What Mars Opposite Jupiter Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2021

mars opposite jupiter

Don’t be afraid to admit you want it all.

Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius occurred on May 5th, creating the perfect storm of optimism, ambition, and the follow-through to make it happen. It’s important for our zodiac signs to seize this energy in astrology, understanding that we don’t get an endless amount of chances to create the life we want, and that while it’s sometimes easy to talk ourselves out of taking a risk, the biggest risk is taking none at all.

Mars opposite Jupiter is a one-day transit, but it is not one we see often. The last one occurred in 2017, and the next won’t occur until 2021. The theme with this opposition is to take the chance while we’re given it, because when we finally feel ready, it may no longer be an option.

Mars is the planet that governs the divine, masculine, ambition, drive, and the courage to go after what we want. Mars goes for it — whatever “it” ends up being. He acts, he’s decisive, and whether we’re male or female, we all likely have a bit of Mars energy in our charts.

Often, we think of this planet being somewhat reckless, forging ahead without a plan; however, in Gemini he’s more focused and logical, so we are able to turn our dreams into reality.

Gemini is sometimes thought of as the least popular sign, represented by the twins. It’s an energy that can go either way, but it’s not all bad. Gemini is creative, knowing that there’s more than one way to go about something. It’s a resilient sign that is open-minded and flexible; whether it’s getting over a breakup or figuring out a plan B to a difficult situation, this sign navigates situations with a certain finesse and unattachment.

In astrology, an opposition is often a difficult aspect, meaning the planets are opposite or opposed to one another and making any sort of movement or change hard. However, this particular one involves Jupiter, the planet that governs abundance, fortune, good luck and expansion. Simply, whatever Jupiter touches tends to become better because of it, and this is true for astrological aspects as well.

A normally challenging transit ends up becoming one of the most lucky there is, simply because Jupiter brings a greater ability to act on the positive, not just the selfish, motivating factors.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is like a heightened feeling of optimism; even the most difficult life situations will suddenly seem doable or more understandable with this transit. Occurring on the heels of the new moon in Taurus, in which we were encouraged to take it slow, this transit will have us making the most of whatever opportunities or chances we’re given.

Sometimes it seems we have to consciously make a choice to begin something, and in others it seems we’re beginning something before we even realized we are. But Jupiter knows, guides us, and like that well of eternal hope, magic is a little more realistic with this planet around.

Together, Mars and Jupiter are giving us a boost of confidence and vision. We will not only feel like we want to begin a new chapter but we’re not going to be cutting corners or talking ourselves out of thinking we can’t have life be exactly how we want. Because of this, we’re also more likely to admit to ourselves and others what that is.

Perhaps we’ve been afraid of thinking we can find love again after a divorce or breakup; maybe we were unsure if we would ever find a man to love us for who we are or that we could have both a career and an amazing relationship. Whatever it is, there will be a heightened reality around what we’ve always dreamed of but seldom believed we could achieve.

For many of us, especially those who have known we needed to have that new beginning, we may find ourselves suddenly seeing ways to make that life a reality. It’s almost as if we realized that what was blocking us along wasn’t the actual situation itself, but in the way we were perceiving it.

Jupiter will appear to move blocks out of our way and give us that courage to believe that it’s okay to want it all, and we can actually make it happen.

We talk ourselves out of having the relationships we’ve always dreamed of because we’re told we’re only dreaming or aren’t being realistic. We hear that it’s normal to lose passion for one another after a period of time, or that no one person could be everything we need from a partner.

We’re talked into accepting less by those people who have done just that. They approached their love lives and relationships expecting to not have it all, so they didn’t. But for us — the dreamers, the hopefuls, the realistic people who still believe in forever — we crave something different.

We don’t just want love, we want forever. Not as an overly sappy happily ever after but one that is very real, one that we can touch and hold onto through the most difficult of life’s storms. And maybe there was a time when we let ourselves be talked out of the magic we desired, that feeling of satisfaction, of having that deep emotional and spiritual connection. But then we remembered that magic is who we are.

None of us, not those who are single, newly dating or married for over a decade will ever have one magical moment if we don’t believe it’s possible. If we first don’t commit to our truth, we will never see it manifested in our lives.

Because it’s never been about being afraid to have it all — it’s been about about losing it once we had.

This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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