What The Mercury-Uranus Conjunction Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Over The Next Year

mercury-uranus conjunction

Change is always for the best.

On May 8th, Mercury and Uranus conjunct in the earth sign of Taurus, sparking some big instigators of change that could find us getting clues about what this new Uranian cycle will be like for all of us. But Mercury conjunct Uranus isn’t just any ordinary transit, and our zodiac signs will find that taking control of our love horoscopes, relationships, and life will be of the utmost importance.

In astrology, a conjunction means that two planets are meeting up within a few degrees of one another in the same sign. This ends up affecting us, usually positively, because we have the shared energy of both planets strengthening one another and being beneficial to our process.

In this case, we have Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, pairing up with Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, the intuitive side that we all possess, and the ability to create change. Usually, these two planets only conjunct once a year, so this moment that we’re building to is one that will set the tone for us for the next year.

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Just a few months ago we saw Uranus change signs for the first time in seven years, indicating that many of us are or will begin a new life cycle. Uranus is a far-reaching planet that doesn’t change signs too often, so when he does it’s the cosmos calling us to attention.

While this planet did spend some time in Taurus of last year, he also retrograded back into Aries until this year when he made his final move until 2026. Uranus means business, but he also means change. Nothing this planet touches is exempt, and in Taurus it’s a different energy than we experienced with Aries.

In Taurus, not only are we feeling more grounded but we’re also focusing more on security in our lives and romantic relationships. Sometimes what we think of as stable is already forming cracks beneath our feet, and if we didn’t see any sudden departures during the first few months of the year, perhaps the process we’re going through is one that is meant to take time.

The biggest changes are those that don’t just happen overnight, but in those seemingly small decisions we make, not realizing our entire world is changing, until one day we look around not recognizing what surrounds us. But this isn’t necessarily about the small changes that Taurus makes in our lives; even though change takes time, Uranus isn’t a planet that likes to wait.

He is known as the planet of shock and awe for a reason — not necessarily because it’s negative, but because he’s impatient. He sees an opportunity and he takes it; he sees space to grow and he jumps on it. But he also sees what needs to end and cuts swiftly because of that.

None of us are immune to the power of Uranus, but as we near this conjunction, we must understand that these smaller aspects may feel stronger because they are the first of Uranus in Taurus, and we will be better prepared for what may arise.

Uranus is the planet that wants to start a revolution, and while in many ways we will see this globally make a difference in the area of politics, food production and environmental practices, it’s also going to have that same effect on us and our lives.

This is the planet that is often blamed for separations or breakups because he makes the decision so easily on things that have plagued us for years. The thing with change is that it doesn’t involve just ourselves; it’s not just about doing something different, it’s also about communicating.

As we get older, our lives become more complicated. We have exes, co-parents, stepchildren, and all sorts of blended families. Even if we’re single, we have families, and those friends that have become family. Our lives get messier, more intricate. But change doesn’t discriminate, and while Uranus always seemed to take a special aim at those romantic relationships that had overstayed their welcome, in Taurus it’s likely that we see even more of a focus take place.

While Taurus is an earth sign, it’s also the ruling place of Venus, so pleasures, sensuality and joy are essential for this sign. In many ways, this will emphasize which relationships in our lives have lost these important components and may not wait long before initiating that big moment of change or decision.

Amplifying the effects of this transit is Mercury, which is also in Taurus. Mercury rules our minds, speech and communication, so it’s likely that these two together will have us speaking up about the new direction of our lives. It may feel as if we are pulled in, and with that Venusian energy we’re going to see it affect our romantic lives specifically.

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Even when we know that we can’t stay where we are forever, we tend to put it off because we can’t figure out how it would work or how we would make it. We talk ourselves out of what we feel or dream of because deep down we’re scared of failure or that we will regret making big changes.

But we can’t put off change. We can’t ignore what has been happening and we can’t ignore the direction we’re being called in. Astrology can’t make us do things we wouldn’t normally do; however, if we continue to ignore our intuition (Uranus), eventually the planet of shock and awe will make the decision for us.

In many ways the only option we have is to decide if we’re going to take control of the situation, or if we’re going to let the situation take control of us.

Perhaps this transit we’ll choose to sit out, to resist or hope that our entire world isn’t going to be upended once again. But just know that what we ignore now will return, maybe when we least expect it.

This was written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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