Mars Transit Leo, July 1st – August 17th: Start Following Your Heart

mars transit leo

As Mars sets its sights on the fun-looking and fiery Leo, we can expect our personality to take a leap forward.

Mars’ journey in this zodiac of enjoyment and forwardness, is going to lead us to looking for pleasure in whatever we wish to do.

As we all know, Leo is one zodiac which will never sit idle as the world passes by. It always seeks to take an active role in almost everything. And when Mars is in Leo, we want some role to given to us, we want to be a lot more active, and we especially want to express ourselves in a way that suits us.

Mars’ Presence In Leo

Leo knows the effects of simply working with no fun. It knows that a life without any fun, is not a life in any sense of the word. So, as Mars is in transit through this sign, we need to make the most of whatever time is at our disposal. In fact, we need to actively seek more time for ourselves.

The presence of Mars in Leo also gives us the perfect opportunity to follow our heart’s desire. If we try to replicate the confidence and courage Leo has, we would be able to gain whatever it is, that ignites us.

Something that gets us passionate about things. Since there are very few chances of that happening some other time, make the most of what you have then.

But there lies a big problem with Mars in Leo- overconfidence. You want to be admired, you want to be respected, you want to even be feared- but without really doing anything.

You believe you look the part, so you should get the part. But that is not the case. If you want to be a leader, you have to show that you can lead.

There would definitely be no dull moments when Mars is in Leo. We would be craving attention during this period, and any lack of it is going to offend us.

As it happens with most Leos, this leads to outbursts. What’s special about this period is that the outburst won’t simply be loud, it would be expressive, and colorful.

The lesson which you can draw from this is that ego can be both a beautiful and dangerous thing. You just need to know how to balance both sides of the coin.

For, this period would have us offended if our egos are hurt, and well satiated when the egos are satisfied. We need to know when not to be driven by our egos.

Born With Mars in Leo

Being born at such a period of time makes one extremely dynamic. People seem to notice when you walk into a room. You live life to the fullest, while always being bright and chirpy. And others are drawn to you for that.

Your love comes through actions. And while others think you to be some good spirited, kind-hearted person, you suffer from severe ego issues inside. Since your entire being almost is a slave to your ego, either you feel very confident, or extremely insecure.

You are someone who wants to be loved at all costs. Even the thought of not being loved makes you go all crazy. For, you start making your feelings clear and known to all and sundry. And most importantly, you don’t really care how you come off as, be it arrogant, or selfish. Any attention is positive attention for you.

You are charming, and magnetic, and have a way of getting what you want. You might not be the most practical, but you are certainly someone who would look at things and how those things align with your heart.

You believe that if something doesn’t matter to you, why would you spend time pouring on it. If something doesn’t ignite that fire in you, you don’t bother with it.


  • Enthusiastic
  • Dramatic
  • Expressive
  • Fun-Loving
  • Brave
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Colorful

This was originally published by Conscious Reminder.


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