New Moon In Scorpio, November 18th 2017 ~ Silent Night

New-Moon-In-Scorpio-November-18th-2017-Silent-Night.jpgThe New Moon on November 18, 2017, falls at 26º Scorpio decan 3. 

The Moon in Scorpio is, according to traditional astrology, in its fall. The energies at this Moon can, therefore, feel quite uncomfortable and edgy.

This is in part due to the time of the year, when the Sun is falling into the underworld before its resurrection at Christmas. This November New Moon falls on fixed star Agena found in the thigh of Centaurus the Centaur.

This is the constellation of the wounded healer Chiron. Our childhood wounds are re-opened and exposed to the elements with the New Noon.

However, this is essential as it the air helps to dry out toxins. The autumn leaves have also dried up and fallen to the ground.

We are in the void between Samhain and Yule and it’s time to sweep the last of the leaves away and burn them on the bonfire. That way, we are not left with a garden full of festering mold spores.


Influences of the fixed star Agena

Agena ~ 24º Scorpio “ Sarcasm and bitter speech, strong passions.” [1] The two brightest stars in Scorpio decan 3 are Agena and Toliman. who are both in Centaurus the centaur. 

Agena is the 10th brightest star in the sky. “It gives position, friendship, refinement, morality, health, and honor.” According to Robson.

It is generally considered a successful star depending on the planet its conjuncts. Centaurus in general mirrors the effect of Chiron.

Manilus says that Centaurus’s influence gives the ability to foresee an illness in a “body not yet conscious of its sickness”.[2] This star also has the ability to prophecy. Unukalhai (The snake star held by Ophiuchus.) is also found at the beginning this decan and exerts yet more supernatural healing influences over this slithering New Moon.


New Moon November 2017 Astrology

Without the healing influence of Agena, this decan alone is generally regarded as being one of debauchery! Agrippa says it signifies “drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence, and strife”. 

This is supported by my research which found traumatic events and killers with the Moon here.

The Picatrix says this is “a face of evil works and taste, and joining one’s attempts with women by force and with them being unwilling” [3a] The mysterious and sometimes eerie effect of the dark Moon is bound to emphasize the occult potential of this decan.

The good news is that I found an inordinate amount of talented singers with this placement. For the most part, they are extremely seductive souls, using their serpentine attributes in the most erotic manner possible.

This position can almost be too cartoon-like in its potential to produce beautiful scoundrels, yet the copious amount of artistry stirred up by this bitter-sweet luna cannot be ignored.

Those touched by this Scorpio New Moon will “feel much of that what others refuse and are open to states which most repress.

As a result, they have an emotional range that many lacks and are often quite sensitive, with many evidencing intuitive and psychic ability”.[3b].

The energy of the New Moon in Scorpio 3 does us a great service, by opening our eyes to the degeneracy in the world. It is only after the stench of putrification is revealed, that a new dawn is possible.


New Moon November Aspect

New Moon quincunx Uranus opens the door to liberate a bunch of crazed lunatics, unconventional rebels, and quiet outsiders. At this New Moon, there is a pathological need for shock and outrage.

However Moon quincunx Uranus is often shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety the outrageous behavior brings. This New Moon will see some folk being branded as attention seekers when all they are doing is being themselves.

The roots of this seemingly bonkers behavior very often stem from upbringing.

This New Moon will highlight the problems of alternative parenting, kids growing up feeling that they are unusually ‘special’ or conversely that they not worthy of nurturing because they are so outside the norm. Sometimes there is an odd mix of the two which leaves them feeling very insecure.


New Moon November 2017 Summary

In the olden days, the idea of a Uranian upbringing would probably have meant having a rebellious, single mother or growing up in a family that never really put down roots.

But this is 2017! With all the controversy over what someone’s gender is, I am aware that the Uranian mother could have started out life as a man, or vice versa.

Anyway, the war on the traditional family and its promotion of alternatives may turn up in the news at this time. But the debaucherous side of this decan also comes into play.

There will be Mars square Pluto at the time of this New Moon which only adds to the tension. There could be some wild prophecy that comes out also.

Predicting terrorism seems in bad taste these days since the probability of a violent event happening on a Full or New Moon is sadly quite high.

This is a good time to switch off all broadcasts and so-called ‘News’ from the ‘Brave-New-World’-order and makes space for your own mind, even if it means there is a dark, empty void for a while. Enjoy the silence.




Source: consciousreminder


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