Monthly Horoscope: Venus Retrograde Ends as Mercury Retrograde Begins This November


The planets are busy this month, and Venus retrograde ends right as Mercury retrograde begins!

Scorpio season brings a transformative new moon, and Venus retrograde ends right as Mercury retrograde begins. Sagittarius season finds us opening up to new ideas, and important perspectives arrive, thanks to the full moon in Gemini. Lucky planet Jupiter enters a new sign! What will it mean for you? Find your sign below to read all about what November has in store for you:




Aries November Horoscope

Welcome to Scorpio season, Aries! You and Scorpio are the two signs that are ruled by Mars, so if you find yourself attracted to (or, who knows, totally repelled by) the Scorpios you meet, it’s certainly in part due to this kinship of the planetary ruler you share, despite your differences. Scorpio season is a very intense time for you, especially emotionally.

You’re finding yourself doing deep personal work. If you’re not already in therapy, this is a brilliant time to go and explore your psyche and heal old wounds. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and you have plenty of change to work through. You tend to rush through life—but are you really ready to leave the past behind? I think you are, dear ram.

Scorpio season is also a very important time for you in terms of intimacy and romance, and you’ll be connecting with your partners on a very deep level. Financial issues—like debts, taxes, and even inheritances—are also themes you’re working with.

On November 6, electric planet Uranus reenters your sign, Aries, reigniting a spark within you—you’re feeling spontaneous, wild, and free. But perhaps you’re also feeling a bit fried, frazzled, or shaken up. Things that you thought you left behind last spring come up for you to work with again. Important changes are underway—especially in how you present yourself and relate to the world.



A new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 7, bringing a fresh start to your intimate relationships as well as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of some debts you may owe. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and this new moon will bring a cleansing new start. Fears of the unknown are likely to bubble to the surface, but that’s okay: sit with these fears, don’t judge or repress them. Connect with people who uplift and encourage you. Trust is an important thing to have now—especially in yourself.

Lucky planet Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on November 8, bringing magnificent opportunities to expand, learn, and travel. This is a spiritually fulfilling time and this upcoming year—until Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019—will find you exploring new places and ideas, breaking out of your old routines, and leaving old emotional patterns and grief behind.

An exciting day for your social life and your relationships comes on November 9, when Venus retrograde connects with your ruling planet Mars, making for a passionate atmosphere. Unexpected surprises arrive on November 15, when Mars meets with the wildcard of the zodiac, Uranus. Mars also enters dreamy water sign Pisces on November 15.

Pisces isn’t a combative sign, so warrior planet Mars can be a bit awkward in the sign of peace and love! Slow down, Aries. Mars in Pisces asks you to reflect on ways you might be shooting yourself in the foot. You might find yourself more tired than usual, but your dream world and your intuitive abilities will be especially fired up (note what comes up for you on November 19, when Mars squares off with Jupiter).

Astrologers call you confrontational, Aries, but Mars in Pisces is unlikely to find you stirring up many arguments. You’re craving time alone and want to unwind. You’re especially valuing your privacy. In fact, you may even be up to some secret activities right now—not everything needs to be everyone’s business! The fact is that you want your space and time alone to think and rest, especially after a very busy few months at work and in your social life.



Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius begins on November 16, the same day Venus retrograde in Libra ends—is this a cruel joke? No, it’s just how the cosmic cookie crumbles, sometimes! The end of Venus retrograde marks the beginning of you moving forward with a renewed sense of your values, needs, and desires—especially within your relationships, both romantic and professional.

Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down, and while in Sagittarius—a sign known for having a big mouth—a time to quiet down, too! Watch out for delays and miscommunications, and be careful if you’re signing contracts, traveling, or having important meetings. Try to avoid making big purchases at this time.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, finding you in the mood for adventure—but remember Mercury is retrograde, so travel (and school!) could be frustrating at this time; double check your itinerary if you find yourself whisked off on a journey! You’re a spontaneous person, but this isn’t time for you to dive into things head first.

The details are important, especially during the full moon in Gemini, which arrives on November 23. A critical conversation will take place during this full moon, and important information you have been waiting for will be illuminated. A situation between you and your siblings may also come to a climax, and action in your neighborhood is likely.

Full moons are all about release, and this is an important one for getting your emotions off of your chest, so call that person you have in mind. This full moon in Gemini lands during Mercury retrograde, so be patient if things work out messily. Also, if a conversation doesn’t go your way, don’t totally give up hope—things may shift once Mercury retrograde ends on December 6, 2018.

Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on November 24, so watch out for messages that will arrive in your dreams! Mercury squares off with Mars on November 26, and Mars connects with Saturn on November 27—confrontations come up, but commitments are still being made. Mercury retrograde’s clash with Mars finds you engaged in an argument that should have already been cleared up in the worst case scenario, but it may just find you in a fired up mood around communication and eager to get things accomplished. There’s a frustrating sense of lacking direction or information.

Remember: Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down, not speed up, so keep your temper under control. Mars’s connection with Saturn will be productive and help you figure out a strategy or structure move forward, even if things are feeling up in the air.

Exciting and inspiring conversations take place as Mercury meets Jupiter on November 27; however, dear ram, remember that Mercury is retrograde, so don’t make too many solid plans or any promises you can’t keep—so much is sure to change during this time! Changes will take place in your partnerships as Venus opposes Uranus on November 27, stirring up drama and excitement, and inspiring spontaneity and a new way of doing things. You might be surprised to discover what’s important to you and what your feelings are at the end of this month. Good luck Aries, and see you in December!





Taurus November Horoscope

This fall has been absolutely wild in your relationships, not just romantic ones, but even at work. The sun in passionate and emotional water sign Scorpio illuminates the partnership sector of your chart for the first portion of November, and a new moon in Scorpio lands on November 7, bringing a much needed fresh start in all your relationships. A new cycle is here! But, with that, might also come some anxiety about the future. Things are so new that you’re having a hard time imagining what will come next. All you can do, my dear bovine bud, is just stay in the moment. Be present with yourself, your emotions, and your body. Do your best to have fun now.

Yes, your ruling planet Venus is retrograde, which is finding you feeling unlike yourself; however, this is as good a time as any to indulge in self-care—not with bubble baths or pedicures, but in the form of telling someone who keeps asking you for favors to fuck off, or by asking your boss if your schedule could be reconfigured in a way that would help you be more productive, or by pushing yourself to include more exercise or eat healthier foods. I know it’s frustrating to add more things to your to-do list, but you really need to figure out a better way to manage your day-to-day routines and chores. Circle November 9 on your calendar as a productive day to work out issues that may have been feeling stuck—on this day, Venus retrograde will make a harmonious connection with action planet Mars.

November 6 will bring a wake-up call when Uranus reenters Aries, finding you feeling restless—you might have a hard time getting to sleep, or may have wild dreams. But, your intuition is especially activated, so use it—break out your tarot cards, or do some journaling and see what wisdom pours out of your pen. Issues you have ignored (or straight up forgotten about) since last spring are likely to come back up.

Lucky planet Jupiter enters fire sign Sagittarius on November 8 for the first time since 2007, marking the beginning of a profound period of growth in your life, especially around intimacy. This coming year is a powerful time to connect on a deep level with your partners! Blessings in your financial life could also arrive, in the form of a debt being paid off or other complicated matters—like taxes or inheritances, settled.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, and while it often brings luck, when it comes down to it, the function of Jupiter is to expand whatever it touches, so if you’re indulging in horrible habits—carelessly spending on your credit card, for example—don’t expect luck to come your way, instead, watch out for your troubles to multiple. Put your best foot forward and be responsible while Jupiter is in Sagittarius. If you’re in therapy, Jupiter in philosophical Sagittarius is sure to bring some brilliant a-ha moments—this is a phenomenal time to explore your shadow side and heal old trauma.

Warrior planet Mars enters dreamy water sign Pisces on November 15. Does the planet of action feel comfortable in peace-and-love Pisces? Not really, but, this combination of energies can still make magic; and for you, Taurus, Mars in Pisces will activate the social sector of your chart, making this a brilliant time for you to network. This is also a great time to get involved with causes you believe in or to connect with a community that shares your goals and vision for the future.

Mercury retrograde begins in Sagittarius on November 16, the same day that Venus retrograde ends. Mercury retrograde asks us to slow down—no rushing ahead, especially when it comes to intimacy and love, and also money, for you, Taurus! Sagittarius is an indulgent sign; however, Mercury minds the details, and during this retrograde—and as we move into Sagittarius season on November 22— temperance and moderation are important themes to keep in mind and reflect on. Watch out for misunderstandings and delays, and try to avoid travel, signing contracts, or making big purchases during Mercury retrograde. Don’t be surprised if you run into people from your past! Old emotions may resurface for you to work through—things you have been ignoring step out from the shadows for you to process. It’s time to take ownership of your shit, whatever that may be—your fears, your anger, your baggage. Circle November 27 on your calendar—this is when communication planet Mercury will meet Jupiter, making for an especially potent time for communication around these intense and emotional issues.

