What You Should Look For In A Partner Based On The Month You Were Born


What do you look for in a partner? Maybe it’s not what you should be looking for, or maybe it’s exactly right!



You need someone to really balance you out. You are constantly moving at the speed of light. You want to get so many things done and that’s okay.

You are ambitious and your sheer motivation is what keeps on propelling you forward. However, this also comes at an expense. You sometimes move too fast and work too hard to actually just allow yourself to enjoy life.

Be with someone who will mellow you out and keep you from flying too close to the sun.



You tend to be a very stubborn individual and you don’t particularly respond well to criticism or opposition. That’s why you need someone who is constantly reassuring you and supporting you.

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You want to look for someone who encourages you to be your own person and to actually stand up for your own convictions.


You just need someone who can be truly patient with you. As a March baby, you tend to take lots of time to come to a decision because you don’t really know who you are yet.

It takes you so much longer than most other people in your journey of self-discovery and that’s why it’s very important for you to find someone who is willing to wait around for you as you try to find out more about yourself.



You need someone who is just as compassionate and as empathetic as you are. You have an emotional soul which other people tend to see as weakness.

You always like to keep yourself locked in a little cocoon and as a result, you tend to shut people out. That’s why you need to be with someone who is compassionate enough to want to help break down your defenses.



You need someone who is self-assured. You don’t have the time or the emotional energy to deal with someone who is too insecure and emotionally volatile.

You have your own problems to worry about and that’s why you need a strong partner to work with.



You just need someone who can truly empathize with you as a human being. You tend to harbor a lot of emotions and a lot of times, these feelings get the best of you.

And when you find yourself making wrong decisions all the time, you need someone to be patient and empathetic towards you.

You need someone who understands where you’re coming from; someone who wouldn’t add to just how bad you already feel.



You are a truly confident individual and so it makes sense that you should pursue someone who is just as confident as you are.

You are attracted to confidence because you find that that is the best part of yourself as well.

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You could never really fully buy into a person if they don’t believe in themselves as well. That’s why it’s important for you to find someone who is just as self-assured as you are.



You need someone who is assertive because you are far from it. You are a tad bit spineless and you need a positive influence in your life to help you develop a backbone for yourself.

You need someone to learn from as far as standing your own ground is concerned.



You are a deeply independent soul and you would probably never be able to handle a relationship with someone who is clingy and needy. You wouldn’t want to be with someone who is constantly acting insecure in your relationship together.

You want to be able to operate at your own pace and sometimes, this can threaten the people that you’re with. You don’t want to have to explain that you still value your independence in a relationship.

That’s why you need to be with someone who is secure enough to know that your regard for independence doesn’t mean bad things for the relationship.



You have a warm and friendly soul. Your spirit is amazing and you are constantly looking to spread positive vibes around you.

You need to be with someone who is just as warm and as amiable as you are. It’s the only way you could ever be happy in a relationship.



Loyalty is the one thing that you really need from whoever you want to be in a relationship with. You never want to have to second-guess your worth to someone in a relationship.

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You never want to feel insecure with anyone. It takes a lot for you to be vulnerable, and you always want to make sure that you only open up to someone who will be loyal to you.



You are a very kind and generous soul. And so it makes sense for you to pursue a partner who matches your level of selflessness.

It would be best for you to just be with someone who knows how to give to you just as much as you’re willing to give into the relationship itself.

You tend to be a little too selfless to a fault and so it’s good for you to be with someone who would never abuse or exploit you for it.


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