This is How the Full Moon in Pisces September 6 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces-Full-Moon-September-6th-Get-Ready-For-Some-Crazy-Synchronicity.jpgFreaky synchronicity like this can result in deja vu, series of coincidences and strange experiences in general.

The September 6 full moon in Pisces is extra strong due to a pair freaky synchronicities. Full moon September 2017 aligns with the June 2017 Neptune retrograde station. The Moon and Neptune were together at 13° Pisces in both cases.

The other synchronicity involves Mercury stationing direct at the September 9 full and the August 21 solar eclipse both at 28° Leo.

The main themes of full moon September 2017 are spirituality, idealism, dreams, illusion, deception, weakness, confusion and vagueness. How will Neptune influence affect your mood and close relationships?


Full Moon September 2017 Summary

The August 21 solar eclipse is helping you make bold, confident changes for long-term success. The September 6 full moon brings, idealism, dreaming, illusion, deception, weakness and confusion.

You may lose faith in your dreams for the future. Confusion and deception may put at risk your long-term success. Relationship problems, illness or financial strain may lead to disappointment.

You may feel weak and discouraged but don’t let your loving kindness be mistaken for weakness.

Romance is possible but remember the difference between fantasy and reality. 

As well as emotion and romance, there will be suspicion and vulnerability. Mistrust, secrets and lies can poison an important relationship. 

You will likely lose your patience with any continuing problems in your love life or finances. If you do begin to lose hope, remember this full moon is distorting your view of reality. Things are not as the seem.

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Focused and acute thinking will clear away the fog and expose the secrets and lies. Discovering the truth may hurt but your ambition and sense of adventure will return.

A sense of urgency will bring swift and positive change.

Excitement and passion will replace mistrust and disappointment. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you wish for.

Now let’s take a look at what each zodiac sign can expect from this full moon:


This is How the Full Moon in Pisces September 6 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign:

ARIES: MAR. 21 to APR. 20:

September will be a month where you will be inclined to over-react and exaggerate. Many opportunities will arise, but most of them will be unstable.

Your popularity will be high and it will be easy to attract what you want. Just avoid making big promises!

The Full Moon of  Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Don’t complain!


TAURUS: APR. 20: to MAY 21:

Taureans will find themselves competing for attention this month. You will tend to be over dramatic! In the process vanity will surface.

The more attention you draw to yourself the more you will also isolate yourself. Do not blame others for your discontent.

The Full Moon of  Sept. 6 will bring mixed signals to the surface! Be discreet!


GEMINI: MAY 21 to JUNE 21:

September will start out easy for most Geminis, but after the first week you will star running into criticism.

During the last three weeks your patience will be tested. You will be restless and argumentative. Don’t let yourself get run down or tired!

The Full Moon of  Sept. 6  will be a stressful lunation. Don’t trust your instincts!



Success will come in small ways this month. Your personal attitude will perceptive and expressive.

Communication will work in your favour as long as you avoid major confrontations. Do not express your fears. Focus on  improving the circumstances of others.

The Full Moon of  Sept. 6 will be a harmonious one. Trust your instincts!


LEO: JULY 23 to AUG. 23:

This will be a highly charismatic month for most Leos. You will attract the limelight and people will spontaneously appreciate you.

You will be the contented cat. If you can share the spotlight with others, or encourage others in their efforts, great opportunities will soon follow.

The Full Moon of  Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Don’t sweat the little details!


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