A release arrives during the full moon in Gemini on November 23, bringing a climax in your life around many of the issues that have been stirred up by Mercury retrograde, and in your sex life, and also around money. A dreamy energy is in the atmosphere, as Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces the next day, on November 24—connect with your friends, Taurus! Keep things simple and don’t overbook yourself—Neptune is the planet of fantasy, so take a little break and let yourself “check out.” Reality is overrated, even more so when Neptune shifts direction, especially if that occurs during Mercury retrograde!

Your ruling planet, Venus, no longer retrograde, opposes wildcard Uranus on November 27, encouraging a change to take place, especially in regards to your everyday habits—the patterns you’re in with your lover around when and where you meet up, the routine you have around work, even your sleep schedule. After this Venus retrograde, you’ve learned a lot about what’s truly important to you and you’re ready to implement some changes. Unexpected issues keep randomly popping up, so you’ve learned how important it is to stay flexible. Allow yourself flexibility at this time, Taurus! Good luck this month, and see you in December!




Gemini November Horoscope

The devil works hard, Scorpio Kris Jenner works harder, but we all know Geminis work the hardest—and it’s in Scorpio season that you cross the most items off your to-do list! You’re super busy during the first portion of this month, dear twin, tackling your chores—but it’s also important that you create time for self-care, like cooking yourself delicious meals, staying hydrated, keeping up-to-date on important gossip with your besties, and striking a healthy, happy balance between time spent at work and time spent enjoying yourself. Scheduling is everything, especially during Scorpio season.

An exceptionally creative day at work arrives on November 6, when the sun connects with imaginative Neptune, and the new moon in Scorpio on November 7 will bring a fresh start at your day job, as well as around your day-to-day routine—wiping the slate clean is a perfect metaphor for what you’ll be up to at this time, which is mainly: getting organized! This is a productive time, but understand that things may be rearranged or reconfigured over the next few weeks. This is due to your ruling planet Mercury beginning its retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16. You’ll find that this upcoming retrograde will shift things, especially in your relationships—romantic and otherwise.

Retrogrades are not great times to make commitments, sign contracts, travel, or make important purchases due to miscommunications and delays; however, you may find that this is an absolutely wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and lovers (you will likely run into a few), and work on projects you previously had to put on the back burner. This Mercury retrograde begins just as Venus retrograde in fellow air sign Libra ends, which has found you learning some big lessons about love, money, creativity, what you value, and how you like to have fun.

Many changes come this month—not only because of the retrogrades, but also because planets are changing signs: Uranus reenters Aries on November 6, Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8, Mars enters Pisces on November 15, and of course, Sagittarius season begins on November 22.

When Uranus, the planet of surprise and invention, reenters Aries on November 6, it activates the sector of your chart that rules your social life and the communities you work with, making this a brilliant time to network, as well as to reach out to organizations that share your vision of the future—get politically involved! Uranus is all about change, and while it’s in courageous Aries, you feel especially emboldened to gather people together. Uranus’s reentry into Aries will also spark a conversation (or confrontation) you had last spring—a sudden change was made then that is meant to be revisited now.

Lucky planet Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius on November 8 brings blessings to your relationships (romantic, professional, and platonic) unlike that which you have seen since 2007! Between now and December 2, 2019, Jupiter in Sagittarius will find you making exciting connections and growing deep relationships. This is a very special time for you around partnering, indeed.

You’ll also feel very energized in your career as action planet Mars enters Pisces, igniting the sector of your chart that rules worldly success and your life in public. This is a fantastic time to go for a raise or promotion, and generally to make moves in the world. You have so many different talents and Mars in Pisces will help you flex them all—and bring you the attention you deserve. Just remember that Mercury’s retrograde might find things moving slowly, especially if you have to depend on or work with other people. A big burst of creative inspiration will arrive on November 24, as Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces—however, watch for some confusion on this day, too.

Sagittarius season arrives on November 22, and the full moon in your sign, Gemini, arrives on November 23. Sagittarius season finds the sun shining its spotlight on the relationship sector of your chart, and a big climax in your relationships arrives during the full moon. This full moon is major for reconnecting with your emotions. You’re a logical person, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel your emotions on a very intense level, and during this full moon, you’ll be moved to share what’s in your heart. Venting your feelings to people you love and trust is a great way to use the energy of this full moon—you’re just meant to hold things in right now. Release, release, release! You pride yourself on being flexible and you hate having to make demands or give ultimatums, but a turning point in your relationships is here, and you need to make your feelings and needs known.

