New Moon Partial Eclipse In Cancer Brings Intense Shift For Everyone

New-Moon-Partial-Eclipse-In-Cancer-Brings-Intense-Shift-For-Everyone.jpgThe New Moon in Cancer is forming a Partial Solar Eclipse on July 12, 2018, at 10:48 PM EDT.

July is a bit of an exciting month for everyone as there is a New Moon eclipse. These are all about well and truly wiping the slate clean and starting all over again. A New Moon partial Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Cancer on the 12th, bringing the chance for a fresh start.

We are called upon to pay attention to our instincts, our deepest needs, and our feelings; and to recognize the importance of our family and our personal circle of friends as well as the security, sense of belonging, and safety that we derive from them.

It’s a time for getting in touch with our vulnerabilities and our needs for intimacy. We might begin a new project that involves improving the home or domestic life in general. Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to start fresh.

Something ends in order for something else to start anew. We may be called to give up something in order to move forward into a new chapter in our lives.

It’s a massive shout-out from the universe that now is the time reinvent yourself – banish fears and success will come. This can be one of the most dynamic times of your life, no matter what your age.


This is an eclipse month. It means the energies are extra high.

The eclipses are marked by points in the sky called lunar nodes. If the New or Full Moon is a certain number of degrees away from the Nodes, it’s a New or Full Moon eclipse.

The Lunar Nodes are quite complex to explain here but think of them as a knot in the cosmos where energy gathers. On an energetic level, they are like portals that line up a few times a year with the Sun and the Moon, and when they do, there’s an eclipse.

If a regular New Moon is good for manifesting and intention setting, then a New Moon eclipse is that plus 100.


What does the eclipse mean for you?

Your life can change as much as you want it to in the coming six months thanks to the eclipse. The New Moon eclipse coming up in the sign of Cancer is a loud message to you that the time is ripe for you to take a giant leap into a new future.

Have a look around you. Have things gone a bit sideways? Have you lost on the swings what you gained on the roundabouts?

If so, don’t panic. This eclipse is your chance to take any part of your life which you know is not working and to sort it out. You’ll know what and how. Special caution: you need to let go of anyone or anything you know is dragging you down. Move on now and you’ll be able to do it on your terms.


A final piece of wisdom for this cosmic event:

Powerful molding is at work with this Cancer new moon and eclipse. Be conscious of your stories. Free yourself from old patterning. Commit to the new path. Refine your practice.


Source: mysticalraven


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