Mars In Scorpio: 9/12/2017 – 26/1/2018 – Make The Best Out Of It!


On the 9th of December 2017 at 8:59 UT Mars entered Scorpio, its second House, according to the traditional astrology.

It will remain there until the 26th of January 2018 and during the whole period – and some time after it – will be very active.
Right now, Mars in Scorpio cooperates with the retrograde Mercury and with Saturn.

Although the hexagon with Mercury will cease acting on the 13th of the month, the hexagon with Saturn still has enough time of activity ahead, until the 26th of the month. We’ve seen in the Full Moon’s articles how the new position of Mars affects the Mars-Mercury-Saturn influences.

But, also, from the 16th of December on, Mars will be in conjunction with Jupiter. This will be accurate on the 7th of January 2018, but it will be active until the 27th of that month.

Even more, from the 22nd of December, Mars will start forming a hexagon with Pluto, the modern astrology’s ruler of Scorpio. This hexagon will become accurate on the 8th of January 2018 and will be active until the 26th of that month. All this auspicious activity will provide great help in our daily lives and in our magic.


Mars in Scorpio and Sex and Passion:

By entering Scorpio, Mars brings back in the foreground the necessity of sexual fulfillment. It encourages us to act on this need, and will also provide opportunities to do so. Especially so, as it conjuncts Jupiter almost the whole time.

Sexual pleasure and fulfilment will me a main subject in our love lives, of course. Existing relationships can be more active in bed and also try new things.

Those relationships that don’t provide enough sexual pleasure, will suffer, and even end, in some cases. Erotic passion, of course, can be expressed in other ways than sex.

If, because of your age or circumstances, actual intercourse is not possible, raise the passion in other ways. Of course, for those seeking a relationship, sexual attractiveness and, then, fulfilment will be an important parameter.

Aries, Scorpio and Taurus, as well as those having their ascendant there, or these signs are strong in their natal chart, will feel this influence even more powerfully.

Keep in mind that this need is not to be ignored, for it is exactly that. A Need. Mars will neither ask, nor beg. It will demand we’ll enjoy our sexuality and satisfy our sexual needs.

If we obey its command, then a general good luck, optimism, self-confidence, creativity and happiness will be present in all aspects of our lives. Not only in our romantic and sexual affairs.

On the other hand, if we choose to ignore or suppress this demanding tendency, then a sense of depression, pessimism, a general lack of energy and enthusiasm, bad luck, and lack of creativity will be regular visitors in our lives.

Even more so as Pluto joins the game. So, at the very least, use our “A Mantra for Pleasure and Happiness” to help you spiritually satisfy your sexual needs and freely express your sexuality.


Mars in Scorpio and Exaggerations:

Exaggeration is also a tendency Mars in Scorpio creates. Being in conjunction with Jupiter will make this tendency much too strong. All our emotions will become very strong and, occasionally, overwhelming.

This goes both for positive and negative emotions. Our passions, erotic or not, follow the same pattern. For instance, are you passionate about your work, or a hobby? Then this is a time you can become very creative there, but do try to avoid obsession.

Our talents also can be cultivated much during this period. This is a good thing, of course, but regarding this too, try to avoid obsession.

Bodily activity and our body’s image become important as well. Although Mars can give us enough motivation to follow a diet either to gain weight, or reduce it, this can be a double edged knife.

Be careful! Try gentle diets for these purposes rather than extreme ones, and of course, ask for your health care professional’s advice first. As Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter, gaining weight is more favoured than reducing it, but again, ask a health care professional for their advice before changing your eating habits.

Exercising is also a way for this tendency to express itself. Again, try to avoid exaggerations and obsessions and take your doctors advice before engaging in such activities. Accidents can also happen in such activities, especially when Mars is stressed by the Moon.

So, be extra careful. Even more so, if you choose to do the high-risk kind of such activities. The latter ones can become very seductive, too, during Mars’ presence in Scorpio. Both Pluto’s and Jupiter’s influence add to it.


Mars in Scorpio and Health:

In general, Mars’ presence in Scorpio provides the body with enough energy to maintain its good health, or deal with whatever health issue already exists. Because of the exaggeration tendency, though, health can be sensitive.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, drug abuse and things like those can become stronger and cause more health issues, too. Pluto adds to this tendency quite a bit. Accidents also can happen, as we’ve said.

Also, be extra careful when you are dealing with electricity and fire. Electricity and fire fall under Mars’ influence, after all. Not exactly a health issue, but, electric devices may malfunction during this period.

But most of all, our sexual health becomes important, and can become sensitive too. Be extra careful and always play safe. Venereal diseases, as well as other health issues of the genitals can occur. So, not only in sex, but in your hygiene be careful and thorough. Once again, not obsessively so. Obsession can cause damage, too, you know.


Mars in Scorpio and the Arts:

Mars in Scorpio, as we’ve seen, encourages our talents, including our artistic ones. Arts related with erotic passions, mystery, thriller, magic tricks, or raise the adrenaline will be the most favored ones.

Advancing in these arts and being more creative there, is possible during this period. If your profession is related to these arts, both as an artist and as a seller of art, or as a manager of artists, then fame and profit can come your way. Jupiter’s influence also raise the possibilities for these.


Mars in Scorpio and Work:

The main rule is, if you are passionate about your job, then this is going to be a beneficial period for you. Existing problems and discords in your work area, can become more intense, though. Try to control, or avoid such circumstances.

Professions that deal with illusions, magic, spirituality, death, sex and any kind of danger will be very active. In most cases in a beneficial way, but when there is a danger, be extra careful.


Mars in Scorpio and Magic:

Scorpio is a zodiac of Magic, and now it has both its rulers adding to it. Pluto has already started influencing Scorpio through its hexagon with Jupiter and will continue doing so until next November, if you remember.

Even more, during this period the two lords of meditation, Saturn and Mercury, bless Mars in Scorpio; the two lords of manifestation, Jupiter and Saturn, bless it; the two lords of luck, Jupiter and Sun (from December 16 to February 6), do so, too. And this is just some of the focus there. So, all magic is strong during this period.

It goes without saying that Magic related to sex and passion, is the strongest. This includes raising of sexual potency and libido, enhancing seductiveness, strengthening self confidence, attracting sexual pleasures and practising sex Magic. But not only these, of course.

Empowering your magical and spiritual abilities, acquiring new ones – especially after Mercury turns in direct motion – making contact with the other planes, and things like those are also very much supported.

But even if your magical interests are nowhere near these subjects, let me say it again: All Magic is Exceptionally Strong during this period. And, lucky us, the Solstice falls in this magically powerful period. Whether this will be Yule or Litha for you, make the best out of it!



Source: consciousreminder


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