The end of the month is especially busy for your ruling planet Mercury, as it will square off with Mars on November 26, meet the sun on November 27, and meet with Jupiter on November 27. Remember, Mercury is retrograde, so even though so much activity is taking place, things may feel up in the air! Mercury is all about the details, but Sagittarius blows through life looking at the big picture—it’s crucial now to make sure you don’t have a big ego or make promises you can’t keep, and to watch out for impulsive behavior. Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in December!





Cancer November Horoscope

Scorpio season is arguably the sexiest, most creative time of the year for all zodiac signs, Cancer, but it’s especially so for you, as Scorpio season means the sun is lighting up the romance and creativity sector of your chart! The energy is especially dreamy on November 6, when the sun connects with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, creating an absolutely magical atmosphere to spend time with the people you love, make art, and explore the world—you may even be whisked off your feet! Circle November 11 on your calendar as another juicy day to link with people, as the sun meets with passionate Pluto, making for a perfect time to connect on a deep and intimate level—secrets will be shared!

Hoping for a fresh start when it comes to love, your creative projects, or simply to transform your life so you’re able to have more fun? The new moon in Scorpio on November 7 will help you do just that. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and new moons are the start of a new cycle. This is an exciting time to connect with a crush or embrace a new beginning with the romantic partners you’re already involved with. You’ll be reenergized in your artistic projects, too. This is a powerful new moon for manifesting your desires, especially your desire to enjoy life!

November is also an important month for your career, as electric Uranus will reenter Aries on November 6, activating the sector of your chart that rules worldly success, your professional goals, and your public life. Uranus always brings surprises, so some unexpected events may take place at work—or perhaps you’ll be stunning your fans in a big way!

Lucky planet Jupiter enters fire sign Sagittarius on November 8 for the first time since 2007, where it will stay until December 2, 2019, making this a big year for you professionally—expect to accomplish so much! That is, if you can get organized. Jupiter is the planet of growth, it expands whatever it touches. So, if you’re behaving responsibly and are taking care of business, you can expect many more gigs, clients, and opportunities to come your way—but if you’re indulging in bad habits, Jupiter’s energy might multiply your troubles.

This is also a fantastic time to focus on fitness and wellness, since Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius will bring you both the confidence and energy you need to actually wake up at 5 AM to engage in your meditation practice, go for a walk, or cook up some delicious meals rather than ordering take out. Basically, Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to help you achieve a routine that will support your best self, whether that’s at work or at home.

Action planet Mars enters fellow water sign Pisces on November 15, finding you in an especially adventurous mood, which is welcome after a long summer and autumn of working through many emotionally-charged issues. If you’re traveling, in school, or even publishing something at this time, Mars in Pisces will be especially beneficial.

November opens with Venus retrograde in Libra, finding you reconfiguring things at home—this is a fantastic time to look at your living situation; however, if you’re planning on redecorating, wait until after Venus retrograde ends on November 16. Venus is the planet of values, but also of love, money, and beauty, so any makeovers would have the most powerful effect post-retrograde! Issues with your roommates or your family may have become more intense over the last few weeks, but you’ve learned a lot about what’s important to you.

Venus retrograde ends on November 16, the same day Mercury retrograde begins in Sagittarius, which will find your schedule turned upside down. Don’t overbook yourself, and definitely avoid making promises you can’t keep. Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to sign contracts, travel, or make important purchases due to delays and miscommunications. It is, however, a fine time to pick back up a project that you had to leave behind for a while.

Sagittarius season begins on November 22, finding the sun illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals. You’re feeling inspired to get to work, and with Jupiter’s influence, there are many opportunities coming your way. However, Mercury retrograde is really asking you to take it slow, plus, the full moon in Gemini arrives the next day, on November 23, which will find you totally exhausted—it’s time to quiet down and get some rest!

An issue at your day job is likely to come to a climax during this full moon, and you’ll also find that you need to carve out a better work/rest balance, or else you may burn out. While it’s crucial that you respect your responsibilities, you are ruled by the moon, and the moon has phases—you need alone time as much as you need time in the spotlight, with your friends, at work, or with your lovers. This full moon is asking you to “check out” for a bit—spend time by yourself, meditate, and get some sleep. You’ll have lots on your plate over the next year, but you need to be well-rested if you want to accomplish anything.

New opportunities are coming your way, but take it slow on November 24, when Neptune will end its retrograde in Pisces—this is a highly creative time and a fantastic period to focus on your spiritual practice. But remember that besides being creative and magical, Neptune is the planet of fog and confusion, so keep things light and don’t embark on any major endeavors just yet! Circle November 27 as an especially busy day: The sun, Mercury, and Jupiter will all align, bringing big news and plans your way. Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in December!


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