How Will The Partial Lunar Eclipse On July 16 Affect Me? Cardinal Zodiac Signs Will Feel It Most

partial lunar eclipse

If the past few weeks have felt volatile, unpredictable, and overwhelmingly emotional, it’s no wonder. You’ve been enduring eclipse season since July 2, when the total solar eclipse in Cancer planted a seed within your spirit and activated your destiny.

Life may feel like it’s moving way too fast right now, but that’s only because the universe knows you’re ready for whatever is in store. You might be wondering, “How will the partial lunar eclipse on July 16 affect me?” Well, if your sun, moon, or rising sign falls under Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it will probably affect you a lot.

Transforming your reality at 5:38 p.m. ET, this partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn may bring abrupt endings, conclusions, and revelations along with it. Because an eclipse electrifies the North and South Nodes, it always acts as the harbinger of the inevitable.

In astrology, the North Node is the energy you’re meant to move toward while the South Node is the energy you’re meant to move away from. Because this lunar eclipse will also form a conjunction to Pluto, the changes it evokes are bound to be dark, difficult, and long overdue. Pluto deals with the shadow self and all things that remain beneath the surface. Prepare to reckon with the skeletons wedged tightly in your closet.

Because this eclipse season occurs on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, it will touch on issues relating to your public and private life. It will also challenge the patriarchy and question authority. How are you balancing your need to honor what’s in your heart with your ability to step up to the plate?

Read on to find out how it will affect cardinal zodiac signs:

Aries: You’re Coming to Terms with a Shift in Your Career

The solar eclipse on July 2 took place in your fourth house of home and family, changing the way you view your private life and inspiring you to concentrate on the tenderness in your heart. The lunar eclipse balances this perspective by activating your 10th house of career, bringing a shift in the way the public sees you. This could entail a job change, an encounter with an authority figure, or recognition for your work.

Cancer: There Will Be Major Changes in Your Relationships

You’re shedding your skin like a snake and getting to know a new version of yourself. The solar eclipse on July 2 activated your first house of the self and forced you to get to know who you really are, regardless of the people and responsibilities you’ve long allowed to obscure your truth. Now, the lunar eclipse is revealing which people should stay and which people should go. If a relationship no longer fits in your new world, set yourself free.

Libra: A Truth About Your Home and Family Will Be Revealed

Your career is gaining momentum and you’re discovering what it is you must truly fight to achieve. Activating your 10th house of social status, the solar eclipse on July 2 brought the focus over to your public image and the way the world views your accomplishments. However, the lunar eclipse is bringing in a new perspective by taking place in your fourth house of home and family, which deals with what happens behind closed doors. How can you balance your public and private life?

Capricorn: You’re Saying Goodbye to Your Old Self

You may be reckoning with a new chapter in your relationships and partnerships. The solar eclipse on July 2 stirred change in the way you give and receive energy from those closest to you. Maybe it’s time to be alone. Maybe it’s time to take your relationships more seriously. Regardless, the lunar eclipse takes place in your first house of the self, revealing the person you’re meant to become. Remember that in order to move forward, you must sacrifice the past.
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