirational relationship you’ve ever been in.

Keep an open mind about different types of partners and arrangements, like a long-distance affair. Attached Aries may want to challenge themselves by stretching their boundaries during this cycle. Because Jupiter is the lord of travel, going on a trip together can strengthen your bond. On the flip side, if you can’t reignite the embers of passion you may decide to consciously uncouple.



Love is in the air, Bull! There’s a major sea change on your personal emotion ocean as expansive Jupiter tacks into Scorpio and your seventh house of committed partnerships until November 8, 2018. The bold planet hasn’t been here since November 2006, and your hopelessly romantic sign will welcome this love revolution.

Single Bulls should review your dating style. Have you been unconsciously limiting your success by only pursuing (or letting yourself be pursued by) a specific type? Throw away the rulebook!

And with the added confidence the red-spotted planet bestows, you may feel empowered to make the first move or allow yourself to be more open and accessible from the get-go. As the zodiac’s global ambassador, Jupiter could inspire a love connection with a fascinating person from a different cultural background or a long-distance affair.

Attached? This all-embracing cycle will offer you and your partner a series of opportunities to blend your interests and find new ways to co-create and connect. It would be so ideal if relationships sparkle for eternity all by themselves, but as with other important things in your life, the rewards you reap are a result of the efforts you invest.




Salud! Raise a glass of good cheer to your health—and we’re thinking something green and clean, Gemini. A noteworthy event occurs when propitious Jupiter sets up base camp in Scorpio and your sixth house of wellness, fitness and streamlined living for the next few months. This is a MAJOR sea change, as the planet of luck, expansion and all things good only visits this sector once every 12 years.

Get ready to tap the kind of vitality and strength you haven’t felt in years—But a little effort on your part is required. You don’t have to do this in one fell swoop, but since Jupiter is larger than life AND supports bold moves, why NOT? You can start with a deep decluttering mission, or the pantry and fridge.

After you’ve cleared out the energy-zapping, processed junk food, replace with farmers market fare and health food store staples. Pick workouts or classes you actually love and commit to showing up regularly.

For added motivation, pre-reward yourself with a couple cute new gym or yoga outfits—when a Gemini looks good, your mood rises in kind. Zealous Jupiter can guide you away from self-destructive habits and toward things that are fun AND good for you. Indulge your intellectual curiosity by diving into body-based research that fascinates you.

During this year-plus period, explore other alternative or preventative approaches to wellness, like herbalism, homeopathy, flower essences or less-familiar bodywork techniques like Feldenkrais, Trager…or…?!




Rise and shine and dress to impress, Jupiter, sails into Scorpio and your fifth house of romance, creativity, fortune and quite possibly, fame! It’s showtime, Cancer, and that means you have to come out of your Crab shell.

We understand this is not your humble sign’s standard operating procedure, but then, Jupiter only comes around every 12 years, and you may not get these kinds of opportunities again for another decade-plus. Step forward and self-promote.

It may be a little harder than usual—at first—especially after Jupiter ’s stint in your private and domestic fourth house. Artists, writers, and musicians may have been working alone on your “masterpiece” during the hibernation period of the past year-plus. Now it’s time for your big reveal.

Reach out to friends or associates who might be able to help you get your creations into the public eye. “Art for art’s sake” is a nice concept, but sharing it with the world is what you’re ready for now. Plus, why settle for 15 minutes of fame when Jupiter gifts you months? This transit can also bring an uptick to your romantic life, whether you’re single or quite happily off the market.

Jupiter’s jaunt through intense Scorpio and your fifth house dangles the promise of peak experiences, which can involve travel. You could find yourself on the road (or abroad), or if you’re touring with your beloved, your experiences could be like superglue for your bond. The fifth house also rules fertility, and some Cancers may finally feel like it’s time to add a kid—or a pet—to the brood.




Plant deeper roots or take a job overseas? You may feel pulled in opposite directions, when jetsetter Jupiter touches down in Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family until November 8, 2018. Jupiter’s expansive influence could have you craving exotic vistas, but with your domestic zone activated, you’re also in the mood for creature comforts..

Of course, there’s always the possibility that you blend these two energies in a creative way, like doing week-long apartment swaps with friends living abroad or buying a larger (or second) home—a beach shack or cabin in the woods, perhaps? Some Leos might decide to dabble in that business by getting your realtor’s license.

With your natural salesmanship talents and creativity, you could make a killing. If travel or a move isn’t in the cards—or budget—how about a “rotating gourmet supper club,” in which a few friends (coupled, single or a mix) take turns hosting elegant dinners, possibly with wine pairings?

On a more personal level, this Jupiter cycle will spotlight family relationships and “issues.” It’s a protective presence, so if you’ve been holding your tongue about something, you’ll be supported in broaching the subject now.

Do speak in “I” terms, in which you dispassionately explain how you’ve been feeling, and be sure to let them speak without interruption. There may be moments of awkwardness, but you could clear the air for once and for all!




