New Moon in Aquarius on 29 January – A Spiritual Perspective

New Moon in Aquarius on 29 January – A Spiritual Perspective

In astrology, the start of the new year is indicated by the Sun shifting into Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac. This happens on the Spring Equinox which falls on March 20th, 2017.

Even though the calendar has already flipped over into the vibration of 2017, the early part of this year is going to be almost like a transitionary phase between the two years.


The January New Moon on the 27-28th is one of the significant “starting energies” to the year ahead and is going to help shift away the cobwebs of 2016.

As you have probably heard by now, 2016 was a year of endings, which means that 2017 is a year of new beginnings. This death and rebirth cycle is playing out in all of our lives in some way or another, and perhaps in the coming weeks you are going to start feeling the “rebirth” occurring.

This rebirth energy won’t fully shift into gear until the Spring Equinox, however the January New Moon in Aquarius is definitely going to start setting the wheels in motion.

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New Moon in AquariusAquarius energy is all about starting fresh and thinking bigger. Aquarius energy is also about finding new meaning to things and thinking outside of the box.

This Aquarius New Moon is a great time to start thinking about things in a new way and perhaps viewing things in a different light.

Perhaps make the time around the New Moon to approach your life f

rom a different point of view, perhaps make the time to open your field of vision to something bigger.


When you expand your view point and the way you look at things, it allows you to see things that weren’t previously there. It also grants you access into a new version of your own truth.

This New Moon doesn’t have any harsh or troubling aspects, there are no major planetary patterns or angles, instead it is a very low key New Moon that you can use to make small but significant shifts in your life.

To create a positive shift in your life, it first starts with your thoughts and the way that you think about things. Use the energy of this New Moon to switch your thinking and see if you can view things differently. When you do, you are going to notice a whole host of opportunities blossoming for you.


If you are struggling with any issues, see if you can use this New Moon energy to switch your thinking or perception in order to shed new light or information on the situation.

January is very much a “get your bearings” kind of month, so use this energy to get settled into your life and get back into the swing of things.

Use this energy to also take some downtime to really reflect on where you have come and where you want to be heading.

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New Moon in AquariusThe symbol for Aquarius is the water carrier, as Aquarius energy has the ability to hold the emotions (water) of the world.

The gift of the water carrier is being able to scoop up heavy emotions and hold space for them so we can all see them and process them in a new way.

Being an Aquarius New Moon, issues surrounding humanity may also be gaining more attention. In fact, issues like feminism and racism have already been hot topics in the media in recent weeks.


With this new transfer of power that took place in the US, many people are concerned about what effect it will  have on humanity.

If the planets show us anything, it does show a revolutionary energy that follows this same pattern of “death and rebirth”. As this energy builds, we are going to see more truths exposed so we can see what is really going on and what really needs to be changed.

It is almost like certain things are being illuminated to us so we can make powerful changes that are going to benefit all humanity.

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The most important thing we can do to feel comfortable with this energy is to become the leader of our own lives.

If we truly want to change the world, it starts with ourselves and the energy we put out into the cosmos. If we could all just be responsible for ourselves and the energy we put out into the world, this would be enough to cause a significant shift for the better.

January has been a very smooth start into 2017 and the gentle energy of this New Moon is really going to help us all to put our lives in perspective.


2016 was not an easy year, but you made it and hopefully you have a lot to be grateful for. 🙂

2017 is going to be an amazing and lucky year, so take this opportunity to enjoy the new vibration and the fresh start that this New Moon offers.


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