Intuitive Astrology: Leo Season 2019

leo season

Welcome to Leo Season!

The Sun moves into the fiery sign of Leo on July 22nd until August 23, 2019. During this period, the Universe will be inviting us to find our inner power and strength through relaxing and having fun!

What makes you feel powerful? What helps you tune into the inner lion or lioness within?

While hardships and struggles can make us stronger, we feel true power when we are happy.

When we are in a relaxed and happy state, we feel confident, loving, open, and ready to take on whatever the world brings our way.

In that moment when we are laughing or experiencing real joy, all our worries melt away and no pain can touch us.

Under the energy of Leo Season, the Universe is reminding us that there is a strength and power in joy that can lift us up, inspire us, motivate us, and heal us. 

So many of us feel disheartened about what we see in the world. So many of us get caught up in the struggle of day to day living. While we all have to deal with the heavy realities of life, we have to be mindful of not allowing them to beat us down.

Leo Season beckons us to take a break from our pain and suffering and to instead, go out into the world and find joy again, find our motivation again, find our heart and soul again.

While the Leo Sun in July 2019 will be helping us to heal from the Eclipses, the Leo Sun in August 2019 is much brighter and our chance to lighten the loads on our backs and on our hearts.

August Leo Season is a time to relax and find the fun and romance! Take a vacation or weekend getaway, start a new class, go on a romantic date, or do something you have always talked about doing.

Inspire yourself. Invite love and relaxation in. Fall in love with your life again. For when you do, you will feel powerful, strong, and motivated to move through not only the rest of the year, but the rest of your life.

There is a big wide world out there to see and billions of people to meet, to love, and to learn from. While it’s easy to get focused on the tragedies and terrors of what happens in this world, we have to also remember to focus on the beauty that Mother Earth and humanity has to offer.

When we look for it, we will find it, for what we focus on expands, what we think and feel radiates around us. This radiating energy is our vibration, and our vibration shapes how we view our reality.

When we focus on love and joy, our vibration lifts and expands. We become more powerful, we become stronger, we become more confident, and we can find the strength to lead the life of our dreams.

When we focus on destruction, chaos, pain, and suffering, our vibration shrinks and dims and we slowly get beaten down by life. We feel helpless, fearful, and we lose hope that tomorrow can be brighter.

Venturing into this state is part of the human condition, but if you have been hanging out here too long, and feeling sucked dry by what is going on in the world around you or even inside your home, this Leo Season is your chance to push it to the side, and to give yourself permission to focus on joy.

Let the joy in. Let the light in. And just like the lion, become the King or Queen of your own domain. 

You are a co-creator on this journey, and what you choose to create all starts with how you choose to see the world. So, focus on what you want, focus on raising your joy levels higher, and watch how things shift. Watch how your being can become a vehicle for peace on Earth.

The sign of Leo also rules over the heart chakra and by making time to rest and relax, and opening to joy, we can strengthen the energy and aura of our heart.

With a strong heart, there is very little we can’t achieve. With a strong heart, we can remain tuned in and connected but also present with our lives and the world around us.

Under the Leo Sun, invite joy, confidence, and love into your life through positive action, elevating your thinking, and making time to relax and unwind.

Keep it simple, keep it light, and use the lion as your spirit animal to guide you through the season. 


This was originally published by Forever Conscious.


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