How The Mars-Neptune Square Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until January 2020


Fear can be a motivator if we don’t let it stop us.

Mars in Gemini squares Pisces in Neptune started on April 27th, creating a stress point around how our fears can limit the life we choose to live, but only if we let it. But what will Mars square Neptune bring forward in our zodiac sign’s relationships? If we follow the stars and our love horoscope, things will become perfectly clear.

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and create a stressful or tense aspect. Often times, squares are seen as a negative transit because it can bring a lot to the surface; however, they really only bring up what is already within us and our lives.

While many of us balk at these more challenging days, we need them to help move us past what had previously held us back, or the stage of life we are in.

This transit doesn’t occur again until next January, so we know this will be setting the course for the next year, because even these smaller transits have big impact.

Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a normal reaction to trying something we’ve never done before. It happens when we step off the hamster wheel and do something different.

As children, many of us were scared of the dark, of everything that we couldn’t see that possibly could be lurking within the shadows. But as we grew, it wasn’t nighttime that caused us to be consumed with worry, but in stepping out from our comfort zones.

Our comfort zone is our safe place… until it begins to feel like it’s strangling us. If we never did anything different, we’d only ever be working the same job, staying in the same relationship, and even living in the same location. Life is meant to be sampled and enjoyed.

Under this transit between Mars and Neptune, we’re going to feel some friction over moving forward in our lives and also the fear of what others might be saying because of it. It’s not just our own internal dialogue of failure that stops us, but what others might think.

Sometimes the fear of the opinion of others is what stops us from living the life we love. Perhaps it’s because people would say we were crazy if we left our marriage to be single, or our long-term relationship to be with someone who looks like our opposite.

Maybe we want to return to school or live abroad for a year. Regardless of what it is, it seems we fear what others will think or say about us more than how it would even turn out.

Mars is the planet of action and ambition. This is the planet that drives us forward, motivates us and gives us that extra oomph to move forward. It also encourages us to not just make plans, but to follow through on them.

In Gemini, Mars is inspired and active but sometimes can get caught up in too many options or plans. It likes to have fun, and while success is crucial, so is having fun while doing it.

Mars in Gemini is more friendly, outgoing, and tends to be mentally stimulating, especially in terms of relationships. It’s this sign that thinks outside of the box. And it’s where our deepest ideas and desires come out for our lives, careers, and relationships.

This theme is highlighted by Neptune in Pisces, which is about lifting the veil to make the unseen known. During this transit and even in the months following, we are going to be more apt to think about what we want. We are going to feel more motivated to make plans, to go after career switches, and fulfill those relationships we’ve had on our minds for some time.

It all sounds great so far, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the thing with a square: there are a lot of great aspects, but we’re going to have to get over the hurdle in order to get to those rewards. And this is where our stress point comes in.

Neptune in Pisces is great for dreams, for passion, and for connecting to that energy of spiritual awareness or oneness. But it’s also the planet of illusion, and paired up with sticky Gemini who could be your best friend or your worst enemy, this means that while we may know what we want, we’re going to have to get over making everyone else happy to actually achieve it.

Overall, people have good intentions for us, especially those that love us. So when they say things about a decision for a partner, a relationship, or even marriage, they may mean well, but it’s also these comments that can unconsciously shape our decisions.

Sometimes our desire to not let anyone down becomes greater than our need to make ourselves happy. And in these situations, we find ourselves stuffing down what we feel in an effort to abide by the rules of our family, friends, or society.

Our greatest fear then becomes what others would think about our decisions or choices, giving the power for our happiness away to others.

But we’re learning all the time and even if we made choices about our life a few years ago based on other people, it doesn’t mean that we have to do it now. It doesn’t mean we must continue to put other people before ourselves or even listen to what they say.

On the other hand, we must be careful that we’re not the ones running our mouths or trying to influence someone else. We have to make sure that not only are we not taking in the opinions of others, but that we aren’t being the critic to someone else’s dream or happily ever after.

During this transit, due to Gemini and Neptune, we run the risk of gossip, rumors, or even jealousy becoming an issue in our lives. Remember that just because someone says they love you, they may not actually want you to excel in life, especially if it means going beyond what level they perceive themselves at.

This is a time to not only refocus on your dreams but to put those blinders on, those ear plugs in, and follow your heart. Do what calls to you. Take that job. Move to that city. Call that person back. Commit to your life and your dreams, and then there’s nothing that fear can take away from you.

Because the minute we stop letting fear rule our lives is the moment anything becomes possible.

This was originally published by YourTango.


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