Planetary Transits at the Closing of 2016 – A Deep Impact on Us

Planetary Transits at the Closing of 2016 - A Deep Impact on UsFrom November 2016 to January 2017 Jupiter in Libra will perform an interesting astrological dance. Jupiter in Libra is symbolizing the process of Alchemical Union of opposites reflected into our relationships. Even if we are single, the focus is still on how we relate with what we feel as opposite to us.

Planetary transits at the closing of 2016 will produce a deep impact on us. First of all we will feel it is time to fall in love with ourselves. it is now or never (just like Elvis used to sing – he was a Capricorn, a sign which is involved in this astrological dance). Love needs to flow free from within to the surface. We can surrender to a sort of new birth. Jupiter in Libra is allied with Saturn in Sagittarius, that is, our own inner conflicts can come to an end.

After fighting for years against ourselves, inner opposites unite, giving life to a new blend of colors, hitherto unknown, with rich and appropriate nuances. For once we will be satisfied with our own imperfections, so we can finally relax and live for what we are, using our resources. The voices of the mind often at odds with each other, the crying of the Inner Child, the sharp criticism of the Great Judge, give way to a choral music with a strong impact on the soul, touching strings of our forgotten instruments.

This is the ancient song reminding us of when we were living as a Flame, one with the Divine, as the mythical Androgynous, male and female at the same, in the same conscious Essence. This kind of love we are experiencing is drying the tears of the Inner Child and takes away power from the Judge as we no longer need his/her approval. It does not matter, as taught by Tobias of the Crimson Circle. And if we are feeling upside down, or frightened, let us discover which part of ourselves is asking to be listened to, to be loved. Maybe we are scared of being chased out from our comfort zone. So it is there, in that very moment, that the transmutation can occur.


Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius are supporting each other in creating a safe energy field where we humans can explore relations without too much emotional suffering, as for many of us this is a rather arduous journey. This background allows us to keep the proper attitude while observing how we move inside our couple or in being a single, if we take the necessary responsibility to stop feeling a victim and blaming each other.


Jupiter Square to Pluto in Capricorn

Simultaneously to this, Jupiter in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. The need to transcend, to go beyond appearances, beyond socially acceptable rules of behavior, so typically Libra, to descend into the sense of fusion with the opposite, a total, true and passionate fusion, without feeling afraid of getting lost. These next two months will be challenging us to get lost, not just to find ourselves again. There is no repetition or reactivation. It is not that we re-located. We are creating what we are just from the beginning, i.e. from the seed that gave us life.


Write a New Story for Yourself

We are given the chance to write a new story that spread our new color nuances back towards the past, regenerating our cells, so that they can create a rich and powerful inner soil. When we decide that it’s time to lighten our heart from any load, we allow the Self to come to the surface, after sleeping in unconsciousness for years. There was fear from suffering that placed a stone upon our soul, Its wounds causing our soul to remain hidden for lives and lives, unable to communicate with our conscious self.


Thanks to these powerful transits we are able to become aware of the hidden sorrows, feeling strong enough to face them. In this way we can build a bridge reaching to our soul, that can pass on new information to our human system, so we can remember who we are. Activating old memories that give birth to a new vision. 2017 will make the new vision a way of life. But I will write about this in another post.

Now, from he depths of our Heart, a Rainbow can let its light shine out.


By: Stefania Gyan Salila


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