Ready to shake things up?  Jupiter sails into Scorpio, turbo-charging your sense of adventure and curiosity. This could be the most welcomed breath of fresh air you’ve had since September 9, 2016 when the larger-than-life planet settled down in Libra and your cautiously practical second house.

On the upside, you probably experienced some significant professional growth and even clarified your next career trajectory. Starting this week, you can start building on that solid foundation and broaden your life in exciting and inspirational new ways.

For starters, get ready for a faster-paced social life between now and November 8, 2018. You don’t need to span the globe to get your kicks, either. The third house governs local goings-on, and your hometown—perhaps your very own ‘hood—should prove a rich source of activity and, more importantly, fun. Spend more time in nearby venues, whether for dinner, to grab a drink, shop or check out the local talent.

Single Virgos could meet an eligible prospect who lives within walking distance or a short commute away. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, create a Meetup, join the food co-op, take classes and get familiar with the cultural scene.

Since the third house also rules transportation, you might want to invest in a new set of wheels in the coming year, whether two or four. To make your commuting more pleasurable AND productive, upgrade your gadgetry (no more cracked screens!), and sign up for intriguing podcasts.



Expansion is fun, but could you use a little sabbatical? Life begins to settle back into normal-sized proportions when your balanced sign sees the last of excessive Jupiter in your rearview mirror.

Since September 9, 2016, you’ve been hosting the high-octane planet in your first house of self and expression—and you may have felt stretched to your limits. There may have been moments (or days or weeks) when you experienced vertigo from how much and how fast the ground was moving under your feet.

You like to weigh your options before making a decision, whereas Jupiter—the risk-taker of the zodiac—may have been prodding you to act more quickly than you’ve been comfortable with. But this impulsive behavior wasn’t without its perks. You might have been shoved more in the public eye or made some difficult shifts in your life or relationships.

As Jupiter decamps to Scorpio and your second house of security and money until November 8, 2018, you can sift through those experiences, find the nuggets of gold—i.e., lessons you’ve learned—and lay a new, more solid financial foundation.

Focus on your dreams, set intentions and start to manifest them because you’ve got a cosmic tailwind at your back. What are your goals—a soul-satisfying new job (or just a super-well-paying one?), launching your own brand, saving enough for a new car or dream vacation? Since

Jupiter rules education, you might consider adding bringing your skills up to date by taking some workshops, webinars or formal classes. When it comes to your hard-earned cash, stay mindful. What good is making more if you burn it as fast as you earn it?




It’s gonna be all Scorpio, all the time when the celestial highlight of the decade comes beaming your way! Auspicious Jupiter launches into Scorpio, rocketing you into orbit. After a sleepy year-plus in gentle Libra and your introspective twelfth house, the larger-than-life planet returns to your sign for the first time since November 2006.

Starting this week, you are officially on notice that dreams can no longer be deferred—and anything and everything you’ve been hoping to accomplish in your life is now on the table. Personal growth? Bucket-list travel experiences? Fame and fortune? Bring it! This rare transit is not something you want to ignore.

Between now and November 8, 2018, you are invited—make that required—to shake up your life, shuck off any limitations or self-doubt and start taking steps toward becoming the person you want to be. Bear in mind that Jupiter offers the possibility and holds the door open, but you’ve got to do the heavy lifting, Scorpio—and also take the gamble to walk through that portal when the gifts arrive instead of suspiciously deliberating. While Jupiter transits certainly bring chances and connections and inspiration, you need to face your fears, take some risks and put yourself out there.

Artists, musicians, and performers should literally take the stage and show the world your stuff. Writers scribe away! No matter what your art, craft or superpower, this is the year to own it and pursue your bliss. No more shape-shifting or making too many sacrifices for other people.

Put yourself first and give your passions top billing. Jupiter’s energy is generous, though, so even as you’re advancing your own mission, you’ll realize it’s not a zero sum game and that the more you help and give to others—not out of a sense of obligation but love—the more you gain in return.




How does a personal retreat or spiritual sabbatical sound? After a hectic and fun-filled (if not overwhelming) year of hosting your ruler, exuberant Jupiter, in your eleventh house of friends, groups and social activism, you’re probably ready for a long winter’s nap (even if it’s still autumn). Hand your social director’s cap and whistle to someone else.

You may be running on fumes at this stage of the game, Archer, and it’s time to recharge your batteries to prepare for a larger-than-life cycle that will begin once Jupiter enters your sign on November 8, 2018, and turns the spotlight—and all the house lights—on you.

But until then, chill!  Jupiter leaves Libra and your super-social eleventh house and downshifts into Scorpio and your restful, mystical twelfth house. But you won’t be living like a monk or in solitary confinement, Sag. Your expansive, adventurous ruler IS the zodiac’s voyager, and although it will now be sailing through your private twelfth house, the journey will be inward, and one of the major themes will be, “In order to grow, you must let go.” Are you hanging on to an unfulfilling relationship, still buying into some limiting beliefs, or struggling to overcome a self-destructive habit or addiction?

