Mercury’s Retrograde Is Offering You The Chance To Move Forward And Explore New Possibilities

Mercury is currently in retrograde and will be in retrograde until December 6th. During this time we will be presented with the chance of a lifetime and a lot of things will be changing.

Mercury for those who might not know is the planet of communication. This planet rules over our day-to-day expressions and brings out a sense of curiosity within us that we normally would not act on.

While you will be quite confused and struggling to really get things together you will be offered things during this time that you will never be offered again. Sure, you do need to remain cautious but you also need to know when it is time to take a leap into the unknown.

During this time you will be pushed to finally let go of the guilt that you’ve been holding onto from past lives. While you don’t realize it you are carrying around a lot of baggage.

Your past is a challenge that you must overcome. The more you work through this the better. We are right in the middle of this retrograde so chances are you’ve been working hard for several weeks now in the hopes of getting somewhere you really long to be.

When it comes to dealing with the people you are closest to you should do your best to try and explain things to them whether they are going to understand or not. Don’t get ahead of yourself and cut too many people out during this time. A simple misunderstanding could turn into full-on war while Mercury is in retrograde and that is not something you want.


This retrograde is going to bring you out of your comfort zone and have you really trying new things. Some of your thoughts might feel as if they are going to get out of control but you can handle them if you keep trying. Finding a sense of balance will not be easy but it will make a difference in how things play out.

If you waste the energies before you and sit around for too long you will regret it. Explore yourself and your options during this retrograde so that you can figure out where you’re going to head once all of this is said and done.

You will be facing a lot of emotional bias during this time but that is not a bad thing at all. You need to take your emotions into consideration when it comes to your future.


Astrology King reported as follows on this retrograde in regards to some of the aspects:


Moon conjunct Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity. It greatly increases the risk of deception and confusion from Mercury retrograde November 2018 square Neptune.

An inability to block out negative thoughts and feelings of others could make you feel very uneasy or even ill. This heightened sensitivity also makes you more vulnerable to the deception and scandal of Mercury retrograde 2018 square Neptune.


Dreams can turn into fantasies with a life of their own and suspicion can spiral into paranoia, guilt and such self-destructive habits as drug addiction and eating disorders. It will probably be difficult to filter out background noise.

But while some psychic impressions may be off the mark, Mercury retrograde 2018 does allow for compassion and empathy. You can be of great help to the victimized and outcast. The emotional comfort you offer will have a healing quality to it.

Your dreams may be extra vivid but challenging to decipher. Romance is possible but remembers the difference between fantasy and reality to avoid rejection and embarrassment. Mercury retrograde 2018 square Moon and Neptune suggests contamination, poisoning, and infection. So hygiene and cleanliness are important, especially if you already have low immunity. You could be more susceptible to pathogens and the effects of drugs, alcohol, and anesthetics.

Do your best to stay in control but don’t let fear hold you back. What do you think about this retrograde? Sure, it might come across as intimidating but it offers us all more than we care to acknowledge and I think that is something that we need to work on.


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