New Moon in Libra. The healing of the heart

New-Moon-in-Libra.-The-healing-of-the-heart.jpgWe are close to the New Moon, October 19, 2017, at 21:12.

A moon marking a new beginning, while closing a cycle and opening another. New moons are gifts that allow us to put new intentions and goals for the next 28 days.

This time it is a healing Moon, a moon joining the Sun in Libra, bringing together male and female archetypes in the sign of Venus facing Uranus on the other side, which pushes and sparks to seal the decisions and the intentions that we will take.

It will push us to break the old schemes that do not allow us to have a healthy, mature relationship where two individuals join and accompany each other in the journey of life, understanding, accepting, sustaining but always leaving enough space to one and other to make their own choices.


What is the guidance this time for the inner reflection that we are driven to do?

Well, Jupiter which entered the Scorpio and joins to Mercury is pulling out the unconscious, the fears, the resistances that we have made so far, by lightening and illuminating it.

Jupiter is the Great Heart and therefore, with love, we are ready to welcome our doubts: what prevents me from having a relationship? How can I improve the relationship I already have?

What is it that frightens me? what prevents me from completely giving myself to the other one? What to recognize to the other person? Is my relationship authentic or am I hiding for some reason or fear? How can I deepen my relationship?

How can I open a relationship? How is my heart in relation to a relationship?

How were my past relationships and why they did not work? What model am I applying to the report? What mirror do I have in front of me?

What projections am I creating that prevent me from seeing the other but allow me to see myself? What else allows me to see the other one?

All questions that we must ask. It is really the right time to do it because from now on it will go even further.

Inside the deep inner silence, there are many doors left unopened, perhaps even ones that we think to have opened but that remain clenched.

Behind these, there are old crumbs that have been accumulated for a long time and, perhaps, never thrown away, memories and schemes we inherited from our family.

The child looks at the parents and takes an example, even from the things we seem to avoid but, without realizing it, still take us.

The relationship with our mother, for example, is fundamental to how we will then relate to our partner, our family emotion, and love.

How did I feel with her as a child? What kind of way to love did I absorb from her?

Recalling that the child uses the primitive brain to feel experiences with parents that it does not comprehend with consciousness, we may experience rejection of what has happened, obligatory choices dictated by the conditions of the times that the great (mom and dad) were living.

No mother ever wants to purposely hurt her child, but often there are mothers who have suffered too much and cannot do otherwise. Cold mothers, Mothers who are too invasive, Mothers who look absent, apprehensive, dependent, anaerobic, etc.

There are all kinds but always children interpret things in their own way and reproduce in their relationships the same structure.

Then comes the father. The father gives the structure and the questions are others: What kind of structure did he offer me?

Was he there supporting me? Did I miss the structure and look it out? What am I really looking for?

This moon will cure our wounds, if we ask the right questions and give us the most humble and authentic answers possible.

Jupiter in Scorpio does not lie, there will be great Truths to come out this year, so let’s start with this.

We heal the heart that needs love, we all need it, so striving, understanding, accepting and welcoming it will be needed more than ever.

Inner listening is to be practiced and developed more and more.

 How much are we willing to put into play? In that proportion will also be the amount of healing that will receive from this moon and all the energies that will affect us in the coming months/years. The inner language lives in silence and silent listening.

You are all deserving of having a healthy heart that you can give and receive, which is independent and autonomous, shining with your own light.

I wish your heart to be able to find the treasure in that cave that asks us to become Masters of ourselves, in all the fields of our lives, knowing that you can always fall and that it is not a shame to be afraid; today the shame is to hide that fear with a mask.

We begin to love us for what we are and life will smile at us and we will also give others the opportunity to do so.

Go straight to the list of new intentions to keep in mind in the next 28 days and to grow and root the new structures you want to acquire.

Also, make the list of what you are ready to let go and turn over.

Thursday night, at 21:12 (moonlight 3: 3, the call to the Trinity, Christian energy) will commence New moon.





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