During this transit, you might choose to work with a healer, therapist or coach to guide and support you through this process. Boundaries is your new keyword—and the people in your life who are used to taking advantage of your kindness or expecting you to be excessively understanding while THEY act out will be in for a surprise when you set a limit with them, or possibly cut ties.

You may decide to get serious about a meditation practice or going deeper in your spiritual practice. Paradoxically, you may discover that to truly get ahead, you have to stand still. Stop trying to “force” evolution and allow your own guides or the universe to show YOU the way. This transitional phase won’t come around for another 12.5 years, and if you do the necessary work now, you’ll be poised for epic changes when Jupiter launches into your sign in a year.




There’s nothing wrong with pouring your heart and soul into your career—that’s pretty much the Capricorn M.O.—but remember, no man/woman (or Goat) is an island. Over the past few months, you may have felt like a solitary player as expansive Jupiter marched through Libra and your tenth house of career ambition and success.

You might have felt pressure to step up your game or push yourself to make the most of the opportunities that presented themselves.  Jupiter plunges into Scorpio, powering up your eleventh house of group activity, teamwork, and technology until November 8, 2018.

You’re ready to STOP burning the midnight oil, being a slave to deadlines and believing that you have to shoulder all the responsibility yourself. Stretch out and find synergies among friends, colleagues and kindred spirits both online and IRL. Your self-determined sign doesn’t mind going it alone, but over the coming months, you may discover that you enjoy working with a group and that the collective brainpower of a team can pull off projects more easily and creatively.

This doesn’t only relate to your professional life, either. You may finally have time to join an organization or do some humanitarian or personal-growth work that will be rewarding in a more holistic way.

Since Jupiter is the adventurer of the zodiac, you might find yourself signing up for challenging and exciting new adventures—a travel ski club or rock climbing lessons, perhaps. Since the eleventh house rules all things digital, you may enjoy exploring new “virtual” opportunities, whether your own podcast, YouTube channel or e-commerce site.

The coming year could also be the perfect time to expand into online sales or find brand-extension opportunities, like webinars or downloadable products. Be selective about the people you partner up with. This is a rare cycle—it only comes around every 12.5 years—and you want to be smart and savvy about whom you work with, especially since they represent you!




It’s time to shift out of cruise control and hit the wide-open road toward fulfillment. Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and adventure, sets its compass for Scorpio and your tenth house of career ambition and success. Seeds you’ve been planting for a while now—some as far back as several years ago—will start to sprout or, if they’ve already broken through the dirt, will grow like they’ve been hit with Grade A, organic fertilizer.

Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12.5 years, and from now until November 8, 2018, you’re being invited—urged!—to take some leaps of faith, bold steps and put your grandest plans in motion. In the course of this professional power surge, don’t worry who’s “above” or “below” you, and whatever you do, don’t even think about apologizing for pursuing your own personal goals. Part of your egalitarian sign’s charm is your concern for everyone’s well-being.

When you fulfill your destiny and feel good about your accomplishments, you’ll be better able to lend a helping hand and guide others on their journey. Whether you want to launch your own business, start saving for big-ticket purchases or have your sights set on the corner office, Jupiter’s boundless beams will inspire you to hone your skills and develop your talent. The tenth house also rules your reputation and public image.

Since you’ll probably be more visible than before, make sure you look the part. If you need a wardrobe update or “hair and makeup” makeover, turn to stylish, camera-comfortable friends or hire a pro to add a high-pro glow. You want to feel secure in your enhanced leadership role. The tenth house is also associated with all things masculine, so the Goodfellas in your life could play starring roles in your breakout year.




Your co-ruler, optimistic Jupiter, blazes into Scorpio and your ninth house of adventure, travel and immense growth, luring you out of hiding Like it or not,  your world is about to get a whole lot bigger, louder, faster and more exciting. If you’re willing to take some chances and go along for the ride, this rare Jupiter phase can hurtle you into a whole new level of success.

Jupiter hasn’t visited this sector of your chart in nearly 13 years. Starting this week, you may feel willing to try new things—which will intensify over the coming months as confidence begets MORE confidence!

The ninth house may loosen your lips, too, inspiring you to actually articulate what’s on your mind and in your heart. How liberating is THAT, not worrying about censoring yourself or being censored by others!

Jupiter ’s jog through this self-motivated realm is a boon for entrepreneurial and media-savvy Pisces. Freelancers will have opportunities in the coming year to expand your client roster. But don’t wait for people to randomly find you through LinkedIn or other professional avenues.

Tap the expansive energy of the ninth house and reach out to clients you’d like to work with. If you’re not unhappy at your current gig but would like to work more independently, become more “intrapreneurial” and propose a new initiative that can give you that freedom. What areas has your company been looking to branch out into?

Make it your business in the next few months to come up with an offer they can’t refuse. You may need to update your own skill set with advanced training, but ultimately that will only be a good thing for you!


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